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We are always finding out new talents to become contributors. If you are willing to give it a try, then contact us now. However, you may ask what the advantage of doing a guest post on this site is. Or how to write content and submit guest posts here? Find the answer below.

About FoodNTravelling

Before publishing your food or traveling guest post, you have to know about this site. Since 2019, has been established. Our main purpose is to provide the best traveling tips and food recommendations for you. Not only that but also to give some valuable information to our visitors. Especially for those who look for destinations for the holidays. aims to become a community for travelers and food bloggers to share their experiences when having a journey. We want to tell our readers the story about culture, beautiful places, and tasty foods in every place we visited. We love to bring joy to our followers with interesting content about food and travel.

Recently we’re also open for guest posting submissions. FYI we have more than 100.000 monthly traffic and keep growing. That’s why we open guest posts to increase our authority and SEO with good content from contributors. If you are interested and have the capability, come and join us right now. We’ll help you with backlinks to help increase your traffic and authority if you already have a food and travel blog. To have fully understood the benefit you’ll get from joining us by submitting guest posts, read the explanation below!

Advantages of Guest Posting Here

First, you will get both traffic and authority to your blog which would be helpful for you. This one is the most crucial part for every website owner. We are sure you can also increase the SERP of your site.

What is the other? Certainly, you can have your own profile as your portfolio. It could be important if we want to apply to other sites. They just need to see what you have written and if your post could bring lots of traffic. Of course, your writing would be accepted.

Submitting guest post also help to improve your writing skill. We would ensure every submission would be reviewed and tell you what parts need improvement. With this, you’ll learn more and get experience that can level up your skill.

Another advantage you’ll get from writing guest posts on high authority sites is getting social presence and brand awareness. Because those kinds of sites have high credibility and trustworthiness enough, when you get published content there your credibility would be increasing too. People will start to find you for reference, and it would increase your online presence and brand awareness.

Not only just that, but you’ll also get more advantages that bring success either to your site and writing career. So, let’s start to submit guest posts. Just begin with us!

Our Guest Post Regulation

After your own idea, you can start writing by following our regulations if you wish your article to be accepted.

  1. We prefer you give us high-quality content between 1000+ words or more. Make sure that you write in English fluently without grammar and spelling errors.
  2. For the linking rules, we only permit 2 do-follow links and 2 internal links from our site. Keep in mind that you should give us credible and reliable links.
  3. If you want to make your content attractive, give at least 3-5 images. And remember, you must give references to every image from another resource that you insert into the content. This would keep your content credible and avoid copy-right issues.
  4. We need original, unique, and fresh content. We wouldn’t accept plagiarism and copy-paste content. What you need to consider before is don’t ever try to give us republished content even from your own site.
  5. Performing your content with good formatting. You can use proper heading, subheading, and bullet/numbering for every content you write. Make sure you create a powerful headline to describe your content.
  6. You should provide content on our coverage topics. Write for us valuable and informative articles (product & service should buy sponsored post). Make sure you also offer SEO-optimized content.

Everyone is welcome to submit content to us. However, we only accepted a few categories from the food and traveling niche. Here are some of the most popular categories on our website.

  • Traveling destination
  • Travel guide
  • The best local foods
  • Food travel
  • Travel tips
  • Souvenirs
  • Tourist attractions
  • Food festival
  • Budget traveling
  • Restaurant/food reviews
  • Much more related to food & travel content.

Hopefully, the topics mentioned above can help pave the way to write for us. So, what are you waiting for? Begin to submit your guest posts here.

How to Publish Your Food & Travelling Guest Post Here

Have you done with the article? Remember that we only accept valuable articles that can be useful or informative to our readers. If you try to submit low-quality content, we will not respond to your submission. You can send your food and travel guest posts to our email at [email protected]. Make sure you have written the article based on our regulations. Alternatively, you can fill out this form below.

    We’ll review your submission first within a week, and contact you through email immediately if we decide to post your content.

    Note: We have the right to edit your content submission before posting it here. We’ll ask you to delete or change the part that needs improvement. Besides that, we wouldn’t allow you to republish the content that you submit here. All of the guidelines and terms above are just for fellow bloggers and writers. So anything that brings commercial content wouldn’t be accepted. If you bring the company’s name or pr agencies, please discuss a potential partnership through email with us.