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Madrid Tourist Attractions – Santiago Bernabeu Tour And Visiting Royal Palace – If you are a fan of Real Madrid from anywhere you are, we are pretty sure you wanna sit in the historic stadium Santiago Bernabeu. A home for Madrid’s player and their fans! One of the most successful teams in the 20th century that gets precious European title. So, it is not surprising there are lots of fans around the globe who support Los Blancos. When you have had a chance to visit Madrid, make sure you do not wanna miss seeing Santiago Bernabeu stadium and some of the best Madrid tourist attractions!

After being satisfied exploring one of the best stadiums around the globe. After that, we can move to the historic site, Madrid’s Royal Palace! In this writing, we will guide you to have Santiago Bernabeu tour and not forget to visit the palace! Alright, let’s dig into our journey to the capital city of Spain!

Santiago Bernabeu stadium Real Madrid

When we visit the capital city of Spain, we cannot leave visiting the famous stadium in Madrid, Santiago Bernabeu. Dating back to history, the construction begins in 1945, and in 1947 it’s open to the public. The decades are passing by, this stadium through some massive renovation and always develop to get better and better. Until in 2002 Santiago Bernabeu has the complete renovation and to be one of the biggest stadiums in Spain after Camp Nou.

Santiago Bernabeu Tour

Santiago Bernabeu stadium and the seats

The first highlight in visiting Santiago Bernabeu is being able to see and sit on the spectator’s chairs. It’s been said that this stadium having the highest comfort around the globe. As you can see, the blue chairs are made from quality material that makes us feel cozy watching the game. One of the most successful football clubs, this stadium can cover around 80.000 spectators. The size field is 105 m × 68 m, and the height is approximately 45m make it one of the biggest stadiums in Spain and even Europe. However, if you have had a chance to Madrid and there is an upcoming match in Santiago Bernabeu. You do not wanna miss the amazing match and feel the great ambiance in the awesome stadium!

Madrid’s locker room

Madrid's locker room

After having the tour from the seating area, now we are moving onto the locker room. Another highlight we can get by having Santiago Bernabeu tour is entering the locker room. The place where all players of El Real prepare themselves before entering the field. Feel the great ambiance inside the changing room area! We can imagine where all the stars of Real Madrid spending time, rest, and prepare everything before and after the game is played!

The trophies room

the trophies room, Santiago Bernabeu tour

The most important part of having the tour in the home of Madrid’s pride football team is entering the trophies room! when we talk about the most productive and got many trophies it’s easy to notice Real Madrid! It’s recorded that Madrid has 26 trophies lately and the most prestigious trophies are that they won around 13 times of European Champions League. With tons of achievements they have, it is not surprising that they have lots of loyal fans throughout the city and even around the world! We have the honor to see the precious trophies that this football club has got! They are kept neatly in the glass racks, being close to the winner vibe is something a football lover feels absolutely amazing!

Thus are the highlight of visiting the most popular and great stadium in Madrid. All football lovers will love to visit the stadium tour especially Real Madrid. One of the most successful football teams in Europe! After exploring what’s all inside, we can also watch the home game, where all the Madrid’s team play in their home, Santiago Bernabeu!

Visiting the Royal Palace

the Royal Palace Madrid

After having fun and explore the great magnitude of Santiago Bernabeu. Now, we are moving on to another great place! Royal Palace is located in the west of Madrid, it is noticed as the most important site that showcases Spanish baroque architecture style! From the outside, it looks simple. The layout is pretty clean, organize, yet simple with the pond in the middle and green shrubs landscaping surrounding it. As we can see straight at the front, the palace is standing majestically. Surround it the neat landscaping follow with water feature, a very traditional of European palaces.

Dating back to history, the royal palace was occupied by the Moors, the Arabic race. They took over the cities in Spain, including Madrid. So, we can see there are lots of Islam heritage stand in this country. Sharing the architecture, culture and still o lot of memories we can see in this city. Islam was reigned in Spain for so long from 9 century until the middle ages. During the middle ages, the European found their existences and to be the prior across the continents!

One thing we notice about the history of Spain to remember, it is the country that rules by Muslims. Then, change into Catholic, the two religions that take an important part in Spanish history! But, now Spain is more open and very welcome to anyone around the globe, no matter what her religion, race, or nationality. We are welcome in this beautiful country. We can learn the history and all of the great architecture building that stands and well-kept till now to the future!

Admiring the interior decoration of the Royal Palace

the grand staircases in the Royal Palace Madrid


One of the best things when visiting the royal palace is that we can step on Madrid’s opulent is the grand staircases. What makes it amazing is that this staircase is only made from one single marble! You can imagine how giant the piece of marble is and construct it as staircases! When you are visiting Madrid, visiting the historical sites and admire the great architectural style is something we cannot miss! So, the Grand Staircase is the highlight of the interior in the Royal Palace!

Royal armory room

royal armory room in royal palace of Madrid

Another highlight by visiting the Royal Palace of Madrid is entering the armory room section! Here we can see a lot of things that the Spanish army collected in the past. They are well preserved and so clean. We have to enter this space and feel the ambiance before the medieval era, the magnitude of it is spectacular!

Sabatini Garden

Sabatini garden in Royal Palace Madrid

When you are searching for a place to get lost in the palace. Sabatini garden is the spot! It is a wonderful palatial garden that has French symmetrical landscaping. There is a great maze in the garden that you could possibly get inside and just lost! It’s a beautiful garden palace for relaxing. Surrounded by green trees, and the rectangular pond in the middle, it is such an awesome great piece of architectural style!


What comes to your mind when you heard about Madrid? The football team? Well, that is true, we cannot deny that many people across the globe hearing Madrid is the city of football lovers! It is not a surprising thing, because we all know that Real Madrid gets many prestigious trophies. Anyway, we can have a chance to explore the Madrid football club home, Santiago Bernabeu! Inside, we can enter the locker room, trophies room, and for sure the spectacular field area! And not to forget, we can also see the match of Real Madrid in Santiago Bernabeu if we are lucky enough!

After having the home football tour, we can go to the next popular tourist attraction in Madrid! Visiting the Royal Palace seeing the great interior for such the Grand Staircases that was constructed with a single piece of marble! From the outside of the building, get lost in the lush beautiful green space, Sabatini garden! Where we can play hide and seek in the labyrinth of this garden. Or we can hang out enjoy the landscaping while seeing the beautiful fountain around the pond! We hope you enjoy our guide on the popular destination places in Madrid!

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