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Exploring the Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Belgium and Amazing Foreign Tourists

1. Overview of Belgium

Belgium is located in the west of the European continent. This country is one of the pioneers of the founding of the European Union. This country has an area of ​​-/+ 30,500 square kilometers and a population of 10.5 million. This country has attractive tourist attractions that can attract many foreign tourists (foreign tourists). Some holiday objects in Belgium are even famous all over the world, one of which is the Manneken Pis (a statue of a small child peeing).

If you are looking for the most famous city in Belgium, the favorite place for tourists is Brussels. Here there are fun vacation spots, such as family tours, history (old buildings), beautiful parks, and cheap shopping places. If you are planning a vacation to Europe, then you can visit Belgium as an alternative holiday destination. Apart from France and England, you can visit popular tourist attractions in Belgium. For that, let’s review travel destinations to Belgium.

2. Travel destinations to Belgium

As far as you know, during the pandemic season, Belgium banned its citizens from traveling in several European regions, including in the Covid-19 red zone list. But right now, most countries in Europe are experiencing a resurgence from Covid-19. Even so, a number of countries are imposing new destination restrictions for tourism activities to and from certain parts of the Blue Continent. In fact, a number of countries have also closed their borders and banned all tourism activities, except for important trips to several countries or regions within them.

Belgium is a country on the European continent located in the middle of the Benelux, which consists of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. The country is bordered by France to the west, Germany to the north, and the Netherlands to the east. Belgium is 288.6 Km or 3 hours from the tourist attractions in France, namely Paris.

3. Some attractive tourist attractions

After you visit France, then you can visit attractive tourist attractions in Belgium. Belgium is a country located on the European Continent, which is famous for its natural beauty, rich history, and unique culture. The country has many great tourist attractions, such as Brugge Castle, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Gravensteen.

In addition, this country also has many famous art museums, such as the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium and the Museum aan de Stroom. If you want to visit Belgium, you will be treated to beautiful scenery, delicious food, and unique culture. Therefore, this country is one of the best tourist destinations in Europe.

Grand Place, Brussel, Belgia

If you visit Belgium, the first tourist spot that you must visit is the Grand Place or Grote Markt in Dutch. This place has a strategic location in the center of Brussels. So that it is easy to reach by tourists. Grand Place is the most famous square in Europe, measuring 68 x 100 meters. This square is surrounded by several buildings such as the City Hall, Town Hall, King House, and Guildhalls (commercial buildings).

Historically, the Grand Place has existed since the 13th century. At that time, the condition of the square was still very messy. To the south there is a cloth market, then, there is an untidy garden all around. In subsequent developments, the area around the square began to be cleaned. Then the City Hall of Brussels was built in stages from 1401 to 1455. Its location is south of Grand Place. Another large building was built opposite the hall City, as a symbol of strength. The Grand Place’s long history has made this building designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1998, as well as a Belgiutourist spot in Belgium that is visited by many tourists.

As you know, Grand Place is a popular destination for foreign tourists in Belgium. This attractive tourist spot always presents festive events such as light shows and concerts at Christmas and summer. In addition, the most attractive of the Grand Place is every two years in August, visitors can see the beauty of the large flower carpet in the square. The Flower Carpet, which was held in this square area, has an area of ​​1,800 square kilometers. Historically, the first flower carpet was made in 1971. As you know, the attractiveness of the Flower Carpet is what attracts foreign tourists to Belgium, so this tradition continues until now, even famous and popular.

Beautiful Atomium

The second famous tourist spot in Belgium which is visited by many foreign tourists is Atomium. The unique building shaped like an atom, built in 1958, was originally only for the World Exhibition but is still maintained as a tourist attraction that offers a variety of pleasures and uniqueness. Atomium is a tourist spot as well as a Belgian landmark. This tourist attraction is located on the Heysel plateau. This place was designed and built by Jean Polak and Andre. This 102-meter high building has round tubes like a ball with a diameter of 3 M, totaling approximately 8 pieces.

The attractiveness of Atomium as a popular tourist spot in Belgium is that visitors can go up to the top of the building via elevators, escalators, and stairs. Currently, the function of the building is used as a museum. Then here there is an exhibition hall and also a restaurant in it. Another interesting attraction that you can do is enjoy a culinary tour at a restaurant on top of this unique historic building and at the same time see the beautiful panorama of the sparkling lights of the city of Brussels from above. This tourist attraction is perfect as a vacation spot when bringing a partner.

Manneken Pis

The next tourist spot in Belgium that you shouldn’t miss is Manneken Pis. This statue of a naked baby urinating (peeing) is visited by many tourists. Manneken Pis is arguably the Landmark of Brussels, even Belgium. A vacation to Belgium without taking selfies with this statue is incomplete. Some people think that Manneken Pis is very scary, and some people think it’s very funny, depending on their perspective.

Historically, this 61 cm high Manneken Pis statue of a small male child was made before 1618 and installed around 1619. The statue currently on display is a copy, so it’s not the original. Manneken Pis was designed by an architect named Hieronymus Duquesnoy. This tourist attraction is located at the intersection of Eikstraat and Stoofstraat. Access is quite easy, if you come from Grand Place, it takes about 5 minutes on foot.

Mini Europe

Mini Europe is one of the tourist attractions in Belgium which is visited by many tourists, especially foreign tourists from the European Union. In this place, there are famous building monuments in Europe, such as the Pisa Tower, the Eiffel Tower, the Big Tire Clock, and others. There are also beautiful friends as a playground for tourists. Mini Europe was built in 1989, has an area of ​​more than 24 thousand square meters, and construction costs reached 10 million Euros. Inside Mini Europe there are more than 350 monumental buildings originating in 80 cities. This popular tourist spot in Belgium receives more than 350 thousand visitors visiting this place each year. Therefore, don’t forget to include this place in your visit list in Belgium.

Royal Palace of Brussels

Beautiful tourist attraction Royal Palace of Brussels is the official Palace of the Kingdom of Brussels. As you know, The palace is located in the center city, in front of Brussels Prak. This palace, with a floor area of ​​more than 33 thousand square meters, apparently exceeds the area of ​​Buckingham Palace. The function of the Royal Palace of Brussels is as a place for the King to exercise his progressive rights as head of state. However, this palace is visited by many tourists because it has an attraction that makes it a tourist spot in Belgium which is quite popular among European communities.

The Royal Palace of Brussels was built in the 18th century. Inside this palace, visitors can see historical collections in the form of furniture from the time of Napoleon to Leopard II. In this place, you can see an attractive collection of fine crystal, silver, and porcelain in the Palace crypt. In this palace, there are other rooms, such as the Grand White Drawing Room in it. Like other parks, in this Royal Palace of Brussels, you can see green and beautiful gardens that can add to the attraction of tourists visiting it.

Cinquantenaire, Belgia

Jubelpark or also called Parc Du Cinquantenaire is a tourist spot in Belgium that provides a 37-hectare park, and the location of this park is strategic, namely in the center of Brussels. Most interesting here is a building called the Arc De Triomphe near the park which looks like a gate, usually used for exhibition activities. Historically, this beautiful green park was built in 1880 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Belgian independence. It is usually crowded with local and international tourists.

Museum Aan De Stroom, Belgia

Visiting the museum can increase your knowledge. In this place, you can see ancient civilizations and historical objects. Therefore, don’t miss visiting the Ann De Stroom Museum in Belgium. This museum is located in the old port of Het Eilandje. What’s interesting about this museum is the shape of the building is very unique. Based on the information, the Ann De Stroom Museum began construction in 2006, and then four years later in 2010, its construction was completed. The museum building is 62 meters high, and the collections inside are varied, ranging from 1552 gold coins, paintings, 1930 classic cars, and other historical objects.


The attractive tourist spot in Belgium is a medieval castle built in 1180. This castle is located in Gent, Belgium. In the past, this place was used as the residence of the Count of Flanders, and after that, it became the seat of the court and prison. If you visit this place, you will see its unique and classic shape. So that makes this building more popular with tourists in Belgium. Therefore, if you visit Belgium, don’t forget to visit this place. Then, take photos of your memories in Belgium.

St Bavo’s Cathedral

Another tourist attraction in the form of historical buildings in Belgium is Saint Bavo Cathedral, or in Dutch sint Baafskathedraal. This church is 89 meters high. This church is located in Gent, Belgium. This old church was built around 942 AD. Inside this historic church, you can see the intricate Romanesque interior made of marble. In addition, there are works by famous artists, such as the painting St. Macarius of Gent. So for those of you who are happy with historical relics in Belgium, you can visit this place. In addition, for those of you who are Christians, you can worship in this place and pray.

Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium

For those of you who love fine arts, you can visit the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium. This place is the fine arts museum of the Kingdom of Belgium which is located in Brussels, in the center of Coudenberg. If you are interested in seeing beautiful and amazing works of art, then come to this tourist spot. You can see more than 20 thousand works in the form of paintings, drawings, and sculptures from the 15th century to the present. One of the most popular is the Flemish painting by Rogier van der Weyden

Menin Gate

At first glance, this tourist attraction looks normal. However, Menin Gate is a war memorial that is much like an entry gate. This popular tourist attraction is located in Ypres, Belgium. This memorial, built to honor the British soldiers killed in World War I at Ypres, was officially opened in 1927. You should know that Ypres used to have a strategic position during the First World War. Therefore, in this place, there are many historical relics which are the main attraction. So that this place is always visited by foreign tourists.

Magritte Museum

Visiting historic buildings will make us even more curious about civilization in ancient times. As you can see, the Magritte Museum is a place built for the work of a famous artist named Rene Magritte. This building is located not far from the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium. This museum was officially opened on May 30, 2009. If you visit this place, you will see more than 200 original works of Magritte in the form of drawings and sculptures. Famous works such as The Empire of Light and The Return.

Musical Instrument Museum

If you are a musical artist, of course, you want to know the history of musical instruments. In Belgium, there is a museum that holds various kinds of musical instruments. If you visit Belgium, you can visit tourist attractions in Belgium in the form of the Museum of Musical Instruments which are no less interesting than other museums. For you to know, Inside this museum, there are more than 3177 original musical instruments. This museum was built with the aim of introducing musical instruments to students. Several antique instruments are on display in the museum, so the collection represents the history of music in Belgium in the manufacture of recording devices in the 18th century. If you visit this music museum, you will be given infrared headphones to listen to some music. If you are on vacation in Belgium, don’t miss this one tourist spot.

Bouillon City

Your trip to Brussels will be even more interesting and enjoyable if you visit Bouillon City, which is located in the Semois Valley. In this place, you will enjoy a beautiful view. Therefore, this small town is the second favorite city for tourists after Brussels. Apart from the scenery, in Bouillon, you can also visit an old castle which is right in the middle of the city.

This castle was built in the 8th century, apart from learning the history of Belgium and castles, from the balcony of the castle you can also see an amazing view of the city. So for those of you who are non-Muslims, you can taste beer by taking a tour of the brewery or visiting the Nathalie Market, a market that sells around 300 types of beer. In this city, don’t be afraid to get lost, because this city has also provided road signs ready to guide incoming tourists.

Dinant City

For your information, Belgium has a lot of music history. So for you music lovers, Dinant might be your favorite city. Here there is a house belonging to Mr. Sax was the first to invent the saxophone musical instrument. Even though the inventor has gone, the house is still there and is wide open for tourists who want to learn about the history of the saxophone. Apart from that, in this place, you can also visit the City Weapons Museum, and the church of Our Lady which dates from the 13th century. But before leaving this city, don’t forget to taste the coque de Dinant, which is a typical Dinant biscuit. Happy holidays to Belgium!

Brugge City

If you are in Belgium, you can visit the city of Brugge. This city is a tourist city and is the capital of West-Flanders Province which is located in the northwestern part of Belgium. The city is known for its well-preserved old town, and its canals are worth exploring. Many say that this city is one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium, so many tourists visit this city and enjoy the stunning views.

Brussels is the capital of Belgium. Therefore if you are in Belgium, you can stay here. But to reach Brugge City to Brussels, you can choose one of the fastest modes of transportation, namely the API train. You can buy a train ticket at Bruxelles Central Station for 15.6 Euros round trip. The journey from Brussels to Brugge is two hours. When you visit cities in Europe, usually the main goal is the centrum or the city center because every city in Europe has its own uniqueness.

Boat tour

Your trip will be more enjoyable by using boat transportation. One of the most fun things to do in Brugge is to take a boat tour where you can see a different side of Brugge by walking along its canals by boat. The boat tour fare for 30 minutes is 8 Euros. Here the boat driver guides the tourists using French and English and explains about the objects that are passed, such as the Bell Tower of Our Lady Church and St. Basil’s Cathedral. Salvators. Apart from that, you can also see a variety of unique cafes along the canal and breweries. As you know, Belgium is very famous for its beer which has a distinctive taste. Have a great holiday in the city of Brugge.

4. Conclusion

Well, that’s the beauty of small towns in Belgium. Then, make sure you visit it when you go there because there are several popular tourist attractions in Belgium that we recommend. Hopefully, our review can help you to prepare for your trip if you want to take a vacation and visit Europe. In addition, even this review can be your travel guide. Then, you can choose the location that suits your taste. Immediately prepare your vacation with your trusted airline.



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