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Must-Visit Attractive Theme Parks: for Families to Do in Australia

Foodntravelling.com – Theme parks are often the main destination in going on vacation. If you are married, it is a vacation that must be done with the people closest to you. Moreover, Australia is a country that has several things to do with those closest to us. One of the things you usually do when you go on vacation in this country is visiting a theme park. Theme parks in this country are very interesting for you to visit with your family. On the other hand, theme parks often peddle some of the country’s must-try street food places. Therefore, we will provide some interesting lists of playgrounds for you. We have compiled this list for you in the article Must-Visit Attractive Theme Parks: for Families to Do in Australia. Let’s discuss!

  • Adventure World, PerthAdventure World, Perth

Attractive theme parks in Australia, we will first discuss Adventure World. For the location of this theme park in the Perth city area. Which city is a city that has things that are surprising. And also Adventure World which is often visited by foreign tourists in this city. You and your family will find several interesting rides, namely Goliath, Kraken, and Little Leaper. The rides are very fun and thrilling. What’s more, the thrill of the ride is perfect for those of you who like adrenaline-filled rides. Adventure World itself has 28 rides. Which 28 rides do you have to spend for 2-3 days more. Therefore, this place is perfect for you and your family.

  • Dreamworld, Coomera

Dreamworld, Coomera

When you visit Dreamworld with your family, it is something that will not be forgotten. Because this place is the best theme park in Australia. And also Dreamworld is a theme park that is often visited when the holidays arrive. Not only that, Dreamworld has fun and friendly rides, of course, friendly for your family. On the other hand, this place also has a roller coaster that is ready to get your adrenaline pumping. In addition, there are five roller coasters in this place. Which will churn your stomach. In addition, this theme park is the largest in Australia.

  • Aussie World, Palmview

Aussie World, Palmview

Many people think Aussie World is not wide enough and the rides are incomplete. When you visit this place, you will be disappointed with the fun rides at Aussie World. Aussie World was founded in 1989, and until now this theme park is still open. Not only is this place famous for its longevity, but it also trusts tourists who will come to this theme park. You and your family will surely enjoy some friendly activities. You need to know, this place is very suitable for children because on every ride the children will be entertained. The rides that we highly recommend are slideshow alleys and crazy mirrors. Because in these rides you and your family will be made fun of these rides.

  • Luna Park, Sydney

Luna Park, Sydney

Luna Park is the best theme park out of all. Anyway, it could be best because this place is directly facing the harbor view. The rides on offer are very diverse, from children, adults, to family rides too. Luna Park also has some pretty fun rides. Like the Ferris Wheel and Tango Train rides. When you try these rides you will surround this vast theme park. In addition, over the past few decades, Luna Park has added some amazing rides. Moreover, Luna Park always has its own charm when tourists come to this place.

  • Jamberoo Action Park, Jamberoo

Jamberoo Action Park, Jamberoo

The next attractive theme parks in Australia is Jamberoo Action Park. In this theme park you will feel an extraordinary sensation. Because in this place you will play water rides which are very refreshing. The most famous water ride at Jamberoo Action Park is the storm funnel. It’s not just the storm funnel ride that’s fun. You should also try the billabong banjo and sled. Which water rides are very tense water rides. In addition, this place is often a memorable vacation spot. Moreover, if you invite your closest people to come to Jamberoo Action Park.

  • WetSide Water Park, Hervey Bay

WetSide Water Park, Hervey Bay

WetSide Water Park is a getaway with the right water. Because you and your family will do some refreshing activities. Like, playing waterslides, water slides, and much more. In addition, if you take children this place is the right place for education. Because at WetSide Water Park there is a water place that offers general knowledge for children. Moreover, when you enter the entrance, you will be surprised at the price of the entrance ticket. With this, you can save your vacation costs.

  • Big Splash Waterpark, Canberra

Big Splash Waterpark, Canberra

The center of the capital city certainly attracts tourists with the rides in the theme park. Big Splash Waterpark is a place that attracts both local and international tourists. In this place, you will find an amazing water park. Not only that, but you are also offered nine adrenaline-pumping slides. And this place is a favorite place to gather during the holidays. The interesting thing at Big Splash Waterpark is the twister slide. If you are challenged with it makes you slide with full power and will splash in the pool. On the other hand, this place also has a coaster that is ready to make your heart flutter.

  • Warner Bros Movie World, Gold Coast

Warner Bros Movie World, Gold Coast

The last attractive theme parks in Australia is Warner Bros. Movie World. You and your family will see some of the funny characters in Warner Bros. And the interesting thing is when you enter the entrance and feel the atmosphere. Because when you enter this place, you will feel a fairyland. Which you will be blown away just like the world of Warner Bros. Besides, this place doesn’t just offer the atmosphere. However, you should also try the rides with your family. What’s more, you also have to try the very iconic roller coaster. This vehicle is the main vehicle that you must try.

This is the discussion of Must-Visit Attractive Theme Parks: for Families to Do in Australia. However, this country is very interesting in some aspects of its entertainment. One of them we have discussed this. For people who are already married, theme parks are a daunting thing. Moreover, when he invites his closest people to visit theme parks in Australia. Which will create harmony in the family. Hopefully, with the lists above you can visit one of the above theme parks. And also, you can enjoy it with the people closest to you. Happy holidays!


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