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The Best Unmissable Annual Events and Festivals in French

Foodntravelling.com – Almost every season or every month in various cities around the world, there must be an event or festival. If you are on vacation in French you will find extraordinary things. As with typical traditional dishes and of course, you don’t forget the delicious pastry. Therefore, French is a country that is very attached to it. In addition, French has several festivals or events that you must attend. Because at the event you also get an impression that you may not forget for the rest of your life. From the things above, we have compiled a list of events and festivals for you. The list of events and festivals in French is in the article The Best Unmissable Annual Events and Festivals in French. Let’s discuss one by one!

  1. Menton Lemon Festival

Menton Lemon Festival

The first discussion of the best annual events and festivals in French is the Menton Lemon Festival. This festival is a very interesting festival for tourists who are on vacation to French. If you are a fan of citrus fruits, you must come to the Menton Lemon Festival. Meanwhile, the event started in the morning until noon, when the French people were arranging the fresh fruit. In arranging the fruit, it is not arbitrary, because citrus fruits are easy to destroy.

Therefore, residents who take part in this festival must quickly organize it. Citrus fruits are arranged in such a way as to resemble cute animals, so that motorbikes or cars are decorated with the fruit. Then this festival event continued at night, which at that time the event was held very lively. In addition, the festival takes place in mid-February. So, don’t miss it when you are on vacation in this country.

  1. Salon du Chocolat

Salon du Chocolat

A dish that is identical to chocolate is a pastry dish. This is where the pastry dish is a dish that this country is very attached to. However, this made the citizens of this country think of an idea to create an interesting chocolate festival, namely Salon du Chocolat. This festival is an annual festival that is awaited by local residents and foreign tourists. Because there are some interesting things held at this festival.

What interesting things you can find at this festival include an extraordinary chocolate show, followed by a fashion show, and much more. On the other hand, at this event, you will often find statues made of chocolate. In addition, the event is held at the end of October, which coincides with the Halloween event.

  1. Fête des Vendanges

Fête des Vendanges

The next best annual events and festivals in French is the Fête des Vendanges. Before you want to take part in this one festival, you must visit the western slopes of Mount Montmartre. In this place, the Fête des Vendanges event is held, and of course, the local residents are famous for their hospitality. Meanwhile, this festival is to celebrate the last vineyard in French. So, we suggest that while you are still on vacation in French, don’t miss this one festival. And don’t let you regret for the rest of your life not going to this interesting festival. In addition, the Fête des Vendanges is held annually from early to mid-October.

  1. Bastille Day

Bastille Day

A vacation to French is something that someone really wants, especially if you are on vacation on special days. Bastille Day is an event that should not be missed while on vacation in this country. As this event is to commemorate the peasants who stormed the Bastille fort and prison. This was a brief history of this event being held. In addition, the celebration of this event is a big parade and also lights up very lively fireworks. And of course, this is done at night, so you can’t miss these things. In addition, this annual celebration is held on July 13th. This celebration is also enlivened by local French residents, and of course, makes the impression of your holiday pleasant.

  1. Paris Fringe Festival

Paris Fringe Festival

The next best annual events and festivals in French is the Paris Fringe Festival. Performing arts and theater are common in French. However, there is one theater festival that you must attend, namely the Paris Fringe Festival. Which is where this festival features local artists to artists from around the world. In addition, performing arts are shown by the general public such as comedy, contemporary dance, and many more. And there is an interesting fact about this festival, which is that every time it is held, it moves. So, you should update about the Paris Fringe Festival.

  1. Nice Carnival

Nice Carnival

Nice Carnival is one of our recommended festivals that you shouldn’t miss. Because this festival is enlivened directly by some of the organizers of the biggest festival in French. Meanwhile, this festival starts in the day until late at night but is still crowded with visitors. And in fact, Nice Carnival is one of the biggest events in the world. Therefore, you are obliged to take part in this event and of course, enliven it too. Meanwhile, what kind of excitement you get at this festival includes 1000 dancers, floats, then watching the Parade of Lights. At the time of the Parade of Lights, you should not be missed, because this parade is very much awaited. In addition, the Nice Carnival is held in mid to late February. It’s quite a long time in a festival, so you shouldn’t forget about one of the biggest events in the world

  1. Berck-sur-Mer Kite Festival

Berck-sur-Mer Kite Festival

The next best annual events and festivals in French is the Berck-sur-Mer Kite Festival. Almost for the last few years, this festival has become an interesting festival in this country, and of course, many tourists are enthusiastic. If you are interested in big kites, this festival is not to be missed. Because at this festival you will see several animals being flown in, such as elephants, whales, to giant dragons. And there is an interesting fact about this festival, namely the extraordinary giant kite race. You can also take part in this interesting competition.

  1. Festival Medieval de Sedan

Festival Medieval de Sedan

The last best annual events and festivals in French is the Festival Medieval de Sedan. The Middle Ages is an extraordinary historical story. This has opened citizens around the world to a burning passion. The procession to start this festival is for someone to put on a knight’s armor and clash swords. However, there are also wrestling performances and flag-throwing competitions. In addition, this place is in the spotlight of world tourists, especially the European continent, who are very interested in this festival. This is where preserving a culture is very important in this modern era. Therefore, if you may be interested in this cultural festival, you are also preserving a culture that has been left behind for a long time.

Thus the discussion of The Best Unmissable Annual Events and Festivals in French. From the various events and festivals above, there are actually a lot of things that are certainly interesting. However, some lists are based on our recommendations. Because the summary is a very amazing thing if you follow it. Therefore, we hope that from the list above you can find out which festivals and events you are participating in. In addition, if you visit some of these events, don’t forget the delicious desserts. Which you can find on street food at the event. Enjoy your traveling!

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