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10 Best Foods for You Breakfast in Scotland to Start Your Vacation – A country has a tradition when it comes to eating. Eating that is done by people in a country has a uniqueness that becomes a habit. Therefore, if you visit a country, you must also know the eating habits of that country. This can be found when you find out what foods they eat at lunch, dinner and even breakfast. This time we will discuss about what breakfast Scots often eat in the morning to start their day. Scotland has a wide variety of food for their breakfast in the morning. This food certainly has its own uniqueness for visitors or tourists from outside Scotland. Therefore, here is our discussion for you, 10 Best Foods for You Breakfast in Scotland to Start Your Vacation. Let’s discuss!

  1. White Pudding

White Pudding

The first best foods for breakfast in Scotland is white pudding. This food is a food that is mostly found in the highlands of Scotland. Highlanders mostly eat meaty foods to start their day. One of these breakfast foods is called white pudding. This white pudding is not alone when it is served. The Scots often mix it with some nuts to pair it with toast. In addition to being meaty, this food is also carbohydrate-rich and also contains enough fiber and protein to start the day.

This food has a soft texture because it is called pudding. This food consists of several main ingredients, namely beef, oats and suet. Beef can sometimes be substituted or optional, you can replace it with pork or according to your taste. For highland people this food is usually used as their main meal in the morning. In addition, you can also find that this food contains like porridge which contains eggs and scones. So, if you visit Scotland you must taste this food in the morning.

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  1. Finnan Haddie

Finnan Haddie

If you want a meal made from fish or seafood, you can visit the coast of Scotland. This food can usually be found near the coast along Scotland. This food is called finnan haddie which is made from haddock fish. Haddock has become a popular food from Scotland. Haddock has the texture of fish that is high in fiber but never disappoints under any circumstances.

Beside that, haddock fish obtained from cultivation around the coast or from fishermen will be processed into a finnan haddie. This processing can be called smoking which makes the unique taste in the finnan haddie recipe. This smoking process uses green wood or bamboo. For the fireplace they use peat to add a unique flavor. Usually, Scots often eat finnan haddie with some toast, scones and even a tattie in the morning. So, to eat this food you don’t have to worry about being hungry anymore, because the smoked fish meat combined with toast will make you full in the morning.

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  1. Brose

Brose Scotland Drink

The next best foods for breakfast in Scotland is brose. Brose is a breakfast that you can eat like breakfasts in other countries. However, this breakfast has its own uniqueness in its processing. In some manufactures, brose uses Scottish staple foods combined with oats. The oats used in the manufacture of this dish are local oats produced only in Scotland. The presentation can also be said to be unique because the Scottish people have high creativity.

However, the oats used are usually undercooked oats. These immature oats are mixed with milk which is commonly used in oat porridge.Of course, the combination of these two things will not make you nauseous, it will even make you addicted. This meal is included in the breakfast which can be modified according to your taste. You can add some extra carbohydrates of course to further strengthen the taste of the oats. In addition, in some parts of Scotland it is sold in a way that you can choose the toppings to better enjoy Scotland’s oats.

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  1. Bannocks

Bannocks for Breakfast

Scotland never runs out of ideas for turning their oats into a delicacy. One of the foods made from oats is bannocks. If you run out of energy after a long trip in Scotland, you can make this menu yourself at your hotel or wherever you are. Before you cook it, you need to know that these bannocks are a kind of baked oats cake. Once you know you can make Bannocks easily because some of the ingredients to cook them are easy to get. You only need flour for the main dough.

In addition, ingredients such as milk, salt and course oats can be found at the nearest supermarket. You can mix these ingredients together after it’s baked. After you bake it you can cut it according to your taste, usually people cut it in triangles. This meal is usually served with some delicious Scottish drinks. However, most Scots prefer tea to eat these oats.

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  1. Morning Rolls

Morning Rolls

The next best foods for breakfast in Scotland are morning rolls. This one is a Scottish favorite to start their day. This food has a unique name, namely morning rolls. Scottish people love this food because of the aroma and taste that they think is right for their taste. This food is made from yeast combined with a mixture of various tastes. Yeast will make the taste of this food unique and also smells like fresh baked bread.

However, the rich dough will also make the texture more diverse in your mouth. The first time you enter the mouth, it feels crispy and then you will be greeted with a soft texture. In addition, the morning rolls will also be strengthened by the buttery taste that is ready to melt in your mouth.

Some shops will ask you what toppings you will choose. Some people will choose toppings that have a sweet taste. However, for the natives of Scotland they will add fatty things, one of which is bacon.

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  1. Dundee Marmalade

Dundee Marmalade

The following dish is a dish that illustrates how colorful a Scottish breakfast can be. This breakfast is called Dundee Marmalade which comes from Dundee. Marmalade itself is a tart that is predominantly sweet. Therefore, marmalade is the main menu for Scots to start their day. In addition, marmalade is also suitable for several foods such as morning rolls to scones. So the dundde marmalade is often used by Scots as the main breakfast menu to start their day. The sweet, Scottish taste you will only get if you eat it in Dundee.

Besides having a delicious taste, dundee marmalade also has a unique history of discovery. It is said that in ancient times there was a ship that sank on the coast of Dundee causing this food to be created. It started with the locals picking up some valuables that had sunk to save them. One of the items that was rescued was a chest of Seville oranges that were the main ingredient in making this dundee marmalade.

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  1. Sultana Scones

Sultana Scones

The next best foods for breakfast in Scotland are sultana scones. Some say that this is a Scottish biscuit. Because it is called the Scottish biscuit, therefore the texture of this breakfast menu is crunchy. In addition, these biscuits also offer a distinctive taste of dried local Scottish fruits. One of them, there is a fruit that is often a topping for this biscuit, namely grapes. Dry wine will add a sweet and sour taste to this menu.

Meanwhile, some Scots consume Sultana Scones in large quantities usually more than one fruit. What you will get when you taste this food is its unique texture. When you first take a bite, the outer dough will feel crunchy. After the first bite you will find that these sultana scones are soft inside. If you want to add sweetness you can add jam with various flavors. Don’t worry Sultana Scones are sold everywhere in Scotland.

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  1. Scottish Breakfast Tea

Scottish Breakfast Tea

Scotland is a country next to England. So, for the various breakfasts they have something in common with each other. Some of these similarities include the similarity with drinking tea in the morning. Tea was chosen as a suitable drink to start the day because of its strong caffeine content to start the day. The perfect drink to start the day is Scottish breakfast tea. The dominant tea with black color garnished with several blends of Scottish ancestors makes it delicious. The tea that you can taste in Scotland is usually complemented by floral and citrus flavors. So, make sure you start your morning with this tea that can be accompanied with milk and even Sultana scones.

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  1. Drop Scone

Drop Scone Scotland Pancakes

The next best foods for breakfast in Scotland are drop scones. The next food you can enjoy to start the day is drop scones. Drop scones have similarities to some of the famous pancakes. Drop scones have a fluffy texture and have a distinct Scottish taste. The thing that distinguishes drop scones from other pancakes is the taste as well as the size. The taste served by drop scones is a Scottish taste that has a recipe such as sweet and sour that can only be found in Scotland. For size, drop scones have a size that can be said to be small. To eat drop scones you can add toppings in the form of caramel, honey to dried fruit.

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  1. Scottish Porridge

Scottish Porridge

The last best foods for breakfast in Scotland is Scottish porridge. And this list is our last discussion for you. This dish is the perfect dish for you to enjoy when breakfast arrives in Scotland. In terms of soft taste makes you comfortable for breakfast. Moreover, the ingredients used to make this dish include wheat, milk, and a little salt.

Therefore, the dishes that you often find in this country have more or less the same taste than some of the dishes that we have prepared for you. In addition, Scottish porridge is often a favorite dish for foreign tourists. Maybe you are the only tourist who wants to taste this delicious dish. And if you haven’t been to some of the country’s places, make sure you schedule a vacation for this. So, you don’t have to worry about how Scottish dishes taste.

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Thus our discussion of the 10 Best Foods for You Breakfast in Scotland to Start Your Vacation. After seeing some of these foods you will realize that the uniqueness of Scottish breakfast is colorful. You will find that they often enjoy their local meat, pies and fruit sweets. And because Scotland has so many breakfast options, you can make any of them your favorite breakfast. You can choose from bannocks or broses to scottish porridge. And of course, we hope that with this list of foods you will not be bored in visiting Scotland more than once. In addition, you will also find that the traditions of these foods make your trip to Scotland not in vain. Happy exploration!

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