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10 Popular Drinks to Quench Your Thirst While Vacationing in Scotland – Visiting a country rich in culture is the most beautiful thing when doing it while on vacation. For those of you who are fans of the culture in each country, you will certainly like some of the customs of the people there. You can take part in cultural rituals and learn about some of the specialties of the food and that’s all their drinks. For that, you can enjoy popular drinks and also learn about the culture in Scotland.

The different countries will be amazing when you learn the local customs and the rest by studying their drinks. The country that can be described in culture, as well as this drink, is Scotland. Scotland or familiarly called Scottish people are people who are always familiar with the drinks that become their culture. Here are 10 Popular Drinks to Quench Your Thirst While Vacationing in Scotland. Let’s discuss one by one!


  1. Drambuie

Drambuie Whisky

The first popular drinks in Scotland was the drambuie. The cold air in Scotland will make you crave something warm to warm your body. There is a drink in Scotland that will keep you warm. This drink is called drambuie, a drink that has been around since time immemorial. At the beginning of its discovery, this drambuie was included in the type of whiskey drink. This drink has been popular for a long time because it is a royal drink.

In fact, after the Battle of Culloden in 1746 the king was rewarded by captain John Mackinnon with a drink recipe. This drink was later known as drambuie because of the deliciousness of the recipe. For this reason, until now drambuie is often associated with royal drinks.

For those of you who want to enjoy it, you will know the delicacy of the king’s drink at that time. Usually, Scottish people will drink this drink on the day of big celebrations. In addition, this drink contains 40% ABV and has a recipe of heather honey, spices, and herbs.

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  1. Whipkull

Whipkull Cocktail

For this is one drink you can enjoy when celebrating Christmas. In addition, if you want to drink this drink in the armpits after breakfast, it is also very possible. For this reason, people in Scottish call this drink whipkull. This drink is popular in the Shetland isles. You will be served with a delicious rum mixed with sugar as a sweetener and then egg yolks to a creamy consistency. So far, these recipes are able to seduce Scottish people to keep drinking this whipkull.

The rest, the Scottish people classify this drink into a cocktail. Some people there will really like to drink this drink at Christmas and also at breakfast. And as a Scottish signature drink, they will serve this drink with some of their signature bread as a relief when this drink warms your throat. Another thing you can find that many liquor shops in Scotland sell this whipkull, so you will be easy to find it.

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  1. Brewdog

Brewdog Traditional Beer

The next popular drinks in Scotland is the brewdog. For those of you who have anxiety about consuming excess drinks, you don’t need to worry about this one drink. Brewdog is a specialty drink from Scotland which is also mass marketed. This drink is a craft beer that has endless flavors. What’s more, people will prefer to drink beer as their soft drink every day. Brewdog is widely sold everywhere in Scotland, so this will make it easier for you to buy this drink.

In addition, Brewdog will be very beneficial for you because this drink is very friendly to the body, especially since this drink is carbon-free. So you can enjoy this drink safely. Brewdog itself has a large factory in Ellon, Aberdeenshire. To enjoy this drink, there is no specific ritual or day that requires you to enjoy this drink. You can enjoy this drink anywhere and anytime.

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  1. Rusty Nail

Rusty Nail

A drink that you will meet when you visit a beverage shop that also sells drambuie. This one drink makes your body feel the sensation of the greatness of Rusty Nail. What’s more, the Scottish people call this drink a drink that won’t stop beating you. This makes rusty nails very popular in clubs and even pubs in Scotland. Some places don’t always serve this drink, because not all bartenders can make it. This drink is included in the world’s favorite drink in the Difford’s Guide nomination. Of the 100 drinks, Rusty Nail is included in the category of the most delicious Cocktails in the world.

In addition, this cocktail is served by drinking it cold or adding ice to it. In addition, for the garnish, Scottish people usually give a topping in the form of lemon. The great thing about this rusty nail is that it’s just a drambuie mixed with 3 quarters of Scotch Whiskey. However, when the bartender can’t mix anything else, this rusty nail will fail.

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  1. Buckfast


The next popular drinks in Scotland is buckfast. If you are a heavy drinker then you must try this one drink. This drink is called buckfast or Scottish people often call it Buckie. This drink is intended for those of you who have a hobby as a drinker only. Buckfast is usually drunk by young people in Glasgow. But for people who are in Glasgow buckfast is a drink that is not to be recommended because of the high alcohol content. In addition, buckfast has a large level of caffeine as well. For those of you who like to drink, you will be spoiled with this Buckie.

On the other hand, you will fly with the alcohol and on the other hand, you will feel yourself pumping your stamina. You will also learn other things if you want to buy this drink at the supermarket. You have to ask the shopkeepers for that, because the bad boy reputation there is very high. However, the reputation of the bad boy will not make you back down in buying it.

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  1. Irn Bru

Irn Bru

You might ask if there are any drinks from Scotland that don’t contain alcohol. The answer to that question is that there are many. One drink that does not contain alcohol is Irn Bru. Irn bru is a typical Scottish drink that does not contain alcohol at all. You can pair this drink with other soft drinks. The taste carried by this irn bru drink is a citrus flavor. In addition, you can also find the taste of chewing gum which is also in great demand.

Moreover, Scottish people consume this irn bru by drinking it directly or there are other ways. Another way is to mix Irn bru with Vodka or rum. In addition, Scottish people mostly drink this irn bru en masse compared to coca-cola drinks. This shows that the Scottish people still have a tongue of their own when it comes to fizzy drinks. For that, if you can’t drink alcohol you can drink this one drink, Irn Bru.

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  1. Scottish Blend

Scottish Blend

The next popular drinks in Scotland is the Scottish blend. A tea drink that has the taste of a local tea that is famous in Scotland. You may be amazed by this typical Scottish drink. Scotland has a drink that can make you feel back in time for the heyday of tea in this country. Scottish Blend is a famous tea company in Scotland. The thing that makes this tea so famous is the way it is made which is different from other teas.

Beside that, the making of Scottish Blend tea is claimed to use technology that can print softer water. This softness makes the taste of this Scottish blend tea fresh, clear, and distinctive. Although, if you hear tea your mind is always headed to England this time Scotland also has tea which is famous throughout the United Kingdom. In addition, this Scottish Blend company buys directly from tea farmers in Scotland and then processes it themselves at the Scottish Blend factory.

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  1. Gin

Gin Scotland Whisky

Some Gin drinks always feel under the Scotland Whiskey. Gin has a long history of traveling in Scotland. At first in the 1700s in the port of Leith gin could be exchanged for Wool. This transaction occurred because wool and gin were included in the major commodities in Scotland at that time. For now, gin is a beverage product from Scotland which is also considered by the Scottish community for its deliciousness.

Scottish people used to consume gin by processing it individually. So every bar or pub you walk into has several different types of gin. So, find your special gin there. For those of you who are tourists or tourists, you will be greeted attractively with Gin recipes that are certainly unique in each region.

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  1. Glasgow Punch

Glasgow Punch

The next popular drinks in Scotland is glasgow punch. If you visit the area of ​​Glasgow, Scotland you will find a unique drink called the Glasgow Punch. This drink was popular in the 19th century when Scotland had a trading fleet with the West Indies. In this trade many activities focused on rum exchange. For centuries until now Glasgow punch is still often enjoyed.

However, now Glasgow punch has a high class for its drinkers. Drinks served cold with sugar as well as rum, water and lemon flavor is often drunk by the rich. A rich bussinesman, aristocrat to search for business networks all will definitely order a glass of punch.

Therefore, if you visit Glasgow try going to an expensive pub or club and then try ordering a glasgow punch. However, not all pubs have high standards for having to drink glasgow punch, for those of you a tourist can try this drink casually.

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  1. Tennent’s

Tennent’s Local Beer

The last popular drinks in Scotland were tennet’s. And this discussion will end the list that we have provided for you. That way the drinks in this country have a lot of refreshing taste. Moreover, it will also relieve your thirst while on vacation in this country. Meanwhile, this drink is very easy to find in Scotland.

If you are still confused about looking for this drink, don’t worry because in every shopping center or department store near you will definitely provide this drink. Beside that, the main thing about Tennent’s is the famous brewed beer from 1885, namely Hugh Tennent. In addition, this very popular beer has a different shape and design from other beer packaging. Therefore, if you are on vacation in this country, be sure to taste the freshness of tennent’s beer.

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Thus the discussion of 10 Popular Drinks to Quench Your Thirst While Vacationing in Scotland. Scotland has given some of you an interesting culture as well as their unique drinks. Some of the drinks above are not only refreshing but also contain some high cultural values. Of course, after visiting from Scotland, you can identify some of the drinks originating from Scotland. By drinking a typical drink from Scotland you will also be equipped with a way of presenting to making their special drink. In addition, the long history of making this special drink will also make your vacation this time more useful than ever. Therefore, we hope that with the list above you can visit Scotland to enjoy its specialty drinks. Happy traveling!

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