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Must-Visit 12 Best Tourist Attractions in Aberdeen, Scotland

Foodntravelling.com – If you want to live a holiday with nature and beautiful buildings, then you have to visit Scotland. Scotland itself is a country that is part of the British Empire. Scotland has many destinations for you to visit, be it beautiful seas or magnificent castle buildings like the Aberdeen area. Aberdeen itself is an area in Scotland that has advantages in terms of building architecture and the beauty of the sea. Apart from having beautiful seas, the Aberdeen area also has the largest fishing port in Scotland. Aberdeen also has many interesting places to visit, including a number of protected historic buildings, such as those dating from the 16th century. To find out more about other interesting places in the city of Aberdeen, here is the discussion from the Must-Visit 12 Best Tourist Attractions in Aberdeen, Scotland. Let’s discuss one by one!

  1. Aberdeen Maritime Museum

Aberdeen Maritime Museum

The first tourist attractions in Aberdeen is the Aberdeen Maritime Museum. As one of the areas close to the sea, Aberdeen is one of the economic places for Scotland. If you are interested in the history of the Harbor and its relations with foreign countries then you must visit the Aberdeen Maritime Museum. This museum is located in the Shiprow district. The Aberdeen marine museum itself is the most popular place to visit in Aberdeen. The museum has a stunning collection of models, photographs, and paintings documenting the city’s development as an important port.

In addition, this museum also provides a room to show the life and culture of the past. Especially, in the difficult life of whalers, herring fishermen, and trade in the North Sea. The museum also displays the famous scissors used by American ship owners to secure trade in the China Sea. In addition, the Museum is also the only museum in the whole of the UK that provides knowledge about the North Sea petroleum industry.

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  1. Cathedral Church of St. Machar

Cathedral Church of St. Machar

If you want to visit a famous religious building then you should visit the Cathedral Church of St. Machar. This church building is one of the oldest buildings in Aberdeen, the architectural style of this church building does not follow the architectural style of its time. The west front of the cathedral has a striking tower building consisting of sandstone turrets dating from the architectural style of the 15th-16th centuries.

This beautiful cathedral church also exhibits a wooden ceiling painted with coats of arms and has a 16th-century architectural style. Dating from the 1870s, the cathedral also has beautiful stained glass windows that wow visitors. Apart from being a religious place, the Cathedral Church of St. Machar is also a frequent venue for classical or choir concerts that visitors can attend. Besides that, the interesting part of the cathedral church is St. Machar also has an on-site gift shop, for visitors to purchase or pick up items.

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  1. Brig O’Balgownie

Brig O’Balgownie

The next tourist attractions in Aberdeen is Brid O’Balgownie. If you visit Aberdeen then you must visit a famous bridge in Aberdeen, namely Brig O’Balgownie Bridge. And with the wealth of values ​​contained in this city, you really shouldn’t miss one bit. Because this city has several halls that you must explore, namely the Brig O’Balgownie Bridge. Romantic nuances will arise in you while on vacation in this country. Moreover, the people of Scotland themselves popularized this bridge as a romantic place.

This bridge was erected by order of Robert the Bruce around 1320. The location of the bridge which is close to the Don river allows you to enjoy the beauty of the bridge. Another fun activity to indulge in at this popular tourist attraction is photography, as it offers beautiful views. Beside that, if you visit the Brig O’Balgownie area, you will find another bridge, namely Brig O’Dee. This bridge is 2 centuries newer than Brig O’Balgownie. Therefore, this place is perfect for people who are in pairs or invite relatives for a vacation.

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  1. Aberdeen Beach

Aberdeen Beach

The area of Aberdeen, which is located close to the sea, must have something interesting to visit. One of these places is Aberdeen beach, Aberdeen Beach itself is one of the vacation spots because it is located not far from the city. Aberdeen Beach itself is a beautiful place because of the stretch of golden sand. And that stretches between the harbor and the mouth of the Don River.

Apart from the beach itself, there is also a popular open field full of amusement arenas, restaurants, and much more here. In addition, Aberdeen’s own beaches have received seaside resort awards and are well-liked by locals and visitors alike. The beach is accessible all year round and provides both visitors and locals with recreational activities and water sports to enjoy during their visit.

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  1. Aberdeen Art Gallery

Aberdeen Art Gallery

The next tourist attractions in Aberdeen is the Aberdeen Art Gallery. Visiting an area, you will know the various cultures and arts that developed in that area. In Aberdeen itself, they have a building called the Aberdeen art gallery. The art gallery building itself was built in 1884, the Aberdeen Art Gallery houses a comprehensive collection of 17th to 20th-century paintings. Scottish artists whose work is featured here include Charles Rennie Mackintosh, William Dyce, Thomas Faed, John Philip, and other representatives of the Glasgow School.

Works by George Jameson, Scotland’s first portrait painter (1589-1644), are also on display. Among the most famous works included in this impressive collection is a portrait by Raeburn. And there are works by William Turner, David Hockney, and Impressionist painters. Including Monet, Sisley, Bonnard, Pissarro, and Renoir. Sculptures by Barbara Hepworth and Jacob Epstein are on display in the bright entrance hall.

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  1. Craigievar Castle

Craigievar Castle

As an area consisting of kingdoms, it is not surprising that Scotland has many castle buildings in it. One of the castle buildings in Scotland itself is in Aberdeen and is known as Craigievar Castle. Craigievar Castle is located on one of the most beautiful hill sites, the beautiful pink flowers of this castle make visitors mesmerized. This castle has a characteristic, which is that it has an unusual castle color because it has pink color.

In addition, the location of this castle is quite close to the city center because it only takes an hour’s drive from downtown Aberdeen and is a pleasant trip because the journey is accompanied by beautiful scenery. The castle is first mentioned in documents dating from 1457 when it was owned by the Mortimer family. Apart from the unusual color, it is certainly unique and it is said that the castle motif applied here was adopted by Walt Disney. Apart from having beautiful castle buildings, the castle is also surrounded by beautiful gardens and forest trails which can be explored during the visit.

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  1. The Gordon Highlanders Museum

The Gordon Highlanders Museum

The next tourist attractions in Aberdeen is The Gordon Highlanders Museum. If you want to know about the history of Scottish soldiers then you should visit a museum called the Gordon Highlander Museum. This museum provides an overview of the history of one of the largest regiments to have served in the British army. This museum records 200 years of history and in this museum, they depict brave soldiers who fought in both World War I and World War II.

If you want to know about the trench strategy used in the past then this museum is home to World War I trenches because in this museum they made a replica of a real trench in war. Apart from that, in this museum, they have collections including displays of army uniforms, medals, and weapons.

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  1. Tolbooth Museum

Tolbooth Museum

If you are looking for a place to visit that is near the city center then you should visit the Tolbooth museum. The building is a testament to Aberdeen’s medieval old town which can still be seen. As early as the Tolbooth Tower was built in the 17th century, it served as the town hall and prison. However, after being used as a prison, this building changed its function and the structure has now been renovated into a museum and was first opened to the public in 1995.

The museum’s tollbooth collection displays many 17th and 18th-century elements, including the prison cells used to house Jacobite prisoners and rebels during that time. As well as a tour of the cell, visitors will also find several displays about the city’s history. And in particular about how crime and punishment developed over the years. The museum is part of the Aberdeen Museums and Galleries initiative to convey the city’s historical and cultural past. Among the items on display are the Maiden and the 17th-century Aberdeen guillotine.

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  1. Mercat Cross

Mercat Cross

The next tourist attractions in Aberdeen is the Mercat Cross. The city center in Aberdeen has interesting buildings besides museums, there is one street in Aberdeen that is interesting and has the name Mercat Cross. The building is located opposite the tollbooth museum and is decorated with white unicorns. And in the center of the building stands the Mercat Cross. This structure was built as a symbol of Aberdeen’s right to host markets during the 15th century and was constructed by the town’s merchants’ guild.

Beside that, when you visit this place you will initially feel the silence inside. If you are outside this place will feel a different nuance. The different nuances of this place include the hustle and bustle of people passing by, then people selling, and much more. Meanwhile, the Mercat Cross area is a shopping center and center for people’s activities in the city of Aberdeen.

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  1. Botanic Garden Cruickshank

Botanic Garden Cruickshank

If you are looking for a beautiful place with lots of plants around, then you should visit the Cruickshank Botanic Garden. This garden is located on the campus of King’s College, and the Cruickshank Flower Garden was founded in 1898. The Cruickshank Flower Garden itself is the result of a joint venture between the university and a charitable foundation. The main aim of the garden is to promote and praise the beauty, vibrancy, and importance of the natural world around us.

The Cruickshank Botanic Garden focuses on the importance of plants and how they play a role in reducing pollution in the world. The Cruickshank Botanic Garden spans over 11 hectares of land to be exact and is open to visitors all year round. Inside the Cruickshank Botanic Garden itself, it is divided into several gardens such as the rose garden, shrubs, and many more. He even keeps a collection of over 2500 very important and beautiful plants in his Arboretum.

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  1. Pitmedden Garden

Pitmedden Garden

The next tourist attractions in Aberdeen is Pitmedden Garden. The park is the most interesting tourist destination for you to visit in Aberdeen. One of the most popular gardens in the city is the Pitmedden Garden. This place is very famous among foreign tourists who are visiting Scotland. Pitmedden Garden is a park that is considered quite old. Because the age of this garden is more or less nearly 12 centuries. Which is where this park is an old park in the city of Aberdeen.

Beside that, Pitmedden Garden was managed and founded by Sir Alexander Seton. Then this park was passed down to be managed by a large family. Moreover, Pitmedden Garden has approximately 30,000 types of beautiful plants. That way you will also feel the sensation of a pleasant holiday when visiting this beautiful garden. So, when to visit Aberdeen and visit Pitmedden Garden?

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  1. Duthie Park

Duthie Park

The last tourist attractions in Aberdeen is Duthie Park. This discussion also ends our list for you. Duthie Park is a place that must be visited while on vacation in Scotland. Especially, when you are on vacation in Scotland and exploring the city of Aberdeen. Will you be spoiled for fun by activities and holiday nuances? If you visit Duthie Park, you will be taken to explore the park which covers 44 hectares. That way you have to take one day off to explore Duthie Park.

Besides that, beautiful gardens and various plants will spoil your eyes. Not only that you will get into this park. But you will be presented with the charm of this place. This place will add to your experience in caring for and understanding plants. So, prepare and pack your holiday gear and visit Duthie Park.

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Thus our discussion of the Must-Visit 12 Best Tourist Attractions in Aberdeen, Scotland. Visiting areas from one region to another makes us understand that there are beautiful places in this world. Scotland a state of England has provided some interesting places to visit. Some of the places above are not only interesting and beautiful, but they also have high cultural values. Of course, after visiting Scotland, you can recognize buildings that are characteristic of Scotland.

Apart from that, the history contained in each place will also make your vacation this time very different from before. In addition, to enjoying the castle buildings that are still awake. And enjoying the natural beauty that exists in Scotland, you can find out the stories contained in them. Hopefully, if you want to go on vacation, then immediately visit Scotland. Happy traveling!

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