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The Most Popular Places in the Cultural City of Glasgow, Scotland – Visiting a country in Europe then you have a wide range of options that are right for you. This choice will certainly make you confused because the countries in Europe are very, very beautiful. For that, you must immediately decide which country you will visit on your vacation this time. For those of you who crave a comfortable urban trip, the answer is Scotland. And Scotland itself has a cultural city, namely, Glasgow. Which is related to the most popular places in Glasgow.

Moreover, Scotland has a lot to offer tourists who vacation there. One of these offers is a vacation in their city area, namely the city of Glasgow. Glasgow has many things that can make your vacation enjoyable this time, from museums, and beautiful gardens to art galleries. Therefore, here are The Most Popular Places in the Cultural City of Glasgow, Scotland. Let’s discuss it!

  1. Necropolis

Necropolis Glasgow

The next popular places in Glasgow is the Necropolis. For those of you who like a place full of sculptures and gardens. You can visit the beautiful Necropolis. However, this place is a bit more spooky if you visit it at night. This is because this place is a cemetery. In addition, this place is a building close to the Glasgow Cathedral which is also a part of which still has a Gothic style.

This style was adopted by the church which later this cemetery was called the city of the dead. But don’t get me wrong, this cemetery is also a garden. This park has its own architectural designer named Charles Rennie Macintosh. The architect placed some beautiful statues like those of angels. This makes the atmosphere in this place very strong with the feel of a paradise garden. The view of the city, as well as the Cathedral church, is very clear from this place. This Necropolis is located on Castle Street, Glasgow, Scotland.


  1. Gallery of Modern Art

Gallery of Modern Art

If you visit Glasgow, make sure you also visit the Art Gallery in Glasgow. This place is called the Gallery of Modern Art which is in the Royal Exchange Square. For this reason, this destination is perfect for you to visit with loved ones or family. In this place, you can’t spend time in an instant. However, if you visit this place you will feel its beauty. Because you will spend 2-3 days to longer there. However, many accommodations are available in the closest places to the Art Gallery.

In addition, this Art Gallery has a nickname for local Glasgow people, namely GOMA. GOMA has a Roman architectural style that makes this building very classic. In addition, many local and international artists participated. There will be many works that highlight the philosophical side of the historical side of the city of Glasgow. In addition, you can enjoy all the facilities such as tour guides who are ready to help you clarify your holiday this time.

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  1. Glasgow Green

Glasgow Green

The next popular places in Glasgow is Glasgow Green. Go to this place, an open park for those of you who like history as well as the oldest garden in Glasgow. This park is called Glasgow Green which was built in 1662. With this, Glasgow Green is the oldest city park in Glasgow. The attractions in this park present various things related to the history and beauty of the city of Glasgow. You can enjoy various kinds of attractions by starting a trip at the museum in this park.

This museum, which was built in 1898, presents the history of the city of Glasgow. Glasgow Green tells the story of the formation of the dynamics of the city of Glasgow from 1750 to the 20th century. This museum exhibited several historical relics that you can’t leave. History is like a “Single End” historical relic that dates back to the 1930s. Then there is also the steamie which tells of the bathhouses. So from that everything in this Glasgow green park has a beautiful historical value or meaning for tourists about the city of Glasgow.

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  1. Glasgow Science Centre

Glasgow Science Centre

If you are traveling with loved ones or your family, then this place is for you. This place is called the Glasgow Science Center which is projected for the benefit of scientific entertainment. In addition, if you visit this place there are interesting attractions to see. This attraction is a view of the water sourced from the river Riverside Museum. Here too, there are several buildings that resemble boats for tourists to take pictures with.

The Glasgow Science Center features a striking titanium-clad building shaped like a ship’s hull, offering endless hours of hands-on fun and exploration. There are well-known exhibitions on human health, technology, and science, as well as various laboratory stations where children can try hands-on experiments based on their new knowledge. The Planetarium, Imax cinema, and science theater are also worth visiting, where lectures and discussions take place regularly. Therefore, you can enter the Glasgow Science Center in your list of holiday destinations this time.

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  1. Kibble Palace

Kibble Palace

The next popular places in Glasgow is Kibble Palace. Glasgow has a unique destination that is a reflection of this city. This unique destination is Kibble Palace which is a botanical garden in glasshouses. Kibble Palace was built in 1873 and is one of the largest glasshouses in Scotland. Apart from that, in Kibble Palace, there are various kinds of plants that are difficult to find elsewhere and there are even plants that are endangered. Usually this place imports these plants from various parts of the continent, including plants from Africa, America, New Zealand, and Australia to the Far East.

Of course, these plants are cared for properly, and pay attention to the initial ecosystem these plants are in. In addition, if you play outside these glasshouses you will find the World Rose Garden, which is perfect for you rose lovers. In addition, next to the Rose Garden there is a garden for small children to play. Moreover, those of you who invite your family can enjoy the Heritage Trail to walk to the Kelvin Walkway.

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  1. Riverside Museum

Riverside Museum

Glasgow has a very unique museum which is a shame not to be missed. This museum is named Riverside Museum which is located at 100 Pointhouse Road on the riverbank. This museum is considered unique because of the display of a ship that is indeed placed in the river like a ship in a harbor. Uniquely, this ship can be boarded by visitors who visit this museum. In addition, this museum presents attractions such as public transportation that is no longer used, or very ancient public transportation. Moreover, here there is also a display that presents various models of shipping, vintage cars, trams to antique locomotives.

In this museum, there is a work on display with the theme of Glasgow street in 1938. This work on Glasgow Street 1938 is a masterpiece of this museum. This work also conveys the message that Glasgow has gone through a lot of immigration and disasters until the sunken city of Lusitania is in this museum.

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  1. George Square

George Square

The next popular places in Glasgow is George Square. If you visit Glasgow, you must really see various famous figures being made into statues in the center of this city. This place is called Glasgow Square and has a statue with a total of 12. In this place, there are various kinds of statues of famous people, such as Robbie Burns, Queen Victoria and Walter Scott. Besides that, you can also take pictures of these statues. If you feel like you don’t know anything, relax in this place to provide a tour guide for you.

In addition, this George Square location is still close to some unique city treats. To the south of George Square, there is the Italian Centre, designer boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. Plus, if you come to Glasgow in the winter, you can enjoy a number of Christmas day attractions. This is perfect when you visit with your family. The lights and also some of the attractions of the Christmas trees are very special to visit.

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  1. The Tenement House

The Tenement House

This place is a museum used to commemorate the life of Agnes Toward. This place is called The Tenement House which is at 145 Buccleuch Street, Glasgow. Agnes Toward was the first female typist to make a career in Glasgow. When in 1911 to 1965 Agnes Toward chose to live in this apartment alone. In addition, he also maintains all the furniture which until now has never been changed in the slightest.

At this time the house is secured by the National Trust Scotland which is used as a museum. The unique thing that can be seen here is Agnes Toward’s cooking equipment. There is a coal-fired kitchen stove made in 1892 and there is also a gas lighter. Some complete stove equipment, oven, and some cleaning equipment. In addition to why this house is so unique, namely, all the furniture is from the Victorian era. Therefore, all the items that are in this place are treated with special care.

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  1. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

The next popular places in Glasgow are Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. A place that holds many things about this city. The main thing that is most attached to this city is the works of art by skilled artists. In this way, the city was also appointed as a city of culture by the Scottish government. Meanwhile, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum has become a center for visiting tourist destinations by foreign tourists.

Moreover, if you visit this place you will find works of art by the legendary artists Vincent Van Gogh and Salvador Dali. These two artists make this place attractive to foreign tourists. Maybe you are a fan of both artists, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum awaits you in Glasgow, Scotland. In addition, in this place, there is also a library of the royal era and the medieval war era. How did you become interested in Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum?

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  1. The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Glasgow

The last popular places in Glasgow is The Lighthouse. The first panorama you see from a height is the atmosphere of the city of Glasgow. Actually, that’s not all that you will get at The Lighthouse Glasgow. The things that you will get in this place include art performance halls, art performances, and much more. On holidays, this place is usually crowded with visitors. Visitors who are visiting this place include local residents and foreign tourists.

In fact, this place is also a creative industry for Scotland. So, when you are on vacation in Scotland and visiting the city of Glasgow, it is incomplete if you don’t visit The Lighthouse. In addition, the architecture that you will get from this place such as cobblestone streets and the interior is quite unique.

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Thus the discussion from The Most Popular Places in the Cultural City of Glasgow, Scotland. Glasgow is a worthy and interesting place to visit. Attractions such as urban parks to historical sites are all integrated into this city. Apart from that, this place is very suitable for you to have a vacation with an urban background. Because in Glasgow the city here is very comfortable for tourists. This beautiful city with a variety of attractions makes you feel at home to linger in Glasgow. In addition, the cool air is also very supportive for you to be in this city for a long time. Hopefully, if you have plans to go to Scotland then don’t forget to visit Glasgow. Happy traveling!

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