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10 Amazing Tourist Attractions in Sweden for Best Visit in February – February is the month when people plan to go on vacation somewhere. If you choose to take a vacation to a country that has various attractions, and activities that are not boring. Or you want a country that has an atmosphere that can make you forget all your problems. Therefore you need to visit Sweden as your place to forget your problems. In addition, as discussed earlier. February is the right month for you to visit in Sweden from its tourist attractions to exploring its culinary world.

What’s more, this country has thousands of places that you can use as a vacation spots when February arrives. Attractions ranging from knowledge, and history to playing with children are all in Sweden. Therefore, here are 10 Amazing Tourist Attractions in Sweden for the Best Visits in February. Let’s discuss one by one!

  1. Stromma Boat

Stromma Boat
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The first tourist attraction in Sweden is Stromma Boat. For those of you who are visiting Sweden in February, you will be presented with the beauty of the rivers there. This water tour is visited by many tourists because of its uniqueness. Exploring along the river with the tour guide who will explain various beautiful and historical places. In addition, this attraction has long been an iconic thing in Sweden. The thing that supports this water tourism is Sweden’s environment which is very clean. Starting from the clear river water to the ships that are run are very safe.

So, if you ride the Stromma Boat, you will be invited to go around the city to the forests in Sweden by boat. The ship here consists of dozens of chairs that are ready to accommodate visitors to explore with the crew. In addition, this ship is also equipped with a tour guide who is friendly in delivering explanations in English. You will be invited to go around the city to the countryside and then the forest and return to the main dock in the city.

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  1. Vasa Museum

Vasa Museum
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If you bring children who want to learn about history. Then you can visit this magnificent museum. This museum is called the Vasa Museum which displays thousands of historical objects related to the vasa here. You can take advantage of tour guide services here to guide the children while gaining extensive knowledge. This museum has been established for 33 years ago. This museum has so many visitors every year, almost tens of millions of visitors every year.

For those of you who want to plan a vacation in February, you can visit this museum. In addition, here there is a large Vasa ship that was used to sail in the seas of Sweden. For that, you can see the size of this ship directly at the Vasa Museum. Not only that, but you can also see historical objects such as replicas of Vasa depictions in the past in this museum. What are you waiting for, schedule to go now?

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  1. Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan
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The next tourist attraction in Sweden is Gamla Stan. For those of you who like to pamper your eyes by looking at neat houses. Then you can visit this one place. This place is called Gamla Stan, which is a place where many houses are arranged neatly as the design of this city. In addition, the architecture built in this city has been designed so beautifully. The parallel buildings are built side by side with a variety of contrasting and elegant paint colors. Therefore, this colorful home dish is very beautiful if you enjoy it while walking along the Gamla Stan street.

Not only that, but here you can also enjoy various interesting attractions. These attractions consist mostly of historical themes that have high significance. You can visit the museums that are open there. Gamla Stan never escapes the splendor of the historic church there. So if you visit Gamla Stan you will never lose to visit the attractions that they provide, starting from historical things.

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  1. The Ice Hotel

The Ice Hotel
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February is the month when you can enjoy the beauty of Sweden in spring. However, if you crave winter you can visit this place. This place that is always in winter is called The Ice Hotel which has been famous. This unique hotel has a timeless winter theme. Because it is called The Ice Hotel, all the objects in this hotel are made of clear ice.

In addition, in this place, the ice that is used as the main support for this building will also not melt. Ice made like this has undergone various trials until it can become a hotel. This is unique in Sweden staying in a hotel with various accessories made of ice. The cold temperature in this place is very comfortable, you only need to wear a jacket. But here also provided equipment made of coats to warm your body.

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  1. Visby

Visby Small Town
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The next tourist attraction in Sweden is Visby. If you want your holiday in February to feel calm and memorable. You can visit this place called Visby. Visby is a kind of country town that is deliberately designed so that visitors can go back in time. The design form used in this city is a medieval design. All the houses and also the environment in Visby are still beautiful, shaped like they were in the medieval era. In addition, Visby attracts visitors from all over the world.

So, a few years ago Visby was named a UNESCO world heritage. It’s a beautiful village with a variety of atmosphere that supports medieval times. If you visit this place then you will learn a lot about life at that time. Then from the comfort that is offered by Visby, it can be said that it is very comfortable to live there. Even if you visit Visby you seem to forget you are living in the 21st century.

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  1. Oresund Bridge

Oresund Bridge
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Traveling around Sweden by car to see the beautiful scenery is your dream when on vacation. Then you can drive on this very long Oresund Bridge. This bridge attracts many tourists to take a drive to see the pleasant scenery around. In addition, if you travel to this beautiful place, you are advised to open your car window. Because Oresung Bridge divides the ocean so you need to enjoy the gentle breeze that is ready to caress your hair and body.

Not only that you can see a lot of ships that cruise in this place impressively. Even if you want to go through it again you can turn back when you have reached the end of this bridge. The view of the wide sea and also the small ships below, there are also many lighthouses that make this trip so memorable. If you bring your partner, you can capture this moment for memories of visiting Sweden. So what are you waiting for don’t visit Sweden and drive along this Oresund bridge.

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  1. Drottningholm

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The next tourist attraction in Sweden is Drottningholm. If you are one of the tourists who want to visit the biggest kingdom in Sweden. Then you can visit this one place. This place is called Drottningholm which is where the royal family is so big. A place where royalty like kings and their families gather there. In addition, this place also has a garden that is so attractive and very pleasant to visit. Because in this park there are various attractions, you can refresh yourself with the green trees there.

With this, we recommend that those of you who want to visit this place are on foot. Walking is a great thing to do in Sweden. Because the place is cool and very supportive for the body, you should try it. In addition, if you want to visit other fun places, you can visit this city in Drottningholm. There are also many museums and delicious restaurants that provide typical Swedish food to visit.

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  1. Skansen and Djurgarden Museum

Skansen and Djurgarden Museum
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You are bored or you want to visit a museum with a unique theme. Then you can visit unique places that you can visit this February. This place is called Skansen and Djugarden Museum which is very unique. This uniqueness lies in the open museum system which uses an outdoor museum system or an open museum. Most museums you’ll ever visit are indoor museums. But if you visit Sweden you will be surprised by the museum that is open outdoors.

In fact, you will be presented directly to feel how it was to live in those days. Skansen and Djurgarden are indeed designed in such a way as entertainment for children and even adults. This entertainment takes the form of a journey back in time by walking around the grounds of this place. Even if you bring the kids they will definitely be happy because there is a small zoo in this park. So what are you waiting for, visit Sweden this February.

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  1. Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm City Hall
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The next tourist attraction in Sweden is the Stockholm City Hall. Historic places are the things most sought after by tourists visiting Sweden. Especially this one large hall is a historical tourist spot that is most frequently visited. Because this place has a charm for dating people. The romantic nuance in the Stockholm City Hall was designed by the architect Ragnar Ă–stberg. Which architect in this place has things that are very informative and can be remembered by everyone. If you are interested in this place, you can simply come to the city of Stockholm, Sweden. In addition, the things that are offered by this place is one of them is exploration or walking around this place.

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  1. Liseberg Theme Park

Liseberg Theme Park
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The last tourist attractions in Sweden is the Liseberg Theme Park. This place will at the same time end our discussion of tourist attractions in Sweden. Liseberg Theme Park is a playground that is in great demand from small children to adults in this country. If you want to try some adrenaline-pumping rides this place is perfect for you. Moreover, the rollercoaster rides in this place are in great demand by local and foreign tourists. And with this, we challenge you to try these extreme rides with your big guts. In addition, when you come to this place you don’t have to worry about snacks or supplies. Because this place always provides this to complement your vacation in this theme park.

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Thus our discussion of 10 Amazing Tourist Attractions in Sweden for Best Visit in February. In the near future this is the right time for you to visit Sweden. And of course, this February you have many options to visit various tourist attractions in Sweden. You can start from historical tours related to various kinds of prehistoric relics to museums. Hopefully, you can explore things related to nature to add to your love for this country. You can also visit various cities that are designed for you and your family to enjoy the tranquility on this holiday. Even if you are lucky you can attend a festival in this country. Happy traveling!

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