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Top 10 Amazing Historical Places to Increase Your History in England – You crave a vacation that coincides with increasing knowledge. So you have to take a vacation by visiting historical places. You can find such a place when visiting a country or city that has a lot of history. Beside that, this is also very interesting when you visit with your family or those closest to you. With you visit amazing historical places in England.

However, where can you find this fun thing in England. Don’t worry, England has historical destinations that can give you satisfaction. In addition, you will also get satisfaction in terms of vacation, you can also learn history. You can find a variety of history in England that is contained in every historical event that is there. Starting from castle history, renaissance history, and church history to the industrial revolution you can see when you visit England. Therefore, we have summarized the above in the article Top 10 Amazing Historical Places to Increase Your History in England. Let’s discuss it!


  1. Dover Castle

Dover Castle

The first historical places in England was Dover Castle. A castle that is high above that allows you to see everything below. In England, there is a castle so high that you can watch the country of France from this castle hill. This castle is called Dover castle which is located in Dover, Kent, England. When visiting this castle, don’t forget to make sure that the weather around is sunny and not foggy or cloudy. Founded in the 11th century, this castle is one of the largest castles in England.

In addition, this castle was originally used for the defense of the British state. The castle was rebuilt for reuse during the time of Henry II. But for now, the castle is only used as a national treasure. This large castle with a wide view is perfect for you and your family on vacation. Green hills with impressive heights will make your vacation this time very enjoyable. You can get a vacation by learning a new history when you visit Dover this castle.

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  1. Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle

Alnwick castle, located in the Duke of Northumberland, England, is a magnificent castle that you must visit when visiting England. If you want to visit a castle with a renaissance era feel then the answer is this castle. In addition, if you are a fan of the Harry Potter films you will love this place. Because to visit Hogwarts alone you may not be able to do it, maybe by visiting this castle you can feel this in Alnwick.

In fact, this place has interesting things that you might find when visiting Alnwick Castle. One of these castles is used by several British and Hollywood films for their shooting backgrounds. In addition, you can enjoy the environment around the castle which is very interesting to be used as a place to relax. The green gardens that surround this castle can make your vacation more enjoyable. You can also let your children, family, or yourself play freely on the grass in this castle.

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  1. Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle

The next historical places in England is Warwick Castle. The castle which was built in 1068 is a very famous castle in England. If you visit this castle then you will find that this castle is a castle surrounded by tall trees. These tall trees are an attractive attraction for visitors or tourists. Many of the visitors captured the moment among these trees to post on their social media. In addition, the most interesting thing is when you visit the castle.

Beside that, in this place, you can find the splendor and arrangement of the interior decoration of this castle which is still very original as it was when it was first built. You can also enjoy all forms of historical items that are in this castle. There is one room with the splendor of the castle in 1068, namely the Warwick’s Grand Hall room. But if you want to look further, you can climb the Time tower of this castle which is above. Immediately visit this castle don’t forget to capture your moment.

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  1. Stonehenge

Stonehenge Historical Monuments

A wonder of the world located in England precisely in Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire. This place is a major destination for tourists as well as visitors when visiting the UK. Apart from that, you can also find that this wonder is near the road. When you drive you can see this natural wonder is near you. However, if you are the type of tourist who likes to relax for a while. In the Stonehenge area, you can do this because it is surrounded by vast green grass.

Stonehenge is large, carved stones embedded in the ground. It is possible that this Stonehenge was built in BC because of the age of these rocks. This is what makes this Stonehenge very interesting, namely its majestic magic. Not only that, these carvings were also magical considering at that time how one could carve that part of the face neatly. Also in some ways that the technological equipment of that time could not carry the weight of this Stonehenge stone.

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  1. Hampton Court

Hampton Court

The next historical places in England is Hampton Court. If you know some of the kings of England, you’ll love to stroll around this destination. In the course of a king must have thousands of stories in visiting several kingdoms. One of them is this Hampton Court kingdom which is in Molesey or East Molesey England. This palace was once visited by King Henry VII and even became a residence for a long period of time. But after disuse, this place was renovated during the Tudor era. This can be seen from the high red brick walls as well as some impressions of the Baroque architectural style.

However, for those of you who are interested in the life of Henry VII, you can still visit this place to learn history. In addition, you can also get entertainment in the back garden, there is a maze that is fun to solve. For you and your family, you can enjoy several things about this palace which are explained through speakers lined up throughout the room. You will be explained about who Henry VII is from its history to the renovation of this palace.

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  1. London Tower Bridge

London Tower Bridge

The next historic building is located north of the Thames. This building is a tower that was built for the queen and the British monarchy in 1066. This large building has many functions, including as a prison, as a palace, as a fortress, and also as a zoo. As a fortress, this tower had defended attacks from outside England in the past. In addition, this tower was also used as a prison in the 16th-17th centuries. There is something interesting if you study history in this place.

Beside that, when this tower was used as a prison camp for British nobles who often exposed the disgrace to the kingdom, Elizabeth I had also been imprisoned in this place. However, before the world wars in the 20th century, this tower only executed death row inmates 7 times. You can enjoy all that history here. Several exhibits as well as displays will welcome you with a tour of the history of this palace. If you are lucky you can enjoy various events near this tower.

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  1. Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey

The next historical places in England is Whitby Abbey. If you are a fan of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, you will not be able to miss this one destination. Whitby Abbey, located on the East Coast of Yorkshire, was the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s depiction of Dracula’s castle. In addition, many writers and writers from England to the world are also inspired by Whitby Abbey. You can enjoy incredible views by going up to the top of this Whitby Abbey. There will be 199 steps here.

Beside that, to enjoy all the beautiful scenery in this place you are advised to climb the stairs. Some visitors are also attracted by the Gothic architecture of the church ruins here. These gothic ruins are added beautifully with the background of a very wide sea view. Whitby Abbey is also developing a museum for your family who wants to add insight. In addition, there is an Ammonite quest event for your kids to learn more about this area of ​​Whitby Abbey.

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  1. Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle

You can visit this one destination with your family or loved ones. Tintagel Castle is located in North Cornwall, England. This is what makes this castle one of the best destinations if you are interested in history. This castle was used by King Arthur in his story. The legend of King Arthur himself is very well known. In addition, several storytellings through books, films, and novels have made this castle very famous for its romance. Another thing you should also do when you are in this place is to see the green scenery of the beautiful lawn care around this palace.

Therefore, if you are a fan of the legend of King Arthur, it is mandatory for you to visit this place. In addition, you will feel the hills with a beautiful natural stone arrangement will really spoil your eyes. The hills that surround this place will also give you a feel for the storytelling of King Arthur.

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  1. Hadrian Wall

Hadrian Wall

The next historical places in England is Hadrian Wall. A history will be displayed clearly when there is evidence of its legacy. In this case, Hadrian’s wall is one place that states that history has really happened in this place. Great history has taken place at Hadrian’s Wall which is located in the north of England. A wall left by the era of the Roman Empire that stretches for 73 miles.

Beside that, this wall stretches from coast to coast and was formerly used as a fort defense place. For that, you will be presented with point of view that are different from different angles of view. You can enjoy the beaches and rivers when near the North Tyne River. In addition, you can also visit this place by walking from end to end with your family for the peace of your vacation.

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  1. York Shambles

York Shambles

The last historical places in England is the York Shambles. And at the same time, this place ends our discussion. If you want a unique object that has a high historical value you can visit the York Shambles. Although, the York Shambles has a narrow path for you to enjoy, but it is really worth it for you and your family to visit. Some of the cultures presented here are intended for those who like to eat meat. The thing that makes this place interesting is that along the road the houses to shops are built using wood. In addition, the interesting thing that you can find as an iconic place is that it inspired the Harry Potter film in Diagon Alley.

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Thus the discussion of Top 10 Amazing Historical Places to Increase Your History in England. As mentioned above about fun tourist destinations in the UK. Of course, England has a warehouse of historical buildings or historical places which are widely used as tourist attractions there. Taking a vacation to study British history with your family or loved ones greatly increases your immunity. Some people really like to travel with the people closest to you. However, some people also need to travel by themselves. Therefore, we hope that with this you can visit the historical places above. And it will also be more fun and memorable if you take a vacation from the historical places that we have discussed. Happy traveling!

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