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Top 10 Delicious Traditional Foods to Explore Culinary in Sweden

Foodntravelling.com – If you hear the word classic, the first thing that comes to your mind is something related to the past. Therefore, this time you will be brought to classic dishes as a typical food menu of a country. Your destination this time is to visit a country full of surprises, namely Sweden. Sweden is a place that will offer millions of surprises for you to enjoy while on vacation there. And your holiday at the same time offered traditional foods in Sweden

Apart from that, referring to culinary matters, there are classic dishes that will make your tongue demand more and more. Swedish classic dishes have many options for those of you who crave sweet, salty, sour, or spicy but most importantly delicious. The following is a discussion of the Top 10 Delicious Traditional Foods to Explore Culinary in Sweden. Let’s discuss one by one!

  1. Swedish Meatballs (Kottbullar)

Swedish Meatballs
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The first traditional foods in Sweden are Swedish meatballs. For you, you can find this one food when you visit IKEA. This food is called Kottbullar which is very famous all over the world. But for those of you who are visiting Sweden for the first time, you must try kottbullar. You will get a different experience when you visit Sweden and eat this dish. Because this food is very delicious, that’s why the Swedes always put this food as number one.

Besides that, if you visit Sweden, you can easily find this food anywhere, anytime. But in Sweden you can try a more authentic taste, namely, there are additional toppings and different flavors at each shop that sells it. This taste is a secret recipe that is different in every shop that sells it. Sometimes, if you like the taste of creme sauce you can add it to the kottbullar topping. For those of you who invite small children, you can serve kottbullar, mashed potatoes and tomato sauce.

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  1. Toast Skagen

Toast Skagen
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For those of you fans of Japanese cuisine, you can enjoy treats that are no less delicious in Sweden. This treat is called toast Skagen whose main ingredient is made from Sweden’s natural wealth, namely sea fish. This dish is classified as a classic because, in ancient times, Swedish fishermen liked to eat this food. In addition, this tradition has continued until now, even now luxury restaurants are also joining in. Most of the expensive restaurants modify Skagen’s toast with quality ingredients.

But now you can enjoy this food anywhere and anytime. You can even make it yourself at home with a more delicious taste. However, for those of you who are in Sweden, you must enjoy this food. Especially for those of you who like Swedish culinary specialties with Japanese flavors. People in Sweden usually serve this Skagen toast with some prawns or fish. Then the ingredients were mixed with mayonnaise and cream and then placed on top of the toast.

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  1. Fried Herring (Surstromming)

Fried Herring
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The next traditional food in Sweden is fried herring. This one dish is a dish that is synonymous with Sweden or even a classic Swedish dish. For those of you who like fish, chances are you will like this dish called herring or sill. It has been very popular all over the world about the delicacy of this fish. Some like this fish and some don’t like it at all. For those of you who are trying it for the first time, chances are you won’t like the smell and taste. If you look at the many variants that are presented using the basic ingredients of this fish.

There are herrings that are fried and some are fried in flour. However, for a classic dish from Sweden, herring is usually fermented first. The first time you will definitely not like the smell that is very strong. But if you eat it the right way your tongue will find it difficult to stop eating it. This correct way of eating will really help those of you who are curious about the delicious herring while in Sweden.

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  1. Kraftor

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Sweden is a country full of dishes related to their marine wealth. They are a nation that was once known as the ruler of the sea. Therefore this one food is a reflection of that culture. This food is called Kraftor which consists of lobster and crab. In ancient times sailors in Sweden very often ate this food while talking. This food is still very popular today.

In addition, this food is very simple to make because it only consists of lobsters, shrimp, and crabs that are boiled until they are cooked red. The boiling process is added to a secret recipe spice that only Swedes know. Even now there is a month to eat this crafter in order to continue the ancestral tradition. Craftsmen’s month celebrations or crafters’ parties are usually held by chatting while eating lobster. If you want to feel that warm atmosphere, you can come in August in Sweden.

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  1. Kalops

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The next traditional food in Sweden is Kalops. The next classic dish is often served for dinner. This classic dish is called kalops which is made with beef as the main ingredient. Sweden is not only always concerned with fish but beef is also delicious. Kalops is made from diced beef. Processed meat is of course cooked together with fresh vegetables. This piece of beef is cooked in a stew. For Swedish people, this food brings back memories of their past. This is because in ancient times this food was often served at night when everyone was at home.

In addition, this food is also very delicious and almost everyone likes it. When you eat it you will find this dish together with mashed potatoes and sometimes boiled potatoes. Don’t forget the Swedes add carrots as a healthy and fresh vegetable among the meats. Most people eat it while drinking typical Swedish drinks such as wine and beer for a more delicious taste.

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  1. Julskinka

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To enjoy this one food, you have to make sure it’s scheduled for Sweden for Christmas celebrations. This food, called Julskinka, is only available at Christmas. This food has the shape or you could say this is the Ham of Sweden. This one food is very close to the traditions in Sweden related to religion. Therefore you can consume this food only during Christmas celebrations. The shape of this ham or julskinka is very unique, in that some are rectangular and some are oval. But this ham is not an ordinary ham that you consume every day.

But julskinka has a secret recipe that makes the aroma and texture so typical of Sweden. There is a cooking secret that many Swedes do to make this one dish. Swedes usually after baking them cool the julskinka after placing it outdoors or in the refrigerator. So if you are curious about this ham you can visit Sweden.

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  1. Raggmunk

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The next traditional food in Sweden is raggmunk. If you want classic Swedish food that is just like a snack you can eat at any time. So your answer is Raggmunk which is made with potato as the main ingredient. Raggmunk is a pancake dish made from potatoes. The sensation of sweet potato delicacy with crispy texture will probably make your holiday this time different. Most Swedes present this dish in a different way. If you visit a restaurant that is modeled after a classic restaurant, you will be presented with an original Raggmunk.

But if you buy it at street markets you will also be able to enjoy raggmunk in a simpler and more portable way. Both of these choices will not reduce the deliciousness of the raggmunk itself. If you prefer the Swedish way of eating it you will eat this raggmunk with lingonberry jam. Linggonberry jam itself is an inseparable partner with raggmunk. You can prove it yourself when you visit Sweden to feel the delicious sensation of raggmunk.

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  1. Semla

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To enjoy this one dish you are required to come in February. This one food is usually served for dessert or dessert. The name of this one food is called Semla, a sweet cake that is so delicious. For those of you who want to enjoy it, you have to come in February because there is a party for this Semla. This party is called fettisdagen which is devoted to eating this semla. But you don’t need to worry about coming in any month other than February. You can still enjoy this delicious cake by visiting some of the bakeries in Sweden.

Then what makes this cake so classic and a reflection of the Swedish people is history as well as taste. This cake has a very soft texture. Besides being soft, this cake also has almond flavor inside and is also creamy on the outside. For those of you who are curious, immediately schedule your vacation in February by visiting Sweden. Feel the sensation of the fettisdagen party by eating this semla.

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  1. Shrimp Sandwich (Räkmacka)

Shrimp Sandwich
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The next traditional foods in Sweden is shrimp sandwich. Seafood is the most interesting dish from small children to adults. Especially with the appearance of a very appetizing sandwich. And of course, the dishes in this country never run out to produce a food menu that attracts tourists. Moreover, if you are interested in this one dish, make sure you are ready to explore Sweden further.

On the other hand, shrimp sandwiches are a specialty of the country’s west coast. So, to get original delicacy, make sure you visit the west coast area. Actually, not only traditional food is found in the area. You will also get a dessert with a sweet taste that will shake your tongue.

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  1. Pea Soup and Pancakes (Ärtsoppa & Pannkakor)

Pea Soup and Pancakes
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The last traditional foods in Sweden are Pea Soup and Pancakes. This list will also end our discussion for you regarding classic dishes in Sweden. The combination of food is unique and rarely becomes a typical traditional dish. Sweden presents this because it suits the taste of local people. Pea soup and pancakes are an interesting combination and a must try when visiting this country. And of course, this dish is often served at Catholic celebrations. Which adds to the joy of the citizens of this country. Therefore, what are you waiting for on vacation to Sweden to enjoy traditional dishes.

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Thus our discussion of Top 10 Delicious Traditional Foods to Explore Culinary in Sweden. These classic dishes will surprise you with the taste they serve. Moreover, you can try it many times with the original Swedish taste. Most people eat these classic dishes by visiting classic places in Sweden as well. Plus, you can learn about these classic dishes that show you how diverse history in Sweden is that you didn’t know about. For Swedes, eating this classic dish is a place where they are nostalgic for the past. Hopefully if you want to taste it then you hurry to visit Sweden to eat their delicious classic dishes. Enjoy your food

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