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Some Guides For Popular Tourist Attractions in Rome That Are Fun and Amazing

1. Overview of the Rome country

Many people choose to travel to the European continent. Therefore, you must visit the art gallery and wonderful museums in Italy country. As you know, Italy is a country that is popular with museums and heritage buildings. Therefore, this country became their main destination. The capital city of Italy is Rome which has many attractions for foreign tourists. No wonder this tourist spot in Rome is very famous and a favorite of foreign tourists. Even tourist attractions are included in one of the world’s heritage.

If you want to visit this spaghetti country, you need to know the tourist attractions that must be visited. So that your trip feels complete. But if you haven’t visited these tourist spots, your chance will be lost to see Italy, a historical country. So that you don’t miss it, let’s review the historic buildings which are world heritage below.

2. World heritage historic buildings

Italy is a country in Southern Europe that is famous throughout the world. This city has many beautiful historical cities, both in terms of architecture and history. In addition, this country which borders France and Switzerland is one of the most visited tourist destinations by tourists from all over the world. For those of you who intend to take a vacation to this country, it’s a good idea to make a list of the places you will visit. So you don’t get confused because Italy has many tourist destinations.

Visiting a country that has a great history, is certainly not complete if you haven’t visited its historical tours. Especially tourist attractions in Rome which are very well known throughout the world, in fact, many monuments and buildings have been made world heritage by UNESCO. Apart from being a historical place in Italy, Rome also holds many tours with a very attractive appearance. This is what makes this European country the main destination for tourists from abroad. For that, we provide some amazing tourist attractions that are suitable for you to visit. We hope that our review below will suit your taste. Welcome to our review


Merupakan tempat wisata di Italia yang sudah sangat terkenal di seluruh dunia. Rasanya tidak lengkap jika berlibur ke Italia tanpa mengunjungi bangunan fenomenal satu ini. Ya, ialah Colosseum. Terletak di Roma, ibukota Italia. Colosseum merupakan sebuah bangunan bersejarah dengan arsitektur yang cukup unik. Dibangun pada sekitar tahun 72 sampai 80 Masehi oleh Kaisar Vespasian, pendiri Dinasti Flavianus. Colosseum berdiri kokoh layaknya sebuah stadion sepakbola, konon Colosseum dapat menampung banyak penonton hingga 55.000 orang dengan 80 pintu masuk. Bangunan dengan bentuk elips ini memiliki ketinggian mencapai 48 meter dengan ukuran 188 meter x 156 meter. Bangunan ini dikenal juga dengan sebutan Flavian Amphiteatre.

Sebagai salah satu objek wisata, Colosseum selalu ramai dikunjungi oleh wisatawan baik lokal maupun internasional. Jumlah pengunjung bahkan meningkat pada saat musim panas. Bagi Anda yang berniat untuk mengunjungi tempat ini, ada baiknya Anda datang pada pagi hari untuk menghindari berdesakan dengan pengunjung lain. Sebagai informasi, waktu buka Colosseum adalah pukul 08.30 waktu setempat, sementara waktu tutupnya ialah sekitar satu jam sebelum tenggelamnya matahari.

Villa d’Este

Villa d’Este is a tourist spot in Rome, Italy, this tour is famous for its very beautiful Renaissance garden. The combination of ancient buildings and green gardens makes the atmosphere in this garden area feel cool and comfortable.
Especially in this place, you will find three fountains, each fountain emits clear and fresh water. It is estimated that the villa has existed since the 16th century ago, now the villa is used as one of the largest museums in Rome, Italy. As you can see in the picture, the arrangement of buildings and gardens is very neat and beautiful. So anyone who comes to this tourist spot will be amazed to see it.

Cattedrale at Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence

Firenze Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore is a church located in Florence, Italy, and is famous around the world. This church is the famous cathedral church in Florence and is one of the largest churches in Italy. The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore is famous for its unique architecture which has a large dome made of terracotta.

This church is also one of the tourist attractions in Italy which can still be visited today. The structure of the building is classic, artistic, and attractive, making this church admired by people all over the world. Many pilgrims come to visit this church to pray. if you come to Firenze Italy, don’t miss a visit to this place.

Sforzesco castle, Milan

Sforzesco Castle is a building located in Milan, Italy. This building is a castle built in the 15th century by the Sforza family who was the ruler of Milan at that time and has become one of the tourist attractions in Italy today.

Sforzesco Castle is famous for its unique architecture which has a distinctive architectural style from Italy. This building is also one of the famous tourist attractions in Milan which can still be visited today. As you can see, the fountain and the entrance gate are decorated with large clocks. With an arrangement like this, you will feel amazed to see it.

Cinque Terre is a colorful city

Cinque Terre is a small colorful city in the Riviera region of Italy. For those of you who are satisfied to see the hustle and bustle of the city of Italy, there’s nothing wrong with visiting this place. Cinque Terre is a unique city with colorful buildings. This has been going on for centuries and has been maintained until now. Located not far from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Cinque Terre also can serve you delicious seafood.

Cinque Terre has been designated by UNESCO as a protected world heritage site. Cinque Terre which means five regions, extending from north to south. The city consists of five villages namely Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. As you can see, apart from its colorful buildings, Cinque Terre also has beautiful views and is located on a rocky mountain by the sea. So this city has an attraction for tourists who come.

Beautiful trevi fountain

Next, we went to a tourist object in another city, a tourist spot, and called the Trevi Fountain. A city with an aqua theme with statues of Neptune, two Tritons and the god of the sea is the hallmark of this tour. The clear fountain flows into the pool of the site, and looks turquoise in color, making the scenery in this place very beautiful and aesthetic.

At the rear of the Trevi Fountain is a fairly large building, generally used as a holy place in the past. The Trevi Fountain itself has been around since the 17th century, until now the building is very well preserved and still has a beautiful appearance. The neat and beautiful arrangement of statues and buildings, as well as the sprinkling of fountains, makes this place a popular tourist spot in Italy. If you visit Italy, don’t forget to stop at this place and take pictures with family and friends.

St. Church Holy Peter’s Basilica

St. Peters Basilica or St. Peter’s Basilica is a late Renaissance church built by architects including Michelangelo, Gian Lorenzo, etc. The history behind the creation of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome is almost as amazing as the building itself. After the first Basilica was torn down, it took more than 100 years to rebuild, and some of the most famous architects of the time contributed to its design. This amazing building began construction on April 18, 1506, and reaches a height of 448 feet. For those of you who want to take a vacation to a spiritual tourist spot. this place can be an option as one of the famous tourist attractions in Rome. This church can accommodate a congregation of more than 60,000. In addition, in this place, you will see a room decorated with gold, statues, and world-famous paintings you will find in St. Peter’s Basilica.

As you know the Church of St. Peter’s Basilica or St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome is one of the holiest Catholic shrines in the world. Then, this place has been visited by thousands of pilgrims and tourists every month. This church was built on the tomb of Saint Peter. Therefore, if you visit Italy, you can put this place on your visit list that you must visit. Don’t forget to take pictures with your family!

Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museum is a famous museum in Rome. As we know, the Vatican is a small country located in Rome. This place has a popular tourist object namely the Vatican Museum which was built by Pope Julius II during the 6th century, as a home to thousands of captivating works of art. The works in the Vatican Museums are numerous and divided into several interior sections such as the Pio-Clementino Museum, Apartment of Pius V, Gallery of Maps, Pinacoteca, and many more.

As you know, Pope Julius II was a lover of the arts. So Pope Julius II’s decision in 1506 to buy Laocoon, a first-century marble statue found by a wine farmer in Rome, was the right decision that eventually made the largest museum in the Vatican one of the most visited tourist destinations. During the 500 years of his acquisitions, the Pope really succeeded in making the Vatican Museums a popular place to be. With the many works of art that adorn this place, this museum has become the center of world attention.

In this place, visitors can admire the greatness of Michelangelo’s work which is beautifully engraved on the walls of the Sistine Chapel. If you want to see the beauty of the work of Raphael the Renaissance artist and the statue of Laocoon, you can look at other parts of the museum. Then, visiting hours vary, starting at 08.45 local time, until late in the afternoon. Visiting time is from Monday to Saturday because the Vatican Museums are closed on holy days, such as Sundays.

The Sistine chapel

The Sistine Chapel is a room that is part of the Vatican Museums. Therefore, when you visit the Vatican Museums, you must also visit the Sistine Chapel. This is because, on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, there is a relief carving made by a world-renowned artist, Michelangelo. Apart from that, in the Sistine Chapel there are also various popular masterpieces of art from the Renaissance era from the 16th century. This place makes tourists from abroad even more curious to see the works of art by artists of that time. Enjoy your trip!

Stunning Gianicolo hill

Gianicolo Hill offers the best views of Rome city from the top of the hill which is located between the Vatican and Trastevere. Because of its location in a high place, Gianicolo Hill also has several historic buildings that are used for religious purposes. To reach Gianicolo Hill, you can start from Puri San Angeli on the banks of the Tiber, then, continue with a fairly steep climbing road starting from Via Urbando VIII. To reach the top of Gianicolo it takes about an hour’s walk, but all the fatigue and tiredness will be paid off by the treats that you will see on the hill later. Even along the way to the hill, you will be amazed at the treats of interesting places such as the Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital. Then in this place, you can enjoy the sunset view and the night atmosphere of Rome.

At the top of Gianicolo Hill, there is a historic cannon Gianicolo. Every day, at 12.00, this cannon will be fired into the air as a signal to all churches in Rome to ring the bells simultaneously. Apart from the Gianicolo Cannon, there is the Piazza Garibaldi Park, around which we can see luxury residences belonging to world ambassadors.

In this place, there is the Acqua Pauloa Fountain that inspires rather than the Trevi Fountain. Not far from this place, stands the 9th-century church, San Pietro in Montorio. At that time, this church was dedicated to St. Peter because according to local belief, it was in this place that St. Peter was crucified upside down. Going down from the Gianicolo hill, you are still treated to a beautiful view of the old Roman city called Trastevere which has a beautiful and romantic building architecture. Trastevere City also offers typical Italian treats in restaurants that stand along the street at affordable prices.

Palatine hill

For your information, the City of Rome keeps a very old building, namely the Palatine Hill, also known as the Palatine Hill. This building is considered to have stood since the 10th century BC. This building itself is the main part of the seven building sections that are on the other hill.
The building which is still complex with a solid structure is evidence of the progress of Italian civilization in the past. So don’t be surprised if you come here to see very large walls and buildings, even though their shape is still very clear even though they are 3,000 years old.

Piazza san pietro

When you visit Rome, you will find a large hall in the middle of the city. Italians call this Hall as Piazza San Pietro. This open hall was created as a form of the papal enclave in Rome. The aim was made so that the public could listen to the speech of the Pope who gave his grace. Apart from that, at normal times this place is often used as a tourist spot, its unique and very large shape has an interesting impression. Moreover, this papal hall is said to be the largest in Europe. Really amazing!

Castel San Angelo

As far as we know, A very large castle stands in Rome’s Lungotevere Castello. This castle is often known as Castel San Angelo. This castle has a large building and was built by the Roman Empire in the Middle Ages, namely in the 17th century BC. This building was made by Hadrian. So it is not uncommon for this castle to be called Castel Hadrian.
Castel San Angelo itself is a large circular building, this building itself is surrounded by a kind of large pool. To enter the castle you have to go through the main bridge in front of the castle which is decorated with statues on the left and right. With a design like this, the castle looks magnificent when viewed from the outside.

In addition, Castel Sant’ Angelo is also an ancient cylindrical building. Then, Castel Sant’ Angelo is also known as Hadrian’s Tomb, because when the Roman Emperor died in 138 AD, he was buried in this place. However, not only Emperor Hadrian but other later Roman emperors were also buried here. Castel Sant’ Angelo is located on the right bank of the Tiber River which is connected to the rest of the city via the Ponte Sant’ Angelo (Hadrian’s bridge). The Hadrian Bridge is decorated with various marble statues which are considered to be the embodiment of angels in various poses. This statue is a special attraction when you want to go to Castel Sant’ Angelo.

In addition, this building also has multiple functions because, apart from being used as the tomb of the Roman Emperor, this building has also changed its function several times as a fortress, military barracks, prison, residence for the Pope, part of the city wall, and until now serves as a national museum. You can visit this building which is located in Lungotevere Castello every day with opening hours starting at 09.00 am local time.

Campo de fiori

If you come to Italy, it won’t be complete if you don’t stop in Campo De Fiori. This place is one of the crowded centers in Rome, you could say that Campo is the market of Rome, Italy. In this place, a lot of food and goods are sold during the day. Meanwhile, when night falls Campo De Fiori turns into a town square. Starting with children, teenagers, or adults, gather here to enjoy the beautiful night in Rome. In addition, the place is also often used for parties or important events organized by the Italian government. It’s really nice to be in this charming city.

Piazza Navona

If you go on a tourist trip to Italy, don’t forget to visit one of the most famous tours in Rome, Piazza Navona. This tourist object itself is a large hall that has a monument in the middle. This tourist attraction is located not far from Campo De Fiori so the Piazza is very crowded with tourists every day.

The hallmark of this historic place is the monument in the form of a round fountain with a statue in the middle. Reportedly this place is often used for various state festivals held in Rome. This is what makes it always crowded with visitors both on weekdays and during festivals. In addition, you can also make this place as a place for you to relax while releasing fatigue after walking in the city of Italy. Happy traveling to an amazing destination.

Roman forum

The next tourist object is a historic tour which is located in a Rome valley. This place was named the Roman Forum by the Italian government. This is because the ruins are considered the center of the city in ancient Roman times. As you can see, this building that still looks magnificent is rectangular in shape, where each part has several special ornaments, such as the main building, a door with seven pillars, and a large hall in front of it. Even the place which is often called the square by the people of Rome has a fairly large building with a height reaching 10 to 15 meters. So for those of you who travel here, you can take pictures with your family. Then, you can’t miss it!


This one tourist object is a very popular place in Italy. The Pantheon is a temple left by the Rimawi empire which has now been converted into a Roman Catholic church. The building is located on the edge of Rome’s central square or Piazza Della Rotonda, adjacent to Piazza Navona. The hallmark of this building is the tall pillars on the terrace, which later today inspires many designs for buildings such as libraries, universities, government buildings, and so on.

The Pantheon was designed around 27 BC as a temple. The construction itself was completed in 126 AD, during the reign of Emperor Hadrian. As its original purpose, the Pantheon was a temple that served to worship the Roman gods. However, a fire occurred in 80 AD and left the front pillars of the building. Then, Emperor Hadrianus repaired it and added the Rotunda section, a circular building, to the inside of the Pantheon. Then, in 609 AD, the Pantheon changed its function to become a church until around 1885 AD. In addition, the Pantheon was also used as a place to bury Italian national heroes such as King Emmanuel I and Raphael, Renaissance painters.

Palatine hill

Palatine Hill is located 40 meters above the Roman Forum. This hill is the center of the seven hills in Rome and one of the oldest parts of the city. This incredible hill is considered the birthplace of the Italian capital and is believed to have been inhabited since 1000 BC. On this Palantine Hill, tourists can enjoy and see hundreds of ruins of magnificent buildings created by the Romans in ancient times.

In addition, you can also walk to enjoy the best view of the Roman Forum from above. In this place, there are buildings such as the Palantine Museum, Farnese Garden, and many more. No wonder this hill is one of the famous tourist destinations in Rome that you must visit. Enjoy your trip!

St. Peter’s Square (Piazza San Pietro)

Another tourist object that you must visit is St. Peter’s Square. This tourist object is a gathering place for Catholics in an open space. Piazza San Pietro is a place with beautiful religious architecture, especially at sunrise. Then, Piazza San Pietro is the work of Gian Lorenzo Bernini. In addition, one of the famous tourist attractions in Rome is never empty of visitors. Spacious of this place is 320 meters long and 240 meters wide, so it’s not surprising that when there is an event, this place can accommodate more than 300,000 people.

In this place, you’ll see the obelisk in the middle of Piazza San Pietro and two amazing fountains. This extraordinary obelisk is 25 meters high. So it’s no wonder that Piazza San Pietro is the best amazing destination for famous tourist attractions in Rome that must be visited.

Altare Della Patria


One of the relatively new tourist objects is the Altare Della Patria. This tourist spot is a famous monument that was inaugurated in 1911 as a tribute to Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of Italy after the unification of the country. This colossal monument is 135 meters wide and 70 meters high with a magnificent Corinthian architectural style. In addition, at the top of this building, there is a copper equestrian statue of Victor Emmanuel with two chariots driven by the Goddess Victoria. In this place, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery that can be seen from the terrace at the same height as this building. So it’s no wonder that Altare Della Patria is one of the famous tourist attractions in Rome, Italy.

Capitoline museums

This one tourist object looks very interesting. A tourist object called the Capitoline Museum is a famous museum owned and managed by the city of Rome. This popular museum was donated from the bronze collection of Pope Sixtus IV in 1471 which is very valuable. The museum was opened to the public in 1743 under the orders of Pope Clement XII, with various collections including paintings and sculptures from famous artists.

for your information, the Capitoline Museum collects various kinds of sculpture and mosaic exhibitions. Among his greatest works is the Capitoline Venus, a marble statue designed between 100 and 150 AD. With the legacy of these ancient works of art, this medium is becoming more and more famous in the world. Welcome to Italy.

Arch of constantine

The Arch of Constantine is a historic building and is located between the Colosseum and the Palatine Valley. This arch was erected in 315 to commemorate Constantine I’s victory at the Battle of the Milvian Bridge. The Arch of Constantine is one of the finest monuments of Ancient Rome. In addition, the location is at one of the points that represent the city of Rome.

As you can see, the carvings and sculptures of this monument really make those of you who see it amazed. Therefore, this monument becomes one of the dazzling reliefs. This monument has a height of 21 meters and a width of 25 meters and consists of three arches. Then, there are also marble block carvings and displays of various kinds of statues that are very charming. If you are interested, come to Italy to see this monument.

Trevi Fountain

As you can see, one of the attractions of this fountain is located in Trevi, Rome. Compared to other fountains throughout Italy, the Trevi Fountain is the largest and most famous fountain in the world. This Baroque Style fountain is 26.3 meters high and 49.5 meters wide. Built-in 1732 AD by the order of Pope Clement XII and designed by Nicola Salvi. Trevi Fountain is decorated with many statues that tell about “Taming of the Waters”, Someone who tames water.

In the center of the Trevi Fountain, there is a statue depicting Poseidon or Neptune, the god of the sea, riding a chariot pulled by two sea monsters in the shape of a horse and then being held by Triton, the god with the tail of a dolphin. This incident is illustrated by the horse’s expression, some are calm and some are agitated, which illustrates the changing state of the sea. Then on the left side of the Neptune statue, there is an Abundance relief which symbolizes prosperity and is depicted pouring water from a jug. On the right is Salubrity; a symbol of health and depicted holding the water drunk by a snake. The purpose of this story is to describe the story of the construction of the Aqua Virgo aqueduct, together with one of the builders, namely Agrippa.

Besides being admired for its magnificent design, the Trevi Fountain is also famous for its myth; namely the myth of throwing a coin into the pool. That said, whoever throws the coin is believed to be able to visit this city again someday. If you want to go back to Trevi Fountain Italy, please come to this place and throw a coin.

3. Conclusion

Those are some tourist objects in Italy that are popular in the world that we can recommend. We know that Italy is a country famous for its historical old buildings and museums. However, there are also some beautiful natural tourist objects that you can visit in this country. Hopefully, our review can make you interested in coming to this country with your family. Then, make you and your family more cheerful. Happy travelling!



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