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12 Wonderful Hidden Gems Places in Scotland – You Can’t Miss It!

Foodntravelling.com – You may have visited a place on your vacation that seemed not everyone knows about the place. Places like this can be said to be hidden because these places are probably very difficult to reach, or indeed not many people know about them. However, most of these places are much sought after by some tourists. If you are one of these tourists, you will surely also be looking for hidden gems places in Scotland.

If you really want these hidden paradises, you can visit Scotland. Scotland offers many hidden tourist destinations that not many people know about. You can find these hidden places in various cities or villages in Scotland. Of course, in Scotland, these hidden paradises are still unspoiled or unspoiled. The things mentioned above have been summarized in 12 Wonderful Hidden Gems Places in Scotland – You Can’t Miss It! Let’s discuss it!

  1. Smoo Cave

Smoo Cave

The first hidden gems places in Scotland are Smoo Cave. You have experience in exploring the ocean as well as things related to nature. Then you will be very suitable to visit this place called Smoo Cave. This cave is located in Sutherland, Scotland which you can easily access on your vacation this time. Apart from that, in this place, there are also very beautiful things like the view of a desktop wallpaper. If in the wallpaper you can only see it without being able to feel the atmosphere in that place.

However, if you visit Smoo Cave, you will be treated to its natural beauty which is like heaven. The waterfall that flows in the cave which is so beautiful makes the sounds of water so clear the mind. In addition, this cave is located on the outskirts of the sea so the water will never dry up. You can’t forget the cave that forms a natural pool when you come home from this place. In addition, this cave is formed in the ground or underground so many amazing things happen.

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  1. Caerlaverock Castle

Caerlaverock Castle

The next hidden paradise is in Dumfries, Scotland which offers an old castle. This castle was built in the 13th century with such a unique shape. The name of this castle is Caerlaverock Castle which offers thousands of unique historical old buildings. This uniqueness is likely to be an attraction for tourists who come to this place. This castle is unique because of its shape which resembles a triangle surrounded by a pond. This pool is thought to be a defensive fortress that was used to keep enemies from entering the castle.

If you are fond of history then you will also like to come to this place. Apart from that, you will also be given a view of the wide cool green grass that stretches around this castle. The castle ruins provide knowledge to tourists that a long history has taken place here. Tell local people about the triangular-shaped castle and local people will suggest this place.

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  1. Sueno Stone

Sueno Stone

The next hidden gems places in Scotland is Sueno Stone. If you are a history lover, you will definitely be curious about these impressive destinations. You can visit this place called Sueno Stone, located in Moray, Scotland. Sueno Stone is a stone that stands tall with a specific purpose in the past. Many scientists say that the place where this stone stood was a monument that told about war.

It can be seen that this stone is a very strong symbol symbolizing the glory of a victory. This stone is thought to have existed since the 10th century when wars were still frequent in Scotland. The existence of this stone is still rarely known by many people, so a beautiful place like this is still hidden.

This Sueno Stone stands in an area full of vast green grass as well as beautiful views of the surrounding forest. Therefore if you visit this place you will not be disappointed with the existence of history surrounded by beautiful natural beauty.

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  1. Perthshire

Perthshire Scotlandd

You have a hobby of walking on a vacation trip. If that’s really your thing you can take a walk in Perthshire. This place promises you a very pleasant trip to do. You can go around following the routes that are already there or you can also use routes that not many people know about. If you choose the route that is usually used by other tourists, you will witness the beauty of Perthshire through the wide edge of the lake.

But if you want to surround Perthshire with an unusual route, you can do it with a tour guide there. Most people choose to go the established route. Even though a route has been provided here for walking tourists, this place is still very quiet. Here you can also use attractions such as boats that are ready to take you around the beautiful lakes of Perthshire. If you really like places like this you should immediately visit this hidden paradise.

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  1. St. Ninians

St. Ninians

The next hidden gems places in Scotland are St Ninians. This place will be amazing because of the beauty and silence that present peace. The name of this place is St Ninians Rompio which is located in Shetland. St Ninians is a beautiful beach. This beach is famous for its white sand and sea water that never stops crashing waves. This place is also one of the destinations that not many people know about.

This place is perfect for you to visit with your family or alone. You will find the warm sand of the beach exposed to the sun in summer. But if it’s winter this beach is still highly recommended to visit because the air and the surrounding atmosphere will accompany your contemplation.

In addition, most local people say that St. Ninians is not inferior to various beaches in tropical parts of the world. Local people will tell you the way to this beach. When you are in this place then you will not waste this beautiful view.

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  1. Kilmartin Glen

Kilmartin Glen

As someone who loves natural beauty as well as cultural history, you will love this place. This place is called Kilmartin Glen which is located in Argyl, Scotland. Here you can enjoy the expanse of forest which is also broad green grass. This forest and grass surround a historical place that has a very high value too. Kilmartin Glen is thought to be the birthplace of all European ancestors. A row of stones forms a monument that represents an ancient symbol that cannot be underestimated. Archaeologists can find various forms of ancient remains in this place, one of which is this lined stone.

It is possible that in ancient times this place was used as a burial place. So, a historical site that reflects the ancestors of Scotland and the Europeans is united in this area. For that, you can learn about history while contemplating in this place, clearing your mind by looking at the green grass or the vast forest.

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  1. Skara Brae

Skara Brae Scotland

The next hidden gems places in Scotland is Skara Brae. The next hidden paradise is still related to history which is so interesting to visit. Skara Brae is an ancient relic near the beach. Tourists often look more at this beach in Orkney. However, one thing that has been missed that is so big is this Skara Brae. Archaeologists call this place a place where humans lived in ancient times. They live on the beach because they are close to food sources such as fish and some shellfish.

Meanwhile, the stones that are arranged in this area really tell that in ancient times humans lived here. The location of Skara Brae itself is underground which will be very interesting to visit. There are various stone arrangements that make up ancient human household furniture. Archaeologists concluded that this place was built in the stone age about 5000 years ago. Here while looking at Skara Brae you can also enjoy the beautiful beaches.

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  1. St. Mary Loch

St. Mary Loch

After some of the places above tell about history this time you will visit St Mary Loch. This place is located adjacent to the city of Edinburgh. Therefore you can access this place very easily. The thing that this place presents is the beauty of the lake which is so wide. You can see the mountains as well as the hills beside them, which is like a boundary between the water and the land. Relax if you visit this area you won’t be bothered to reach this place. Because this place has a route that you can rely on upon through three routes, namely walking, personal transportation, and hiking.

All routes can help you enjoy the beautiful St Mary’s lake. You will be presented with beautiful natural scenery between the lake and the roads and hills that blend together. Some tourists come to this place to spend the night in tents. If you have a hobby of camping then this place is perfect for you.

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  1. Crovie

Crovie Small Town

The next hidden gems places in Scotland is Crovie. Exploration in Scotland is never stopped until you find a place you want to visit. Crovie is one of those things, which is where this place is worth and must be visited. Moreover, you are looking for hidden gems throughout this country. Crovie is a very unique village in Scotland, you only have one access road to reach this place. Moreover, this place is also not so many foreign tourists know. With this, we give this place only to you.

It’s not enough just there, you will be spoiled by the charm of the countryside overlooking the sea. The countryside in the Crovie area has only about 50 houses. Therefore, this place is still beautiful and well-maintained by foreigners. And before reaching this place you must have access to relatives or friends who are currently living in Scotland. Because with this you also feel peace on vacation later.

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  1. Isle of Iona

Isle of Iona

If you are visiting the city of Glasgow, Scotland – it is incomplete if you don’t visit the Isle of Iona. This place is a hidden place with amazing charm. The charm offered by the Isle of Iona is the crashing waves and cool beach breeze. You can’t find the coolness in this place anywhere. Because people rarely touch this place, the local people of this country rarely visit this place.

Therefore, if you find this place, you will experience a vacation that rarely people get. In addition, the Isle of Iona also has something to offer you by the culinary world. The culinary offerings in this place are very appetizing. With this, you will get the impression of a memorable and enjoyable vacation.

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  1. Fingal’s Cave

Fingal's Cave Hidden Place

The next hidden gems places in Scotland is Fingal’s Cave. Rocks that resemble crystals will emit light when you visit this place. Some Scottish people praise the beauty that is in Fingal’s Cave. The rock entrance is the hallmark of this amazing place. When you enter the entrance your eyes will not incise the slightest to look away. Moreover, the water in this cave is very clear like glass.

Fingal's Cave Inside

However, you also have to be careful when visiting this place in spring. Because in that season the water in the cave will rise and access is often closed. The right time to visit this hidden gems place is when summer arrives. When summer arrives you will get the things we have mentioned. And at the same time make the impression that a vacation in Scotland will be fun and refreshing.

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  1. Plockton

Plockton Scotland Destination

The last hidden gems places in Scotland is Plockton. If you like exploring small villages this is the right place for you to visit. Plockton itself is basically a fishing village with a very beautiful view. And at the same time, you get a peaceful and calm atmosphere when you visit this place. What’s more, the things you can do in this place include taking a walk, renting a bicycle, or enjoying the sea waves.

Beside that, Plockton is located in the Isle of Skye area. The Isle of Skye itself is an area in Scotland that has an interesting and unique tourist destination. Plockton is an interesting and unique place for you to visit. Meanwhile, you can’t miss the beach in this place. Because if you miss it you won’t get the impression of a pleasant vacation.

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Thus our discussion of 12 Wonderful Hidden Gems Places in Scotland – You Can’t Miss It! Scotland, which is full of hidden paradises, is definitely worth a visit. Some of the places above offer freshness, silence, and peace for you to visit as a place of refreshment. You can witness how special this place is in quiet peace without any noise. Then after you visit this place thoroughly you will definitely feel peace in your mind. What you need to know is that the places above are intended for those of you who like to discover new things on your recent holidays. So, we hope you can visit one or several of the lists that we have provided to you. Happy holidays!

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