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Some Beautiful and Amazing Popular Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

1. Overview of Switzerland

If you want to plan a tourist trip to the European continent, don’t forget to include Switzerland as a list of your tourist place in the world to visit. The Swiss city does have its own charm. Therefore, this city attracts a lot of tourists to explore some of the beautiful cities in Switzerland. So Switzerland does have beautiful natural tourist destinations, and a culture consisting of 4 languages. Then every city in Switzerland does have a variety of dishes. But not everyone knows that Switzerland has several beautiful cities. So for those of you who want to visit Switzerland, make sure you already know some of the tourist objects to be visited. Instead of you being curious, let’s review directly some of the enchanting tourist objects below!

2. Vacation to beautiful Europe

Switzerland is a country on the European continent that is surrounded by the Alps. Then, this country is a magnet for foreign tourists. Apart from tasting its typical culinary delights such as cheese and chocolate, Switzerland also offers the beauty of beautiful natural panoramas. As you see on television, many ski competitions are making in this country.

Therefore, almost everyone wants to plan a travel destination to Switzerland. They want a vacation enjoying this place while seeing the amazing natural scenery and tourist objects in Europe. So far, people only enjoy various tourist attractions in Switzerland through television screens. But if you have enough budget, you can enjoy yourself in Switzerland. A beautiful tourist object city. We hope you will not miss your vacation to visit beautiful Swiss tours like our review below. Enjoy following our review below!

Geneva city

For information, the Swiss Information and technology center is in Geneva. In this place, you will find branch offices of the United Nations, such as the International Red Cross, UN agencies such as WHO, the World Trade Organization, and many other world institutions. That’s why Geneva is always packed with students, activists, and world thinkers, even though it’s not a metropolitan city like Paris or London,

In addition, the attractive thing that you can find in this city is to see historical attractions such as museums, and culinary tours that attract a lot of visitors, one of which is the chocolate factory. In this place, you can enjoy a relaxing time on Lake Geneva which is located in the middle of the city. Wow, it’s wonderful and pleasant to visit.

Geneva lake

Another interesting tourist object is Lake Geneva which is also one of the natural attractions in Switzerland. You should visit this place because of its beauty. The lake is 73 kilometers long and 14 kilometers wide and is divided into 3 areas, namely Haut Lac which is in the east, Grand Lac which is the largest part of Lake Geneva and Petit Lac which is in the Geneva area.

This Lake Geneva tour offers very beautiful natural scenery. Mountain views are also an attraction in this lake. Then, you also can do some activities here, such as swimming or just relaxing and enjoying the panoramic sunset. So it’s no wonder that tourists who come to Switzerland also often make Lake Geneva one of their tourist destinations. Welcome to Geneva!

Mount Pilate

This extraordinary tourist object is one of the best locations for hiking lovers. How could it not be, along the way to the top, you will see views of the hills with white peaks like cotton covered with snow, clear blue rivers, Swiss-style countryside, and stunning expanses of green fields. Then, in this place, there is also a cable car or gondola that is ready to take visitors to the top of Pilatus without having to sweat and sweat. If you visit Switzerland, you must come to this beautiful tourist spot. Your vacation must be very memorable, wonderful, and pleasant to visit.

The Schilthorn and Piz Gloria

This one tourist object is very interesting and memorable. As you can see in the picture above, the Alps are one of the main attractions of tourism in Switzerland. If you are interested in enjoying the Alps, The Schilthorn could be one of the right tourist destinations for you to visit. From here, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery typical of the Alps. Apart from that, there is also Piz Gloria, the first revolving restaurant located at the top of Schilthorn where you can enjoy delicious dishes while enjoying the beautiful views of the stunning ice mountains. Happy holidays, I hope you enjoy the natural beauty of this place.


The most beautiful city we will discuss next is indeed a must for you to visit while in Switzerland is Zermaat. This tourist attraction offers holidays in winter and has a spacious ski area. This place is ready to accompany your vacation while in Zermatt. Apart from that, the advantage is that in this place, there is also an elevator ready to take you to an altitude of 3,883 meters with a beautiful view of Alpine Zermatt. This place is famous for its warm dishes that are ready to accompany you in winter. Apart from that, this place offers classy restaurants and luxury resorts that you can visit while in Zermatt. Welcome to Zermatt!

Switzerland national park

The Swiss National Park tourist attraction was founded in 1914. This Swiss National Park is home to a variety of wild animals and many plant species. This tourist park has an area of ​​almost half of the Swiss area. Then, this one tourist spot in Switzerland is even included in the protected UNESCO cultural heritage area. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty that is still very beautiful, then you must visit this one Swiss tourist spot. In this place, you can take pictures with stunning views.

Bern old town

Bern is an Old City that is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. This tourist spot offers a beautiful view of the old city. Bern is very famous among world tourists and is often used as a location for pre-wedding photos. What is unique about the City of Bern is that the old buildings are artistic and neatly arranged, and there are many fountains, paintings, and various collections of great artists in this city. Therefore, it is not surprising that Bern is often referred to as the city of artists, and is home to one of the largest collections in Switzerland. So for those of you who like art, you can come to the old town of Bern to capture one of the best foreign tourist attractions in Switzerland. Enjoy!

Interlaken city

The tourist object of Interlaken is a city that is located between 2 lakes, namely Lake Brienz and Lake Thun. So while in the city of Interlaken, you will be spoiled with a wide view of the lake, and some of the highest mountains in Switzerland you can see from the city of Interlaken. This city is also known for having delicious and unique culinary delights. For accommodation in Interlaken also equipped with luxurious facilities. Therefore, this city is perfect for those of you who want to take a Honeymoon trip. In addition, Interlaken is a romantic place in Switzerland with a calm atmosphere and cool air. So if you are in the City of Interlaken you will be made to feel at home for a long time.

Oeschinen Lake

As we reviewed earlier, Switzerland is one of the wonders of the world’s country. Therefore, the tourist attractions of Lake Oeschinen are natural attractions in Switzerland that you need to visit. This lake is in the Bernese Oberland and has an area of ​​111 hectares. Then, the beautiful view of the lake with its expanse of green and rocky hills makes you not want to leave this place. In this place, you can enjoy it by walking around the lake. The Oeschinen Lake area is also equipped with various facilities that make you more comfortable and fun in this place.

Lucerne city

The tourist object city that is in fourth place is the City of Lucerne. This city is one of the ancient cities that has a famous beautiful lake in Switzerland, the name of the lake is Lake Lucerne. In this place, you can see several historic houses painted in beautiful colors, So these houses are the hallmark of the City of Lucerne. The chapel in the City of Lucerne is also a tourist destination. Then, the Mysegg Wall is also one of the destinations that you must visit while in the City of Lucerne. Neatly arranged and beautiful buildings make this city look more attractive. If you visit Switzerland, you can stop in this city to capture pictures of attractive tourist locations. Welcome to the city of Lucerne.

Lucerne lake

Nature tourism in Switzerland is also still in the form of lakes. This lake is in the city of Lucerne and is known as Lake Lucerne or Lake Lucerne. Lake Lucerne is the fourth largest lake in Switzerland it has a very unique shape. This 114 square kilometer lake has a depth of up to 214 meters. Lake Lucerne has very beautiful scenery with very clear water. In this place, you can see birds flying around this lake and beautiful swans swimming in this lake.

Morcote city

The city of Morcote is very famous for its beautiful village located along Lake Lugano. The city of Morcote was once a fishing village and the city of Morcote is located on the edge of a hill that offers a beautiful lake view, and in this place, there is one of the bell towers of the Church of Santa Maria del Sasso which has a history. When you are above the Church of Santa Maria del Sasso you can see the beauty of the houses in this city with a view of the lake and shady trees in the area of ​​the Church of Santa Maria del Sasso. In addition to the Santa Maria del Sasso Church, the city also has several Greek statues, an Egyptian temple, and a historic Siamese tea house. So if you want to explore the city of Morcote, 1 day is not enough.

Stein am Rhein

Object wisata Stein am Rhein ini memang menawarkan pemandangan yang indah dengan desa-desa yang terlihat sangat bersih, dan rapi. Stein am Rhein juga menjadi salah satu kot yang indah dengan pegungungan yang indah. Saat anda berada diatas gunung dikawasan Stein am Rhein, anda bisa melihap pemandangan Danau Constance serta Kastil yang terkenal di kota Stein am Rhein. Jadi untuk kamu yang berkunjung ke Swiss pastikan untuk mampir ke Stein am Rhein ini, dan mampir ke Biara Benediktin yang sudah ada sejak abad ke 11, dan hingga saat ini masih terjaga kebersihan biaranya.

Wengen city

The city of Wengen is in the mountains and can only be accessed by train. So for those of you who want to feel the sensation of being in the highest city in Switzerland, you can stop in the city of Wengen. In this place, there are still many wooden houses, and even the hotels in the city are still made of wooden also. So if you want to explore the beauty of Wengen City, you can stay at a hotel and try Swiss culinary delights in Wengen City. The view in Wengen is more beautiful. You can see views of the mountains and green meadows that can spoil your eyes. So when you are in Switzerland, make sure you will stop by Wengen City to enjoy its beautiful nature.

Aletsch glacier

The next tourist destination in Switzerland which is also a UNESCO world heritage is Aletsch Glacier. The longest Gletseh area in the Alps has a very beautiful exotic panorama. You can also make a hike to reach the highest peak of the Aletsch Glacier. Then to be able to see the beauty of Swiss tourist attractions from the height of this mountain.

Another attractive nature tour in Switzerland that you shouldn’t miss is Jungfraujoch. Jungfraujoch is a basin of perpetual snow plains in the Alps flanked by two mountain peaks, namely Jungfrau Peak as high as 4158 meters above sea level, and Moench as high as 4170 meters above sea level.

Jungfraujoch is often referred to as the highest peak in Europe because it has a height of 3,454 meters above sea level. To get there, you can ride an electric train called Jungfraubahn which will cross the Eiger mountains with beautiful views.

Aletsch Glacier is the longest glacier in Europe. Often nicknamed “The Peak of Europe, Jungfraujoch is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Switzerland because of the existence of an observation terrace and a scientific observatory located at an altitude of 3,454 meters. This point is a place that offers beautiful views that are no less interesting for you to explore.

Mount Titlis

Another tourist object in Switzerland that is less beautiful which can be seen from the top of Jungfraujoch Mount is Mount Titlis. This mountain is also in the Alps region, which has a height reaching 3,029 meters above sea level.

Mount Titlis is also one of the natural attractions in Switzerland and is very popular with tourists. You can reach this mountain by using a cable car. Then, during the trip, you will see a beautiful snow panorama. Then, in this place, you can also try various activities such as skating in the snow, snow tubing, and wearing traditional Swiss clothes. Then, to go to this place, you must prepare a thick jacket so as not to get cold. Happy holidays!

Staubbach Falls

Nature tourism in Switzerland, this one is arguably quite popular because it has extraordinary beauty. Staubbach Falls or Staubbach Falls is a beautiful waterfall with views of the surrounding mountains. The Staubbach Falls are west of Lauterbrunnen in the Bernese Highlands. This waterfall has a height of 297 meters with a beautiful view of the valley and many people’s houses below it. So it looks more beautiful.


The city of Montreux is very famous for its many luxury inns and beautiful scenery. In this place, several resorts offer wonderful views of Lake Geneva. Then you can also see the beautiful view of the trees in the Alps. All of this you can see while in the City of Montreux.

This city is famous for its inns and beautiful lakes. It turns out that the City of Montreux also has a castle that has existed since the 13th century, and this castle is named Chateau de Chillon. So when you are in the city of Montreux, make sure you also visit this castle. The best time to visit Montreux is in early July because at that time the second-largest annual jazz festival in the world will be held. So for those of you who want to see this festival. Then, make sure to come in early July.

Soglio city

The tourist object city that we will discuss next is beautiful. The city offers views of the green mountains. The city of Soglio in Switzerland has the Church of St, The famous Lorenzo. Then, the city of Soglio also has one of the historic hotels with views of the extensive rose garden. So make sure you are in Soglio City to stay at Hotel Palazzo Sals! Welcome to Soglio City with your family to see the mountains and beautiful buildings.

The beauty of the city of Interlaken

You can see the city is behind the mountains and flanked by two large lakes is a tourist attraction that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. With a city layout that is so neat and clean, and the lake water is so blue, it makes us very comfortable to linger in this city. Usually, we see urban structures with natural beauty like this only exist on television. It turns out that this kind of city exists in Switzerland.

There is an attractive about the city of Interlaken namely that it is behind the mountains which are very close to the city. Then, many waterfalls add to the beauty of this place. Then, we can see it directly without entering the forest area. In this place, you will feel the air is cold. Then, to come to this city, you must prepare a thick jacket. Happy holidays!

The beautiful Oeschinen lake

If you go east as far as 4km from Kandersteg, you will find the beautiful Oeschinen Lake tourist object. This lake is 1.1 km wide and has a view with a combination of mountains, blue lake water, and green grass which form a unique combination. That way, you will never forget this place.

This place is also commonly used as a camping site. You can imagine if you are camping with beautiful views that we might not get in your country. Then, the calm lake will definitely make us very relaxed to relax here.

Old Town of Bern

Tourist Attractions in Bern—As the official capital of Switzerland, Bern is of course one of the tourist cities in Switzerland which is visited by many people around the world, both for work, education, and tourists. However, the variety of cultural and technological products in Bern certainly won’t make you leave this city. This city holds a thousand interesting things that you have to explore.

As a historical city that is one of the many UNESCO world heritages, Bern has many tourist attractions related to its historical and cultural development. This incident is reflected in monuments and important buildings throughout the city. Nevertheless, you will also have no trouble finding modern tourist attractions. If you are interested in backpacking to Switzerland, here are some tourist attractions in Bern that you can visit freely.

Bern Old Town is an area in Bern City, Switzerland which is famous for its architecture and rich history. This area is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bern city and is a beautiful place to visit. Bern Old Town is located on the banks of the beautiful Aare River and consists of many old stone buildings.

In addition, visitors can also surround this area and enjoy the beautiful scenery up close or from a distance, as well as visit various kinds of museums and monuments in this area. Apart from that, Bern Old Town also offers many shops and restaurants offering delicious Swiss food and drinks. In this place, you can witness various kinds of interesting events and activities.d

In this city, you will see the Clock Tower (Zytglogge), the Prison Tower (Käfigturm), and the sculptural fountains from the Renaissance. Then you can see some of the interesting attractions that you can find when exploring the Old City of Bern. The city has existed since 1191.

the city which is in the heart of Bern is an old city and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which was registered in 1983. Not only does it present a classic view of historic old buildings, but the beauty of this old city also looks even more perfect because it is surrounded by the Aar River.

Aare river

if you come to Switzerland, you can visit the beautiful and popular Aare River. This river is the longest river in Switzerland and is located in the city of Bern. This river is a tributary of the High Rhine River. Its headwaters are in the Bernese Alps. The source of the Aare River’s water comes from the glaciers in the Alps. The length of the river reaches 295 km with an area of ​​17,779 square km. The Aare River is known as the longest river in Switzerland.

The Aare River is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. The turquoise color of the water makes this water known as the green river. The source of water in this river comes from glaciers in the Alps. The water temperature in this river is relatively cold with a maximum of only 18 degrees Celsius. Even though the temperature is low, the tradition of swimming in this river has become a local culture in Switzerland.

The Aare River has a fairly swift current. Only advanced swimmers are allowed to swim in this river. In addition, the assistance of local residents is needed for safety when swimming in this river. Based on information from various media, about 20 swimmers disappeared in this river. One of them is the eldest son of the Governor of West Java, Indonesia. Therefore, if you want to swim, you should include a companion for your safety.

Rhine falls

Another famous tourist object in Switzerland is the Rhein Waterfall. This waterfall is located on the river Rhine in Switzerland. This waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls in Europe and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Switzerland that you must visit. The Rhein waterfall has a height of about 150 meters and is located on the banks of a beautiful river.d

Visitors can surround the waterfall and enjoy the beautiful scenery up close or from a distance. The Rhein Falls is also a beautiful tourist attraction for nature walks and exercise. Then, there are many walking and bicycle paths that surround the waterfall. In addition, the Rhein waterfall also offers a variety of activities, such as musical performances and historical events.

This place is a Swiss tourist destination that must be included in your visit list. This waterfall has been around for centuries. The natural beauty that characterizes this snowy country is evident here. The volume of water that is not heavy, makes tourists feel in this river area for a long here with a sense of security and comfort. This tourist spot which is on the border of Switzerland and Germany has a height of 23 meters with a width of 150 meters. The tour manager here provides boats for rent so you can approach and feel the cool splash of the waterfall up close. The scenery around the waterfall really makes your vacation experience one of the unforgettable memories.

Beautiful mount Jungfrau

The next tourist object in Switzerland is Mount Jungfrau. This mountain is located between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, near the city of Interlaken. This mountain is one of the highest mountains in the Swiss Alps and has a height of about 4,158 meters above sea level. Jungfrau Mountain is famous for its extraordinary natural scenic beauty and is one of the main tourist attractions in Switzerland.

Then, to reach the top of Mount Jungfrau, you can use the Jungfrau train to transport passengers to the top station at the top of the mountain. This station has windows overlooking beautiful natural scenery, including heavy snow on the mountain peaks. In addition, you also can visit the Jungfrau Information Center at the station to know more about the mountain’s history and geography. Hopefully, your vacation will become more memorable after visiting this place. Happy holidays!

City of Lucerne

The city of Lucerne is the most beautiful city in Switzerland which is located on the shores of Lake Lucerne. This city is one of the popular tourist attractions in Switzerland because of its stunning natural beauty and rich history. It is also one of the most important cities in Switzerland from an economic, cultural, and political point of view.

The city of Lucerne has a number of great tourist attractions, such as museums, monuments, and parks. The city is also a wonderful place to walk and shop, with many shops and restaurants offering delicious Swiss food and drink.

Chillon castle

Another popular tourist object is Chillon Castle. This a castle located on Lake Geneva, Switzerland, and one of the popular tourist attractions in Switzerland and is one of the most famous castles in Europe. Chillon Castle was founded in the 11th century and is a very beautiful place to visit, with stunning architecture and a rich history. The castle is situated on the shore of a beautiful lake and has incredible views.

Visitors can explore the various rooms of the castle, including the government chambers, dining rooms, and sleeping quarters. Chillon Castle also offers a variety of events and activities, such as art exhibitions, live music, and historical events.

Swiss National Museum

popular in Switzerland. This place holds many collections of art and history. This place has many collections of art and history. In addition, this museum also displays a collection consisting of various kinds of art objects, artifacts, and relics originating from the world.

In addition, the museum also organizes various kinds of exhibitions and events that aim to spread knowledge about art and history to the public. If you are interested in art and history, be sure to check out this museum. We hope you are interested and happy to hear the story.

Jet d’Eau

Jet d’Eau is a waterfall located in the city of Geneva, Switzerland. This waterfall is one of the symbols of the city of Geneva and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. Jet d’Eau is located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Geneva and has a height of about 140 meters.

This waterfall consists of water pumped into the air through a pipe located at the bottom of the lake. In this place, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery up close or from a distance, and take a walk around the lake and enjoy its natural beauty.

Beautiful Lake Blausee

The last tourist object that we recommend is Blausee. This beautiful tourist object is a small lake located in Switzerland. This lake is famous for its clear water and its blue and beautiful color. This lake is located at the foot of a mountain in a beautiful rural setting, making it an ideal place for sightseeing and relaxation.

Around this lake, you can find several tourist facilities such as lodging, restaurants, and a playground for children. If you are visiting Switzerland with your family, be sure to visit Blausee and enjoy its incredible natural beauty. Enjoy your holiday.

3. Conclusion

Switzerland is one of the most popular tourists attraction in the world with a variety of tourist destinations to choose from. Therefore, we recommend this country as one of the tourist attractions in the world that you can visit. Furthermore, you can choose one or even several unique and interesting tourist destinations. For that, plan your vacation and choose the right tourist destination. So you can enjoy your holiday in Switzerland.



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