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Best Ski Resorts In Austria – Explore The Old Town And Thrilling Snow Vacation – From the steepest to the gentle slopes skiing spot, all we can find in the lovely country, Austria! Whether you are a pro or a beginner skier or a snowboarder. You have to visit the amazing ski resort in this country. The beautiful Alps landscapes with the perfectly smooth snow powder make it comfortable to do some thrilling snow vacation! So, here we will inform you of some of the best ski resorts in Austria!

As we already mentioned earlier, Austria is surrounded by the rocky and hilly Alps landscape, the mountain located in the central part of Europe is well-known as a winter sports paradise! Start in early October we can enjoy skiing or snowboarding without hesitation on Alp mountain. Besides having the winter sports vacation, we will guide you to explore the western part of Austria. Heading up to the countryside Tyrol is the federal state on the west side that offers winter attractions and mesmerizing old buildings!

St. Anton am Arlberg

St. Anton am Arlberg the snow vacation in Austria

St. Anton am Arlberg is one of the most popular and largest ski resorts in Austria. The maximum vertical slopes can reach about 1500m and it has soft snow powder too! It’s located in the Tyrol, the western part of Austria.

From a beginner to the master, this resort is perfect for everyone to enjoy the snow vacation. We don’t need to wait until December to get perfect snow for skiing or snowboarding. We can start to play in October. The remarkably smooth snow powder and friendly-slopes snow make this place suit everyone! For such taking your children to enjoy snowboarding, St. Anton am Arlberg is a recommended place to visit in wintertime!

Ischgl the perfect winter sport in Austria

the perfect winter sport in Austria Ischgl

Why does Ischgl to be the favorite winter sports zone among Austrian and European? The answer is quite reasonable, this ski resort is one of the largest resorts in the Alps. Reportedly that the snow here has the perfect blend which makes snowboarding and skiing feel remarkably smooth. In this resort, there is the most famous spot called Silvretta arena. It’s a popular winter sport among athletes. And there are some international winter sports tournaments held in Ischgl every year. When you are skiing and seeing the international skiing tournament in this place, then you are so lucky. Enjoying the winter vacation while we can be a supportive fan watching the world-class skier around the world compete, it’s a thrilling snow vacation experience!


Kitzbühel ski resort in Austria

Another best ski resort in Austria is Kitzbühel, this beautiful district surrounded by the mount Alps. Which makes this place has a great resort every wintertime. For more information, besides the main attraction of skiing. There are also a few tourist outdoor attractions we can have for such as paragliding, cycling, and hiking mount Alpen.

outdoor attraction in Kitzbühel, Austria

If you love traveling to cool weather places, then Austria is the right one! Especially in the district surrounding the Alps mountain. The weather still reminds cool even in summer. The Alps mountain turns into a large Savana. Majestic green lawn spread in the hilly Alps mountain. In the weather essential, there is some famous outdoor attraction on this mountain. There is paragliding, hiking, cycling, or we can take a skylight to see the gorgeous Alps view.


Soelden best skiing place in Austria

Our last best ski resort in Austria comes with Soelden. It is located in the Alp mountain region, this place has the perfect and beautiful glazier. The rocky Alp landscape and pines covered with snow powder all turn into white, what a majestic view of the winter season! Soelden is one of the favorites of many skiers around the globe because it has the perfect steeve glazier and spectacular Alps scenery in winter!

Old Town In Innsbruck, Tyrol

the Medieval old town in Innsbruck, Tyrol

When you have a chance to visit Austria, there is a wonderful place you should not be missing before you leave. Located in western Austria, Tyrol is the federal state that has lots of history, gorgeous old architecture style, and offers the majestic Alps landscape. Strolling through the little alley in Innsbruck, the capital city of Tyrol. We will find lots of ancient buildings from the Medieval age. The characteristic of the Medieval construction structure is we can see the thick piers, round arches, and gothic feel. If you love to walk in the old town and admiring the architectural style. Then, you will love walking through the old lane of Innsbruck!

Innsbruck shopping center

Travel to Tyrol and spending time in the capital city, Innsbruck. Our eyes will not only be satisfied with the majestic Alps landscape but also the world-class shopping center in the heart of the city. We will find lots of cool fashion shops, and nice cafes around. The tall building in the middle is the iconic Inssbruck tower. There are cool shops, lovely cafes, and old architecture style create an absolute charm attractive city!

Visiting the golden roof

visiting the golden roof of Innsbruck

One more iconic building in Innsbruck is visiting the golden roof. It’s being said that this place has golden decoration on the balcony. So, from then people called it the golden roof. It’s the iconic Medieval architecture style in Tyrol that many tourists rolling up observing this city. The golden roof located in the heart of Innsbruck makes the transportation is quite easy to reach out to the tourist destination.

Dating back to history, the golden roof was built in 1420 by Duke Frederic IV. At that time, it was aiming as the residence of the imperial family. It has a combination of gothic and medieval architecture styles. There are lots of windows showcasing lots of windows and tall buildings to create good ventilation, ornate decoration, and some pointed arch. Where the design in this building transforms into many domes and flat roof designs. The golden balcony roof is designed to extend the beauty and exude splendor of Tyrol’s emperor residence! If you wanna see and visit the ancient historical sites in central Europe, it’s still well-preserved!


Talking about the winter tourist destination places in Austria, Alp mountain takes an important role. A country that is blessed with majestic Alps landscape, there is a winter sports attraction we could not leave behind when we travel to. In this writing, we have compiled the best 4 ski resorts all over Austria. There are St. Anton am Arlberg, Ischgl, Kitzbühel, and Soelden. All of these cool places offer their own charm. To conclude the best snow resort in the Alps, St. Anton am Arlberg is the best place you can visit with your family. It’s a friendly winter attraction for beginners and even children. In addition, there are many cool shops and a beautiful old town view that will satisfy your wanderlust! On the contrary, if you love something that could raise up your adrenaline, there is Ischgl ski resort you have to visit.

After having the great experience of winter sport around the Alps. We can explore the old town in Tyrol. The federal-state that offers charming Medieval and Gothic architecture style. Visiting the touristy area in Innsbruck, the golden roof, Innsbruck tower, and have comfort Austrian meal that will satisfy your wanderlust! If you have a plan for a winter sports vacation, we suggest you include one of the best ski resorts in Austria. All of them are cool places to enjoy the winter vacation and to be your travel guide to Austria!

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