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Travel to Hallstatt And Get The Picturesque Fairy Tale Village Landscape In Austria

Foodntravelling.com – Welcome to one of the most beautiful villages in Austria, Hallstatt! The rocky Alps view above and the clear lake under giving a magical look. In addition, colorful housing in classic Austrian-German architectural design at the edge giving another perspective. It is such a picturesque fairy tale village landscape that truly exists on earth! Travel to Hallstatt from Vienna takes around 3.5 hours from the central station in this city, and if you are in Salzburg, luckily you just need to spend around 1.5 hours to go to Hallstatt.

Hallstatt is a beautiful village in Austria and there is the oldest salt mine in the world. Reportedly the salt mine in Hallstatt operated hundreds of years ago and still operated well now. Apart from the city, make this place is a hidden gem to admire the natural landscape of Alpine view. Giving us another perspective about the village and urban life in Austria. So, we cannot wait to grab your hand and unfold the new places with a simple travel guide in Austria!

Seeing the great mountain reflection on the lake!

the great reflection on the lake of Hallstatt

Figuring out what things to do when we visit Hallsatte, it obviously admires the beautiful Alps view! It could be one of the most beautiful pictures when you travel to Austria. Just see the picture above, the clear water in the lake makes a perfect reflection of the rocky mountain, it’s superb! The snow-covered mountain and then meet with a misty cloud is a wow factor scenery from the cold region!

Taking a skywalk to give an adventure trip in Hallstatt!

adrenaline trip taking skywalk in Hallstatt

Taking the skywalk in warm weather for such summer, spring will give you a great adventure having a trip in Hallstatt. To get this funicular ride, we have to go hike to the mountain. This funicular ride will take you 5 minutes along the way to the hilly Hallstatt landscape and will stop in the salt mine area. In summer and warm weather season, we will find no problem on taking this. But, in winter, the snow will fill the railway that could obstruct along the way.

Iconic photography spot

Iconic photography spot in Hallstatt

Admiring the Alps landscape and the lake is not enough, we can go on the next exploration in this fairy tale village. The colorful housing is cascading on the edge of the lake, then why not we enter it and get lost in the beautiful alley! One of the most interesting parts of visiting the housing area is the scenic colorful building on every corner we walkthrough. There is a yellow, red, blue building that comes across every step we walk on. And this one there is some accommodation and cafes style in Hallstatt that turn into a favorite spot of photography. The perfect spot that showcases the snowy and hilly mountain as the background contrast to the bright color tone building gives a lovely picture! Would you like to take a picture in this beautiful alley too? Make sure you visit Hallstatt first!

Walking through the old town

walking through the old town in Austria

Hallstatt just never ends to show us its beauty. After exploring the colorful alley, now we lead our direction into another alley. There we can see some mesmerizing old town look European style. There’s a gothic, renaissance, and medieval architecture style that fills this little alley. It gives a wonderful kick impression of the old town in our eyes! Don’t forget to capture the view through the little alleys in an Austrian village. It will remind us back to the good days we have passed after we reach home!

Picturesque Fairy Tale Village Landscape that will satisfy your wanderlust!

wonderful view in Hallstatt

Are you a fan of the Disney movie fairy tale series? If so, you will notice a remarkable movie called Frozen. In that movie, it told us that the beautiful snowy setting is called Arendale. The village that covered with snowy and surrounded by rocky mountains. What beautiful imaginative scenery. Actually, many beautiful scenes and settings in the movie are made from the real wonderful landscape. We can have the picturesque fairy tale village landscape like Arendale in Frozen movie right in this beautiful Austrian village, Hallstatt! The snow is covered the mountain, there is a beautiful lake and lovely housing at the edge decorated this awesome view! Let’s take a shot of this lovely fairy tale look like in winter, that is such a dream place!

beautiful Hallstatt view in spring

Moving on from the cold chilly winter day, now we have a gorgeous blooming season, spring! The flowers are blooming perfectly on every edge of the lake, colorful flowers decorated the strict icy winter look. The warmth of the sun’s touch is our skin. Spring is the perfect weather to visit Hallstatt especially if you are not tolerant to cold weather. There are daisies, begonias, and some native flowers to Hallstatt blooming beautifully! The clear water lake gives a fresh impression, and the mount fits gorgeously in green! In the warm weather, we can also see some swans swimming on the lake, it gives more cheerful and vibrant wild living thing in this beautiful village!

Drinking hot chocolate and eating pastries over the rocky Alps view

cafes in Hallstatt

The chilly winter day makes the hungry tummy alert keep craving inside. Don’t worry if you feel so, there are some cool cafes close to the lake and the mountain. So, you can warm up your body and fill your tummy with sweets desserts. The hot chocolate and pastries are a perfect combination to enjoy the snowy Alps view! In the cafes and restaurants, there is also Austrian beer available, don’t miss it too buddy!

Eating Austrian food delicacy

Austrian food delicacy

Visiting the hilly cool Hallstatt village will feel incomplete without eating the local food. One of the most well-known Austrian food delicacies besides Chicken Schnitzer is the cheese noodle. It is the creamy, chewy noodle mix with simple spice and topped with fried onion is such a comfort food! Having the trip in this cold weather place and eating comfort food is the right choice! We can find many Austrian dishes in the restaurants close to this lake. There are legendary Viennese sausages too!


Austria is a beautiful country located in the central part of Europe and surrounds the beautiful Alps view. This makes the weather quite cool all year round. Visiting the village will give a new perspective of the journey. Apart from the city, here we will just stare and adore the gorgeous natural landscape. In addition, enjoying the comfort food will complete the trip!

What makes Hallstatt is worth visiting when you come to Austria? The first point we want to show up that Hallstatt has the oldest salt mine that still operated now, that is the cool thing! The second point is Hallstatt has the great Alps view, the clear pond infuses the beauty of this place! The third thing is exploring the local houses around the Hallstatt lake, it gives you a perspective of the old town and will remind you back to the history. That is all we couldn’t find only visiting the big city in Austria. So, if you have a chance to travel to Hallstatt, don’t miss visiting the oldest salt mine in Austria and admiring the Alps view!

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