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Visiting Famous Landmark In Barcelona La Sagrada Família And Eating Grilled Squid Tapas – Barcelona is more than a football club that has tons of fans around the globe. More than that, it is a beautiful old city that has lots to offers. The great football ambiance is something undeniable we can find throughout the city. Besides that, this ancient city offers dozens of classic and ancient buildings, heterogeneous culture, and for sure some of the best tapa bars! In this writing, we’re gonna visit a famous landmark in Barcelona that is the amazing unfinished Roman Catholic church for more than hundreds of years. La Sagrada Família is an amazing church that was designed by Spanish architect, Anthony Gaudi. We’re going to share the highlights of visiting a historical church in Barcelona. From the architecture style to the history that made it worth it to visit!

The brief history of Sagrada Família

the Catholic church Sagrada familia

There is a lot to talk about this ancient Roman Catholic church. The open plan began in 1882, as all buildings need to have a license, this church has a complicated proposal. In 1885 the building got a permit from the government at that time. We couldn’t deny the project have a lot of funds for the construction itself. The base building needs around 4.4 million euros, that is just for the base. Imagining how much more money to spend to complete this art of architecture design.

Gaudi is not the first architect who handles the Sagrada Familia project. The former architect, Francisco Paula de Villar did not do the project completely. So, then the great Spanish architect, Gaude took over the project. He gave all of his effort to complete this holy minor basilica. He began his work in 1882 and finally dedicated his time around 43 years to the Sagrada Familia project. The massive project and outstanding thoughts behind this architectural site make it recorded in the world heritage of UNESCO. Sadly, he passed away before the project finished. Reportedly, he worked on the construction around 25%, the left design was continued by new architects. The long history and the wonderful gothic blend with Art Nouveau designs. For those who are not accustomed to art nouveau design, we share simple characteristics. The simple asymmetrical shapes, extensive arches, and curved design, curved stained glass windows. We can see these characters’ elements transform in Sagrada Familia! So, that is all the brief history of Sagrada Familia that we hope will link you to get more information before you are going to the complete tour of Sagrada Familia!

Admiring the outstanding interior design

Soothing stained glass windows

the amazing interior of La Sagrada Familia

An outstanding exterior that showcases gothic and Art Nouveau designs are clearly seen outside. If you are how it looks internally, then the picture above can describe your curiosity. The ceiling is so high and all around the wall decorated with curved stained glass windows. As we can see the windows are shining, these came from the soft lights that set up on every window. Adjust the light gives a charm and soothing interior decoration! On the ceiling, we can find a lot of dorms is well-curved designs.

Remarkable columns defining Roman architecture style

inside La Sagrada Familia

When we step inside, we will be amazed by lots of height column that stands symmetrically and pretty organized. Evey column directs our way into the amazing altar. The columns stand neatly to create the hallways. Neutral colors are dominated the structure building such as white, which gives the airy space decoration. And the highlight of this great design is where we can see the sun robustly come to the interior. The shades of natural lights infuse the interior with energy and a warm serenity atmosphere! The curves and arches windows trick the sun shades come inside with beautiful shape. It is a giant church that has massive construction we need to visit when we travel to Spain!

The rules of visiting Sagrada Familia

When it comes to the respected destination places area. There are a few things to know before you come in. Especially if that place is sacred and holds the religious aspect such as mosques, churches, temples, and many more. Sagrada Familia is a well-respected site and also the old church in Barcelona which opens to the public. Alright, the first point is we have to get dress polite, in case women are not able to come in mini skirts or pants. At least, we have the skirt that should be over your knee-length. Then do not show your tummy or wearing you can see through dress types. Let’s respect the dress code before we entering Sagrada Familia! The second thing is that we cannot be loud inside, speaks softly while admiring the architectural design inside!

Enjoy your day in Barcelona in Tapa bar

tapa bar in Barcelona

After visiting the amazing landmark of Barcelona, we can enjoy the time and hang out in the tapa bars. There are lots of tapa bars we can find in all of Spain. Simply, tapa is a light meal sometimes it refers to the appetizer. Where the Spaniards love to enjoy the laidback day and day have the late dinner time. So, they love to go to the tapa bars having a drink and small snacks are enough to fill their tummy with joy!

Grilled squid tapas

grilled squid tapas in Barcelona

We could not count how many tapas around the cities and in all of Spain. Every region has its own popular tapas. Something we could not miss eating tapas in Barcelona is the grilled squid. Located on the coastline area, Barcelona is so famous for its impressive seafood, just like what we got now. The single plate of grilled squid. The simple flavor, fresh ingredients make this delicious tapa that is worth trying! In addition, just squeeze the lemon on top of it give it a sour natural taste balance the seafood aroma! Accompany by the glass of beer or wine, the grilled squid tapa taste incredibly good!


One of the most iconic sites in Barcelona is surely La Sagrada Família. It was built and constructed by the famous and well-respected Spanish architect, Anthony Gaudí. He works a lot in developing and building this Roman Catholic church style. Sagrada Família is probably the most beautiful catholic church style along with its story. This UNESCO world heritage site recorded more than 130 years of construction from the late 18th century until the 21st century. And they said that the construction still happens now! When the old architecture design meets the modern era, that is what makes something special, so this church passing different ere and still be one of the most beautiful landmarks now. That is what makes this historical site remarkable!

When we travel to Spain, we do not wanna leave the tapas culture that spread all around the country! When we travel to Barcelona, seafood is the remarkable food we have to try since we were at least trying tapas seafood style. Enjoying the laidback day and hanging out in the tapas bars becoming a great culture in Spain. So, don’t be surprised if we found lots of people in the bars. Talking about Barcelona’s food signature, the grilled squid is a must-eat food even in the tapas bar. We will find easily on the menu the grilled squid is amazing especially with a glass of beer or coffee. So, enjoy the laidback lifestyle and appreciate tapas culture in Spain is a way to enjoy our journey in this attractive Mediterranean country!

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