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Explore Attractive Museum in New Zealand for Couple Dates – Deciding where to go on a date is an important thing in a relationship. One of them is visiting a museum, nowadays many people have chosen a date to visit a museum. The country of New Zealand with its many museums is the perfect place for a date with your partner. At the same time, visiting the museum is a place for you to learn as well as see amazing works of art. Therefore, we will provide a list of places for you to date. And also interesting for you to visit with your partner. We will present the list in the article Explore Attractive Museum in New Zealand for Couple Dates. Let’s talk about those places!

  • Auckland War Memorial Museum

Auckland War Memorial Museum

An attractive museum in New Zealand for a couple of dates is the Auckland War Memorial Museum. The legacy of war equipment is an item that must be preserved, especially this museum in New Zealand. The amazing war equipment and war vehicles in this museum are always neatly arranged. When visitors come to this place, it is very beautiful and majestic.

On the other hand, this place also keeps an interesting work of art. And there is also a relic of the Maori tribe, including New Zealand humans, flora, and fauna. Which is used as a cool story in this Auckland War Memorial Museum. Therefore, visit this museum with your partner. Because with memorial things in this place, your date will be memorable.

  • World of Wearable Art

World of Wearable Art

Not far from the museum’s discussion above about vehicles and art. The World of Wearable Art is a popular place in the country. The popularity of this place is because there are many things in terms of beautiful art and also antique classic cars.

Often this place hosts a WoW or World of Wearable festival. Where this festival displays a fashion outfit with amazing art. And it became the World of Wearable Art recognized by the world. Moreover, this place also shows a collection of unique classic cars. In addition, it is often a favorite place for New Zealand couples.

  • The Kauri Museum

The Kauri Museum

The Kauri Museum itself has meaning in naming this place. The name of this place is from a large type of Kauri tree. The Kauri tree is a typical plant in this country and is large in size. The size of this tree usually has a height of 50 meters and a thickness of up to 13 meters. This museum was built when the Europeans came to this country. Which aims to introduce solid wood. On the other hand, the Kauri tree itself produces sap for extraction in this area.

You need to remember when you and your partner visit this place you will find a large piece of furniture. Which is from the results of local trees, and also The Kauri Museum has been recognized by the world about the results of goods made from wood. In addition, this place also has a comfortable atmosphere for those of you who are on a date.

  • Te Papa Tongarewa Museum

Te Papa Tongarewa Museum

Te Papa Tongarewa Museum is the most famous place in New Zealand. Especially for foreign tourists, certainly know this place. From free admission, this place is often a low-cost tourist spot. From a large place and also has a complete collection of Maori tribes. Collections from the Maori tribe include a ship, statues, hunting tools, and much more. Te Papa Tongarewa Museum is a historical place that you must visit with your partner. The interesting thing about this place is a room called Earthquake House, which is a thrilling earthquake simulation.

  • Canterbury Museum

Canterbury Museum

For you and your partner who likes gothic nuance, the Canterbury Museum is the right place for you to date. This place was once a magnificent historic building in 1867. The museums in this country are not far from the historical relics of the Maori tribe. Canterbury has some interesting collections for you to explore with your partner. The collections in the museum include rare artifacts, typical extinct animals, unique land exhibits, and much more. Of the several exhibitions in this museum, the most eagerly awaited by visitors is the Antarctic exhibition. In the exhibition, you will see some cool exploration stories.

  • Toitu Otago Settlers Museum

Toitu Otago Settlers Museum

The next attractive museum in New Zealand for a couple of dates is the Toitu Otago Settlers Museum. On your first visit, you will be amazed by the stunning entrance. The stunning entrance is the Josephine Foyer. However, this place had undergone a major renovation in 2011.

Then, it was continued in 2012, which in that year added to the collection in the museum. A date to the Toitu Otago Settlers Museum is a great idea. Because you will see some great permanent art collections. The collection in this place is approximately 100,000, and every day there is always an exhibition.

  • Waikato Museum

Waikato Museum

New Zealand certainly has the best cities. One of the best cities in the country is the city of Hamilton. The city of Hamilton has the Waikato Museum, which is part of the best tourist attractions in the country. The museum was founded in 1987, and this place faces the beautiful Waikato river. What’s more, the Waikato Museum itself covers traditional contemporary art to modern art. The merging of these arts becomes an interesting visual aspect to visit. Moreover, invite the people closest to you, this museum is very interesting for you to explore together.

  • Southland Museum

Southland Museum

The last attractive museum in New Zealand for a couple of dates is the Southland Museum. And at the same time a discussion list in this article. This place is certainly located in the southern part of this beautiful country. Museums in general in this country mostly display collections of antiques and art, the Southland Museum is different from the others.

This unique thing is characteristic of this place, as are the typical animals of this country. On the other hand, there is also a natural tourism gallery which is cool and suitable for a date. In addition, if you explore this place further, you will find a reptile animal that is about a century old. Which animal is the oldest reptile in the world.

Thus is the discussion of the Explore Attractive Museum in New Zealand for Couple Dates. From the list of museums above, there are still many interesting things in this country. If you want to stay longer in New Zealand with your partner, try to visit the best restaurants around the country’s cities. Hopefully, with this article, you can create a romantic atmosphere with your partner. Happy dating!

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