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9 Beautiful Botanical Gardens in New Zealand for Your Visit This Spring Spring is the best season to visit a beautiful garden. Seeing beautiful natural scenery is also a vacation option today. Of the few, New Zealand is the best place to visit in spring. That way, the country has some beautiful botanical gardens for you to visit. Moreover, from some of the botanical gardens that we will discuss below, New Zealand has several hidden places for you to visit. Therefore, we will provide a list of the most beautiful botanical gardens for you. No need to linger, let’s go discuss 9 Beautiful Botanical Gardens in New Zealand for Your Visit This Spring!

  1. The uniqueness of Larnach Castle Gardens

The uniqueness of Larnach Castle Gardens

The first Botanical gardens in New Zealand are Lanarch Castle Gardens. The park has a very unique theme. The theme that is presented is a magnificent palace surrounded by beautiful gardens. This unique style garden is the only one in the country. The attraction of Lanarch Castle Gardens is that it was built by William Larnach or the richest man in this country. And also this beautiful garden was founded in 1871. In addition, if you explore the park further you will find a High Tea show. Which High Tea is an interesting dance show.

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  1. The impression of the Dunedin Botanic Garden

The impression of the Dunedin Botanic Garden

The beautiful garden is arranged in such a way that it has its own charm. New Zealand is also in the spotlight by having the oldest botanical garden. Why is the oldest Dunedin Botanic Garden a century and a half old? The beauty of this garden consists of beautiful flowers and hills to see the beautiful scenery. This park is overgrown with beautiful flowers including, various types of roses and a collection of camellia flowers. The camellia flower is the highlight of this garden. That way this park provides an interesting treat for you to visit.

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  1. Capital of Wellington Botanic Gardens

Capital of Wellington Botanic Gardens

The center of the capital is often presented with traffic density or busy citizens. On the other hand, it is the Wellington Botanic Gardens which is located in the center of the nation’s capital city. The botanical garden in the center of the capital has an area of 26 hectares. However, there are some interesting things in this garden, namely, a Lady Norwood Rose Garden. This Lady Norwood Rose Garden won an award for best garden at Wellington Botanic Gardens. When visiting this park you will find a large duck pond and a Begonia house, which are worth exploring.

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  1. Calm atmosphere in Te Kainga Marire Garden

Calm atmosphere in Te Kainga Marire Garden

Creating a beautiful garden and has a calm atmosphere is an interesting thing. Te Kainga Marie is the garden of that. This serene garden is set on the grounds of a family home in the country. Not only quiet, this park also keeps a beautiful flower garden. The garden, which is overgrown with beautiful flowers, is surrounded by wild nature that is still beautiful. With that, this park has become a hidden gem places in New Zealand.

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  1. Internasional Trott’s Garden

Internasional Trott’s Garden

The next Botanical gardens in New Zealand is Trott’s Garden. Of the several parks in the country, this park has the most importance. The importance of this park is a park that is already widely known by international tourists. Trott’s Garden is a park that was relatively young at the time of its construction. This important park was built in the 1980s.

Trott's Garden

From earlier we mentioned the importance of Trott’s Garden because this garden has Magical flowers. The magic of this garden is that it has a very large variety of beautiful flowers. Among them are the variety of roses that have more than 250 and the beauty of the variety of types of rhododendron flowers more than 650. You don’t need to be surprised when you visit this park, because this park is often a favorite place for pre-wedding and wedding events.

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  1. Ayrlies Garden and Wetlands

Ayrlies Garden and Wetlands

New Zealand’s beautiful gardens definitely have the following. Among them are beautiful ponds, beautiful flowers, and also green grass that stretches widely. These are some of the characteristics of Ayrlies Garden and Wetlands. This park is very worthy of your list in visiting the beautiful parks in this country, because it is currently under construction which has been completed. Which is the best time to visit Ayrlies Garden and Wetlands. You need to remember, this park has slightly moist soil, so before entering this park area, boots are provided for exploration. And don’t forget to invite your closest people to visit this park.

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  1. Various garden styles in the world of Hamilton Gardens

Various garden styles in the world of Hamilton Gardens

Hamilton Gardens is a beautiful garden in New Zealand that is rarely known to many people. However, this park has a beautiful view and also always maintains the reputation of park management. Hamilton Gardens is a park that has a variety of garden styles throughout the country. Garden styles include those from India, Italy, Japan, England, and many other gay atamans. The garden we recommend for you is a Japanese style garden. Because Japan has an interesting culture for you to see. In addition, by exploring a park as beautiful as this you will not be charged or free admission.

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  1. The big trees in Pukekura Park

The big trees in Pukekura Park

Pukekura Park is the perfect combination of a botanical garden and a park. In fact, the botanical garden is only overgrown with ornamental plants. In this Pukekura park you can also find a large tree. There are many types of large trees that are interesting for you to explore. When you explore you will be amazed by the scenery and feel the cool air in this park. On the other hand, this park has a beautiful lake. Around this lake you will find a street food stand and New Zealand food stalls.

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  1. Enjoy atmosphere in the fairyland of The Giant’s House

Enjoy atmosphere in the fairyland of The Giant's House

The last botanical garden in New Zealand is The Giant’s House. Enjoying a beautiful garden is from the uniqueness that is in it. You can enjoy The Giant’s House with the people closest to you. Which garden with this giant house you can create memorable things. In addition, when you visit this park you will feel an amazing atmosphere. The amazing thing about this park is that you will feel like you are entering a fairy tale world.

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In the article 9 Beautiful Botanical Gardens in New Zealand for Your Visit This Spring, the discussion ends. We never stop admiring the beautiful gardens above. With some of the parks that we have mentioned earlier, New Zealand is well known to many people, especially foreign tourists. If you are tired of visiting some of the beautiful nature above, don’t forget to also enjoy the favorite dishes in this country. Therefore, hopefully from this article you can visit the parks in New Zealand. Happy traveling!


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