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8 Romantic Places for Things to Do With Your Partner in New Zealand – Planning a romantic idea is something every couple looks forward to. Moreover, prepare what things you should do with your partner in February. The best idea you can do with your partner is to visit the State of New Zealand. Among the best things are visiting museums, enjoying romantic dinners, and visiting some amazing destinations. One of the ideas that we recommend for you to create a romantic atmosphere with your partner is to visit a destination. This country can be said to have several tourist destinations that you must do with your partner. Therefore, we will provide several lists of romantic places for you. In the article 8 Romantic Places for Things to Do With Your Partner in New Zealand. Let’s discuss!

  1. Mt. Cook National Park

Mt. Cook National Park

The first romantic places in New Zealand is Mt. Cook National Park. If you and your partner love to travel this place is the one for you. Because you and your partner will enjoy a cool hiking. Before passing through a mountain you will be presented with a beautiful natural charm. Especially when you have started your hiking trip, you will find animals that are typical of this country.

The initial trip to enjoy hiking is during the day. Depart during the day, you will reach the top at night. What’s more, at night you and your partner can see an amazing view. Which is at the top of this mountain, if you are lucky you can see the sparkling stars. That’s when the romantic moment with your partner and this is mandatory for you to do.

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  1. Park The Coromandel Peninsula

Park The Coromandel Peninsula

The bay and the park are the right combinations for a destination. Park The Coromandel Peninsula is surrounded by magnificent cliffs. Not only that, the white sand stretches the area of this park, and the beach water is very refreshing. Before you enter this park area, you will find beautiful small villages. Where these villages provide comfortable lodging for you to rest with your partner.

In addition, Park The Coromandel Peninsula provides several romantic activities. Among them are cycling through this park, diving, and much more. If you want to save on travel costs, you can simply take a walk and enjoy the cool garden atmosphere. Therefore, you and your partner can create a simplicity in relationships.

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  1. Akaroa Town

Akaroa Town

Akaroa is still one region with the list above. Where the territory is Canterbury, this area is included in the best city in New Zealand. Akaroa is a small town that has a variety of activities. And also this area is a favorite place for foreign tourists. Tourists also often make Akaroa their list of main destinations. Things you can do with your partner include visiting museums, seeing its natural charms, and participating in unique cultural festivals. In addition, the city of Akaroa has fun activities for you to do with your partner. These activities include kayaking along the lake, riding a jet ski, and much more.

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  1. Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island is arguably a hidden gem place in this country. Not only that, this island still keeps the historical story of the Maori tribe. You can find these historical stories when you hire a tour guide. This island was also once the residence of fish fishermen. If you are interested in visiting this island you will find beautiful buildings. The building is a historic building, which was founded in the 1800s. On the other hand, for those of you who love wine, this place is perfect for you. Because this place always provides local wine. The wine on Waiheke Island is the result of local people’s gardens. With this, you and your partner can enjoy wine together.

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  1. Kaikoura City

Kaikoura City

New Zealand is never separated by islands that save beauty. Kaikoura is a city that has refreshing beaches. And also every corner of this city has a different view. This small town has wild animals whose population is still maintained. You will often meet cute animals including penguins, dolphins, and seals. If you are interested in getting closer to these animals, you can rent a boat that has been provided in this city. What’s more, when you board the boat, you will be presented with the charm of an amazing snow-covered mountain. And also if you are lucky you can see a group of whales coming to the surface.

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  1. The Catlins

The Catlins

The next romantic places in New Zealand is The Catlins. Welcoming is a must when visiting tourist destinations. This place, or more or less this island, is famous for its friendly residents. Not only that, this place has a natural charm that will amaze you. On the other hand, The Catlins is surrounded by dense forest. This forest belongs to the temperate rain forest, and the forest has a refreshing waterfall. Therefore, when you visit this place, you will want to stay forever on this island.

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  1. Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove

Going early to go on vacation is a great time to avoid crowds of visitors. Cathedral Cove is often a frequented place in the country. Especially during this romantic month, we recommend coming early this month. If you are late you can only enjoy very limited facilities including hot baths, exploring caves, and just enjoying the beauty of the beach. In addition, you don’t have to worry about crowds of visitors, you and your partner can enjoy a beautiful sunset.

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  1. Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park

The last romantic place in New Zealand is Abel Tasman National Park. The national park has an area of 1450 Km2, and is one of the best parks in the country. You and your partner can study at the same time on vacation in this park. Learning in this place is a fun thing if you are accompanied by your partner. This park offers several places that have rare animal species around this place. If you are interested in vacationing in this park, you will be offered several fun activities. The activity that is often offered by visitors is hiking. Hiking in this place is very different, because you will pass through beautiful forests, and also be accompanied by a tour guide.

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Thus is the discussion of 8 Romantic Places for Things to Do With Your Partner in New Zealand. With the list of places above, you can choose which places you should visit with your partner. By visiting a destination is a unique thing on a date. Sometimes spending moments with your partner is very tiring. Therefore, invite your partner to enjoy their favorite dishes at the best restaurants in New Zealand. Hopefully, you and your partner can do romantic things in this beautiful country. Happy traveling!

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