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Incredible Festivals in Australia: Create New Experiences Your Travelling – Partying or celebrating a festival is an extraordinary thing in a country. Australia is a country that almost never misses the celebration. Moreover, the country has several cultural celebrations held every year. Not only that, but Australia also often introduces its unique animals found in interesting zoos. Partying or celebrating a festival of course there are things that are always provided. As well as good music to listen to, mouth-watering street food, and a lively atmosphere. Therefore, if you are interested in participating in festivals in this country, we will provide a list of festivals for you. The list has been summarized in the article Incredible Festivals in Australia: Create New Experiences Your Travelling. Let’s discuss these festivals one by one!

  • Vivid Sydney Winter Festival

Vivid Sydney Winter Festival

The first Incredible festivals in Australia is the Vivid Sydney Winter Festival. If you come to this country in winter, don’t miss this biggest festival.  Among them are music concerts by local musicians and international musicians. Not only that you get when you join this festival, but you will also get an unforgettable experience while on vacation to Australia. In addition, this festival takes place in the winter months from May to June. In addition, you will also see a lively fireworks concert. And also the sparkling lights decorate this festival.

  • Melbourne Cup – Spring Racing Carnival

Melbourne Cup - Spring Racing Carnival

Beginning of November or rather November 1st. Melbourne hosts a horse racing festival that takes place in the spring. If you are interested in horse racing, this festival is a must when you are on vacation in this country. You need to know, this festival has been going on for more than two centuries. And of course, the Melbourne Cup Spring Racing Carnival is an annual celebration that must be held. This festival not only offers races but also Oaks Day and Derby Day participate in this festival. In addition, the first Melbourne Cup Spring Racing Carnival was held in the country in 1861.

  • Melbourne International Arts Festival

Melbourne International Arts Festival

Arts and culture are the biggest celebrations in this country. The arts in this festival are not only traditional, modern art also participates in the festival. Modern art is presented such as visual laser beams that attract tourists, modern dances, and much more. You should be interested in what the Melbourne International Arts Festivals have to offer. Because you will be enlivened with authentic and unique art. On the other hand, this festival is the most popular festival in Australia and foreign tourists certainly know this. What’s more, the interesting thing that you might participate in is a cultural dialogue that is brought directly by local artists.

  • Adelaide Festival

Adelaide Festival

The biggest celebration in Adelaide, Australia is the Adelaide Festival. This festival displays various arts, literature, and even visual arts. On the other hand, classical and contemporary music brightens up the atmosphere at this festival. You should also know that the Adelaide Festival was first held in 2017. And this country has even made this festival the most popular festival that year. Because this festival attracts local and international visitors to join the Adelaide Festival. Adelaide Festival is held annually from the beginning of March to the end of the month.

  • Woodford Folk Festival

Woodford Folk Festival

A sense of serenity is a hallmark of the Woodford Folk Festival. In a quiet festival, there are various fun activities. Therefore, if you are interested in this festival, come to this country at the end of the year. In addition, local theaters decorate the streets around this festival. And of course, fireworks adorn the festivities of the Woodford Folk Festival. In addition, this festival is very interesting if you invite your closest people.

  • New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve

The next Incredible festivals in Australia is New Year’s Eve. This celebration is accompanied by a flash of spotlights, various fireworks, and endless crowds of visitors. The interesting thing about this celebration is that it is free of charge. Which with this makes it cost-effective to vacation in Australia. In addition, when you visit this country, never miss this one festival. Moreover, when you invite your closest people to come to this celebration, it will create unforgettable things.

  • Byron Bay Bluesfest

Byron Bay Bluesfest

Blues music is at the heart of the Byron Bay Bluesfest celebrations. If you are a blues music listener, this festival is perfect for you. Because this festival features famous blues musicians and of course worldwide. There’s no doubt that the Byron Bay Bluesfest is a celebration of live music in Australia. In addition, the crowd of this festival is always with a refreshing drink, namely beer. You will often find this drink in the festival area. This drink is of course the result of this country’s local products. In addition, if you are hungry this festival offers a variety of delicious street foods. It’s complete if you take part in the Byron Bay Bluesfest celebration.

  • Moomba Festival

Moomba Festival

Incredible festivals in Australia the last is the Moomba Festival. This last list will end our discussion. In a celebration of course looking for things related to fun. Moomba Festival almost every year offers an amazing celebration. Such as fireworks, street food, and much more. Inside the theme park will always decorate thrilling rides. In addition, the Moomba Festival has become an annual tradition in this country.

That’s the discussion from Incredible Festivals in Australia: Create New Experiences Your Travelling. Festivals that we have discussed above, of course, you should not miss. Because by following this you will have extraordinary things in your life. What’s more, you can also create an unforgettable experience. Which is when you vacation in this amazing country. And also to add to the excitement at a festival in this country, don’t forget to invite your closest people. Happy traveling!

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