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12 Diverse Types of Italian Pasta With Uniqueness Shapes – In general, someone would know the type of spaghetti pasta only. It turns out that in Italy itself has several unique types of pasta. The uniqueness lies in the shape of the pasta. And also pasta processing has its own way. Pasta processing such as carbonara, aglio olio, bolognese, and many more. This is the way of making this typical Italian dish. On the other hand, Italy does not only have pasta dishes, but its traditional dishes are no less popular than we will discuss. Therefore, we will provide several types of pasta with their diversity. With that in mind, we have summarized them in 12 Diverse Types of Italian Pasta With Uniqueness Shapes. Let’s discuss!

  1. Fettuccine

Fettuccine with cream sauce

The first type of Italian pasta that we will discuss is fettuccine. This type of pasta is very popular all over the world, especially with its wide shape. Which makes fettuccine known to many people for its unique and solid shape. What’s more, we highly recommend this type of pasta for choosing a typical Italian sauce. The special sauce consists of fresh meat and tomatoes. That way, making this type of pasta has a delicious taste. In addition, you can also add cream sauce to this type of pasta. Because when you choose a cream sauce, your tongue will be full of the flavors of this country.

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  1. Fusilli

Fusilli Uniqueness of pasta

Making fusilli pasta is quite difficult. However, this does not make this type of pasta lose its uniqueness. The interesting thing about this type of pasta is the process of making it. Because in the manufacturing process it is twisted to form like a spring or hollow. On the other hand, the sauce that is often used to make this pasta is marinara. But you can also choose a thick sauce made from the best ingredients. The materials used are from local farmers or breeders of this country.

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  1. Angel’s hair

The softness pasta of Angel’s hair

The softness of an angel’s hair paste is always maintained for its characteristics. For the naming is not far from it. Then making this pasta is very simple. So simple the process of making it only given cream sauce and oil. However, if you are interested in this pasta, you can choose the cooking process in angel’s hair pasta. Moreover, when it becomes a dish, this type of pasta is often enjoyed by the people of this country in the afternoon. And even you can also enjoy a prepared pasta at dinner.

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  1. Linguine

Linguine with wine sauce

The right combination to enjoy pasta linguine with processed white wine sauce. Then you can add seafood as a filling for this pasta dish. What’s more, you also add a cream sauce to the processed dish. The delicacy will appear in the refined taste of the linguine pasta. In addition, Italians are often misunderstood by the shape and pronunciation of this pasta. Because linguine pasta is almost like fettuccine pasta, from the texture to the shape.

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  1. Cavatappi

Cavatappi or macaroni pasta

People all over the world would call this pasta with macaroni. In this country macaroni itself has a different name, the name is cavatappi. The shape of this macaroni is not cavatappi forming a half-circle and then given a cavity in it. Then to process cavatappi pasta often use cream cheese or other cheese preparations. If you taste this dish and of course choose cream cheese, your tongue will melt. In addition, cavatappi is very popular in Asian countries.

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  1. Spaghetti

Authentic of pasta Spaghetti

The next type of Italian pasta is spaghetti. Almost all over the world must know the type of spaghetti pasta. How not famous at first this pasta has a long enough history to spread it around the world. Then the texture of this pasta is very similar to angel’s hair. For the taste and softness is very different. Because spaghetti pasta is not as thin as the pasta. That way you can distinguish spaghetti pasta from angel’s hair. In addition, the process of making this pasta uses bolognese sauce or with meatballs. If you choose with meatballs, making this spaghetti has a very authentic taste.

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  1. Pappardelle

Pappardelle same like fettuccine pasta

Almost all pasta in Italy have similarities between the types. Pappardelle pasta is often confused with fettuccine. Moreover, when people who come to Italy often mistake the two pastas. How is it not wrong, the texture and shape of the two are very similar. However, the two pastas have a difference, namely the width of the pasta. Then to process this pasta is very easy, because you can combine it with two delicious sauces. The two sauces are Bolognese and mushroom sauce. So, with these two sauces, you adjust them to your taste.

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  1. Farfalle

Farfalle is cute pasta

The next types of Italian pasta is farfalle, you may be familiar with this pasta. Yes, its cute and unique shape is an attraction for tourists who come to Italy. The bow tie shape is typical of farfalle pasta. That way people keep coming to taste this pasta preparation. And maybe you are one of them who will taste the processed farfalle pasta. Moreover, there are two options for serving, namely enjoying with salad or with creamy pasta. If you are interested in this pasta, we highly recommend combining the two options. Because you will feel the real delicacy of taste in pasta dishes.

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  1. Rotelle

Rotelle is shape wheel pasta

The serving of this pasta is very similar to the cereal menu in the morning. How not similar to cereal, its shape is similar to a wheel and colorful. The colors used in this paste are derived from extracts from vegetables. Moreover, this type of pasta is very suitable in combination with full cream milk. Then for the topping, use fresh seafood or processed meat. That way you can enjoy rotelle pasta with gusto. In addition, rotelle pasta is a pasta that is often sought after by tourists visiting this country.

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  1. Penne

Penne is Europe pasta

Those of you who are at home definitely have this type of pasta. Especially for the European part of the course very familiar with this type of pasta. Because penne pasta is a favorite pasta and of course, it must be in a kitchen. However, that way to cook this pasta is very easy. Because of its cylindrical and hollow shape, it is very easy to process. This type of pasta is very often found during the celebration of certain days in this country. In addition, you can simply cook penne pasta by adding cream sauce and chicken pieces. With that, you have maximized the taste of the penne pasta.

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  1. Lasagna

Popular pasta of Lasagna

The next types of Italian pasta is lasagna. The popularity of this pasta lies in the long process of making it. If you order this pasta it will take about 20-30 minutes. However, with it, all will be paid off for its delicious taste. In addition, the ingredients used to make this pasta such as mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, and minced meat. Therefore, if you are interested in lasagna you will be surprised by the two kinds of cheese. In addition, nowadays lasagna pasta is always evolving in the way it is made and the toppings. So, don’t be surprised by the menus produced from this type of pasta.

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  1. Ravioli

Ravioli with toppings

The last types of Italian pasta is ravioli. When you visit Italian restaurants very often you find this type of pasta. Because almost all pasta restaurants in this country provide this type of pasta ravioli. And sometimes you also find small ravioli, if you are lucky to visit the restaurant you will find bigger ones. In addition, the taste in this pasta comes from the filling. When you bite into it, you will feel an extraordinary sensation of taste. Therefore, you must order this type of pasta, because this type of pasta never disappoints. In addition, you can choose the type of pasta filling, such as cheese, meat, and vegetable fillings.

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Thus the discussion of 12 Diverse Types of Italian Pasta With Uniqueness Shapes. Before you eat pasta or other main dishes, of course, you need an appetizing appetizer. So, don’t miss out on this country’s delicious appetizer. What’s more, from the above you can find out which type of pasta suits you. Hopefully, from this discussion, you can explore more deeply about the pasta above. And also the presentation in each pasta dish itself. And enjoy your pasta!

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