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Wonderful Tourist Spots in Milan for Your Best Visit in Italy – Milan is a beautiful city that must be visited in the country of Italy. With this, this country is the one with the most historical stories. In addition, Milan is also an interesting metropolis for you to visit when you are on vacation in Italy. What’s more, Milan is also known for its amazing tourist spot reputation. In addition, Italy is also famous for its delicious culinary tourism, starting with the appetizer, main course, to dessert. We have summarized these things in an article entitled Wonderful Tourist Spots in Milan for Your Best Visit in Italy. Let’s discuss it one by one!

  1. Santa Maria Delle Grazie

Santa Maria Delle Grazie

The first tourist spots in Milan is Santa Maria Delle Grazie. Almost all historians, writers, and world artists have visited this place. However, this place has its own charm to it. When you come to this place, you will find works by artists, then writings that have meaning. And also this place is a very popular historical place in this city. Moreover, Santa Maria Delle Grazie is a historical tourist spot that you must visit. Because if you visit this place, it will add insight and knowledge of yourself.

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  1. Pinacoteca di Brera

Pinacoteca di Brera

Milan is the best city in terms of pre-history. Especially with this one tourist spot, the Pinacoteca in Brera, which stores a lot of historical assets. And the main thing that is often found in this place is an ancient painting. With this, when you visit this place, you will feel an amazing atmosphere. Moreover, if you explore further you will find a historical monument. In addition, the Pinacoteca di Brera has approximately 40 rooms that house historical objects.

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  1. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II was once the largest shopping center in the city. In terms of building style, this place seems luxurious and expensive. It is undeniable that nowadays this place is a must-visit tourist spot. Another interesting thing, in this place, is the wall decoration and ceiling roof in this shopping center. Because when you visit this place, you will be amazed by it. What’s more, when you visit Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II you will find shops with worldwide fashion brands. As well as Prada, Borsalino, Louis Vuitton, and many more. Therefore, this place is perfect for buying souvenirs that will later be given to those closest to you.

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  1. II Duomo (Milan Cathedral)

II Duomo (Milan Cathedral)

The next tourist spots in Milan is II Duomo or often known as Milan Cathedral. Milan Cathedral is a very popular place in Milan. This place is a place of worship of Christian beliefs. And also this place is a tourist place that you must visit. Besides that, the interior design inside this church is very enchanting. And also the exterior of this building is very magnificent. Then this place is also filled with charming statues and carved stones. So, you don’t need to doubt the enchanting beauty of the church.

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  1. Castello Sforzesco

Castello Sforzesco

Milan is a big city and has some interesting historical places. With that, you can simply visit Castello Sforzesco. Because this place has already been recognized by international tourists as an extraordinary place. Moreover, in this place, there is an amazing work of art. As well as the paintings, sculptures, and many more works of art found at Castello Sforzesco. In addition, when you visit this place, you will enjoy the presentation of authentic works of art from 19th century artists.

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  1. Navigli Lombardi

Navigli Lombardi

Who is not interested in the nightlife in a tourist spot. Navigli Lombardi is a tourist spot with a variety of interesting activities. Especially with the nightlife in this place, it makes a tourist spot that is liked by tourists. In addition, Navigli Lombardi is a hangout place for young people in Milan. This will make you want to visit this place even more. And also Navigli Lombardi there are restaurants with typical dishes of this country. Therefore, don’t miss this tourist spot in Milan.

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  1. Piazza dei Mercanti

Piazza dei Mercanti

If you look further into the city of Milan, it is a city that has its own power compared to other cities in this country. Moreover, this city is famous for its tourist attractions that offer the historical side of this country. Piazza dei Mercanti is one of these tourist spots and maybe you will visit in Italy. For almost centuries this place has been the administrative center of this country’s city, and until now Piazza dei Mercanti has become a unique tourist spot. This uniqueness can be seen in terms of the architecture of the building, which is typical of the relics of the 13th century. With this, this place is still preserved for the integrity of the building.

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  1. Cimitero Monumentale

Cimitero Monumentale

The next tourist spots in Italy is Cimitero Monumentale. This place is often known for its monuments that hold such a long historical story. Especially with the building having a mix of ancient Greek and Roman artists, this makes this place an amazing historical element. In addition, this place also has an amazing work of art from artists of the Art Nouveau period. And the main thing in this place is a monument from the tomb of famous people in Milan. The Cimitero Monumentale was founded in the 18th century, and is the highlight of this place.

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  1. Poldi-Pezzoli Museum

Poldi-Pezzoli Museum

The last tourist spots in Italy is the Poldi-Pezzoli Museum. The first impression of entering the tourist spot in this place is the display of valuables and personal collections of Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli. And also a collection from Rosa Trivulzio mother of Gian. The collection includes diamonds, war tools, to paintings and sculptures. Artists of the world know the Poldi-Pezzoli Museum in Milan. Moreover, this place is perfect for when you invite your closest people. In addition, every room in this place has its own atmosphere. Therefore, we highly recommend this place for you, if you are on vacation in Italy.

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Actually, the cities in Italy have their own charm, as well as the floating city of Venice. However, Milan itself has always maintained the popularity of its historical tourist attractions. Therefore, if you are on vacation in this country, don’t forget to visit one of these historic cities. Those discussions of Wonderful Tourist Spots in Milan for Your Best Visit in Italy. Hopefully, from the list of tourist spots above you can visit it. And also visit other interesting Italian cities. Happy traveling!

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