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11 Popular Italian Dishes to Find Your Best Version of Taste

Foodntravelling.com – Italy is a country famous for its pasta dishes. In this paper, we do not discuss these dishes. But the dishes that are popular in this country. These dishes which have a delicious taste. And also, the presentation of dishes in this country is very unique. Therefore, we will provide you with several lists according to the recommendations in this article. In addition to the delicious dishes in this country, of course, you should also try to taste the Italian appetizer. No need to linger any longer, the list has been summarized in 11 Popular Italian Dishes to Find Your Best Version of Taste. Let’s discuss!

  1. Panini

Panini Sandwich

The First popular Italian dishes is Panini. This dish is often associated with tramezzino. However, it is different with this dish. Tramezzino and panini have the same basic ingredient, namely bread. The difference is the filling part of the dish. Panini itself uses fresh meat and vegetables. Then combined with an appetizing Italian sauce. To serve this dish, use toast which makes a delicious smoke smell. In addition, enjoy the panini while it is served in front of you. Because this dish is very delicious when eaten while still warm.

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  1. Veal Marsala

Veal Marsala or Italian Chicken Mushroom


Veal marsala is arguably the chicken steak from Italy. What makes this dish so delicious lies in the preparation and seasoning of the sauce. The process of cooking this dish uses fresh and selected ingredients. For the sauce, it uses typical Italian spices, then adds onions, mushrooms, and spices. When you taste the veal marsala it will create an authentic taste on your tongue. Moreover, this dish is also often enjoyed by international tourists who are visiting this country. So, you don’t need to doubt the delicacy of this one dish.

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  1. Caponata

Italian Salad of Caponata

If you are a salad connoisseur, you will be amazed at the taste of the caponata. Because this dish is served with fresh seafood. Not only seafood, but this dish also uses fresh fruits such as berries and tomatoes. The berries and tomatoes are the results of plantations around the country. So, when you enjoy this dish, you will feel an extraordinary taste on your tongue. Moreover, for the filling of the caponata itself, marine catches consist of squid, crab, octopus, and other marine fish. From the sea catch, adjust your choice in choosing the filling of the caponata.

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  1. Arancini

Rice Balls of Arancini

Arancini is a simple dish for you to enjoy in this country. Also, this dish is often a dish that is often sought after by food lovers. How not to look for this dish, the taste produced by this dish is very appetizing. Moreover, in the various contents. The fillings in this dish include meat, peas, rice, and Italian special sauce. And the interesting thing is the addition of cheese in the filling. Which will make your mouth melt with its deliciousness.

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  1. Pizza

Legendary Dish of Pizza

Who doesn’t know this famous dish, if you don’t know it, you should explore deeper in this country. Pizza is the most popular dish in the world, from the various toppings to the softness of the dough. Which makes this dish very well known to the local and international community. The cooking technique is roasted or put in a large oven. If you find a pizzeria using a large oven, you can be sure that the resulting taste is very authentic. What’s more, this dish has been branded the world with a legendary dish.

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  1. Cornetto

Breakfast dish with Cornetto

The next popular Italian dish is cornetto. You might think this dish is like a French croissant. The reality is very different from the dish, because the cornetto has a different shape and aroma to the dish. Cornetto itself has a soft custard cream filling. Moreover, if you are eating this dish, it would be better to combine it with tea or coffee. Because you eat this dish will add a delicious taste to your tongue. In addition, cornetto is a dish that is perfect when eaten in the morning or for breakfast.

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  1. Panzanella

Traditional dish of Panzanella

Panzanella is a traditional dish that is very popular in Italy. How unpopular this dish uses fresh ingredients. The freshness of these ingredients makes this dish has healthy ingredients. The ingredients used are tomatoes, cucumbers, basil leaves, onions, and many other fresh ingredients. The main thing in a panzanella dish is the bread and spices. Thus, this creates the perfect blend of flavors between the bread and the fresh ingredients. In addition, if you are interested in this dish, come to the best restaurants in Italy.

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  1. Saltimbocca

Smoked Saltimbocca

When visiting Italy, many tourists are tempted by the taste of saltimbocca. When you order this dish, you will feel an impressive taste on your tongue. Because this dish has a variety of fillings such as pork, chicken, and beef. So, with that, it suits your taste in having a variant of the saltimbocca filling. Then, this dish is usually served with mozzarella cheese, which is ready to melt your taste buds. Then, for the spices used are typical Italian spices, and of course, these spices come from local farmers in this country.

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  1. Ciabatta

Sandwich bread of Ciabatta

This one dish is ready to accompany your breakfast and also accompany your break time. Ciabatta is a typical white bread of this country that is quite popular among local people. When you enjoy this dish, you will feel the dense and delicious texture of the bread. In addition, ciabatta itself is a complimentary dish made from sandwiches. And also you can choose the filling variant which consists of ham, smoked meat, and chicken. What’s more, you can add fresh vegetables to your sandwich.

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  1. Ossobuco alla Milanese

Popular dish of Ossobuco alla Milanese

The next popular Italian dish is ossobuco alla milanese. This one dish is very interesting for you to taste in this country. Because this dish is made from selected beef. Not only that, the cooking process is also very unique from beef. The beef used like the spare ribs, ossobuco alla milanese is very different. The difference is in the selection of beef in the middle there is still a bone. And in the middle there is a delicious marrow. So, we highly recommend you to try the ossobuco alla milanese dish.

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  1. Semi Freddo

Italian Dessert Semi Freddo

The last popular Italian dishes and at the same time ending this discussion is semi freddo. This dish is a dessert that is quite luxurious in its taste. Because when you first taste this dish, you will feel a refreshing cold sensation. Then the softness of the whipped cream combines the irresistible flavors. Semi Freddo usually has a restaurant refrigerator. And for the flavor variants, you can choose vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, and of course strawberry. Then this dish has a sweet and delicious strawberry sauce. Therefore, don’t forget this sweet dish when you are on vacation in Italy.

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Thus the discussion of 11 Popular Italian Dishes to Find Your Best Version of Taste. Almost all dishes in this country have their own charm. And tourists who come to this country will definitely enjoy their journey in the culinary world. Moreover, restaurants in Italy are very concerned about the quality and taste of each dish. In addition, if you are interested in dishes from the list above, adjust to your own taste and tongue. And hopefully, from the list above you can find your best taste in Italian cuisine. Enjoy your food!


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