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The Most Beautiful Small Towns in Italy – You’ve Never Seen Before – Most areas in Italy have small towns that are rarely visited by foreign tourists. Moreover, small towns are synonymous with bad things. This is a big mistake, when you visit this country, you will find several small towns that have an interesting culture or history. Moreover, the small towns in this country have their own charm, which can attract tourists to visit the small town. Therefore, here we will provide a list of some of the beautiful small towns in the country. This has been summarized in the article The Most Beautiful Small Towns in Italy – You’ve Never Seen Before. Let’s discuss!

  1. Borghetto, Verona

Borghetto, Verona

The first small towns in Italy were Borghetto. Small-town hospitality is an attraction for visitors from abroad. Borghetto is a beautiful city located in the province of Verona, Italy. The flow of the Mincio River is what makes this small town look beautiful. Moreover, this small town often holds festivals that you must visit. The festival is the Festa del Nodo d’Amore which is held in the summer of every year. If you are interested in this small town, be sure to schedule your vacation next summer. In addition, if you have visited this city, don’t forget to visit the historic windmill. In addition, there is also a dam fort that will amaze you.

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  1. Castelluccio, Perugia

Castelluccio, Perugia

You will often find terraces or plantations in the small town of Castelluccio. In this small town there is a settlement inhabited by approximately 200 people. And also this small town is situated in one of the highest mountains in the country. It is undeniable that the small town of Castelluccio has an interesting national park. The national park is Monti Sibillini, where in the park you will find a very large plantation field. If you want to visit this small town, it is certain that the best time is from May to June. Because in that month the farmers announced their harvest. The produce from local farmers in the city is known for its freshness. So you don’t have to worry about buying kitchen supplies when you visit this small town.

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  1. Sovana, Grosseto

Sovana, Grosseto

This small town in Italy is famous for its long history. Why did it happen? because the small town of Sovana was founded in the 7th century BC. If you are visiting this small town, you will often find buildings with ancient Italian style. In addition, the culture of the small town of Sovana is still preserved today. For those of you who may not really understand the culture, this place has a tour guide. So, you don’t have to worry about cultural issues in this small town. In addition, when you have visited this place, don’t forget to taste the best class wine.

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  1. Vipiteno, Bolzano-Bozen

Vipiteno, Bolzano-Bozen

This small town has recently been in the spotlight of foreign tourists. Highlights include from this place which has a mountain with stunning views. If you are a mountain climber, don’t forget to prepare your camping equipment. To reach a mountain in this small town has a fairly difficult path. In addition, this small town has historical tourist attractions that you must visit. These historical places include churches, great forts, military barracks and many more. So, if you are visiting this small town, you can enjoy the scenery while increasing your horizons.

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  1. Castelmola, Messina

Castelmola, Messina

The next small towns in Italy is Castelmola. This small town is almost rarely visited by foreign tourists. If you are interested in this, you will be crowned the discoverer of hidden gems places in this country. The whole area of the small town of Castelmola has its own charm. Especially with the natural scenery around this place to make yourself amazed. Moreover, to reach this small town is quite complicated. Because to reach Castelmola you will pass through quite steep roads. However, if this doesn’t worry you, it will pay off for the extraordinary beauty of this small town.

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  1. Bosa, Oristano

Bosa, Oristano

Houses painted in pastel colors give the small town of Bosa its own characteristics. Especially with this place filled with lush trees. And also, this place is a city filled with fishermen. It could be that this city is also called the small town of Bosa fishermen. The best thing you can do in this place is take a walk or just look around. However, in this small town there are some of the best restaurants that you must visit. In addition, with these things create memorable moments with those closest to you in the small town of Bosa.

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  1. Positano, Salerno

Positano, Salerno

The next small towns in Italy is Positano. This small town has a place that is very familiar to your ears. Yes, that place is the Amalfi Coast, a place that is highly coveted by travelers. The small town of Positano is nestled in incredible hills. The extraordinary thing is that this place directly faces the amazing fishing town. And Salerno itself is located in the province of Salerno, Italy. In addition, Positano not only offers views, but the cities or settlements in this area are also very extraordinary. When you arrive in this small town, you have to take a walk or stroll through this beautiful little town. So, with that you can describe how extraordinary this small town is.

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  1. Manarola, La Spezia

Manarola, La Spezia

The last small towns in Italy is Manarola. This small town is more or less the same as the small town above. The view of the beach is an attraction for tourists who want to visit this place. Moreover, Manarola is located in the northern part of the country. When you visit this place, you will often find fresh fish from local fishermen. And also the wine in this small town has good quality. In addition, from May to June or in summer, this place is the best spot to enjoy the season. Especially if you come to this city in that month, you will be offered an appetizing snack.

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Those discussions of The Most Beautiful Small Towns in Italy – You’ve Never Seen Before. Sometimes to reach the small towns above requires quite extra access. Especially if you are a foreign tourist, it will be a little difficult to reach the beautiful cities in this country. On the other hand, this country often offers amazing tourist destinations for you to visit. What’s more, it’s not only amazing destinations, but Italian specialties that you must taste. Therefore, we hope that you will find your version of the small town, and that you may visit again in the future. Happy traveling!

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