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10 Best Historical Places in Netherlands for Your Exploration Experience – If you do a tourist visit to a country. You do this to find out more about the country where you are traveling has its own specialties. A suitable destination for this is a historical place destination. Besides you get fun, you also get impressive new knowledge. Europe is one of the many continents that provide historical place tours. Europe has many countries that have a history of exploring the world. One of these explorer countries is the Netherlands. The Netherlands has a long history in this regard. Some of the histories of the Netherlands can still be seen clearly in certain areas there. We have summarized this in the 10 Best Historical Places in the Netherlands for Your Exploration Experience. Let’s discuss!

  1. Dom Tower

Dom Tower

The first historical places in Netherlands is Dom Tower. Dom Tower is a symbol of the church in the Middle Ages. This historical building in the city of Utrecht has a long history that can add to your insight when visiting it. The medieval city of Utrecht was a city that symbolized the power of religion. So, it’s no wonder there are so many churches there. One of these buildings is the Dom Tower. The place which was built from 1321 to 1382 has a height of 112 meters.

Inside the Dom Tower, there are many historical events that continue to evolve. The dynamics that raged in 1580 regarding the conversion of the Catholic church to Protestantism also adorn history here. If you want to visit Dom Tower, you can go directly to the tourist information area. Or if you want to order tickets in advance, you can order them online. This tour will take you to the impressive past of the Netherlands.

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  1. Boekhandel Dominicanen

Boekhandel Dominicanen

The place that is currently used to sell various books, was once a large church. Boekhandel Dominicanen was a Dominican church in the 13th century. The church, which was built in 1294, has a Gothic style that is still preserved today. Boekhandel Dominicanen is located in the town of Maastricht right in the center of the city. Boekhandel Dominicanen building has a high dome equipped with large windows making this building has a high historical value.

The Dominican Church experienced upheaval, so in the 18th century, it was closed. With this very large building, the community used the church as a place of business. One of them in 2006, Boekhandel Dominicanen was founded. If you are looking for a destination that has architectural beauty, you have to come here. Apart from that beauty, you can also buy books. Here, there are a complete variety of books, ranging from best-selling books to antique or rare books, all of which are here.

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  1. The Royal House of the Netherlands

The Royal House of the Netherlands

The next historical places in Netherlands is The Royal House of the Netherlands. This palace was originally the building of the city hall of Amsterdam. The building, which was built in 1648, was designed by Jacob van Campen. The style used by him is a classical Greek style. In 1808 the town hall was used as a palace because of its luxurious building. The Dutch king who first occupied this palace was Louis Bonaparte. Because of its location in Amsterdam, precisely on Dam Square, this palace is closer to the business of economic mobility.

History is still continuing, in 1813 when the power of Napoleon Bonaparte fell, this palace was returned to its function as the city hall of Amsterdam. However, in 1936 the town hall became a palace again after being returned to the Dutch government. If you want to visit The Royal House, you are required to come in the summer. In the summer the palace is open to the public. One of the activities that you can participate in is the Royal Awards for Painting in October each year.

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  1. Koppelpoort


This destination is a destination in the form of a medieval gate. The gate, which was built from 1380 to 1425, was in ancient times used as the entrance to the city of Amersfoort. Apart from being the entrance gate, Koppelpoort was used as the second stronghold in the city. The river used for building this gate is called the Eem river. The river which has a fairly calm flow holds various functions for the defense of the city at that time. Among other things, this river can function as a water level controller in the city.

If you visit Koppelpoort you can book tickets online or come there directly. The tour will run for about 45 minutes at this Koppelpoort. In this tour, you will be invited to know more about the uniqueness of this defense gate of Amersfoort city. The unique thing that you will encounter when you visit here is the process of opening and closing this gate which still uses human power.

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  1. Kinderdijk


The next historical places in Netherlands is Kinderdijk. The windmill is a historic building that is synonymous with the Netherlands. In the lowlands of Alblasserwaard there are several windmills called Kinderdijk. This windmill was built in 1740. The function of this windmill is to make the lowlands of Alblasserwaard dry. In addition, this windmill functions as a water management tool for the necessities of life. In 1997 this windmill was inaugurated as a UNESCO world heritage. And this windmill is also used as an image on Dutch postage stamps.

If you want to visit Kinderdjik, the place is near the oldest Dutch city of Dordrecht and the port of Rotterdam. You can visit this place directly which will be guided by a tour guide who is there. You will be invited to visit the museums that describe the history of Kinderdijk. One of the famous museums on the tour is the Mills museum. Here you will see the history of Kinderdijk through multiscreen films at the De Fabriek Auiliary Pumping Station.

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  1. Fort St. Pieter

Fort St. Pieter

Located in the south of the city of Maastricht, precisely above the Meuse river. Fort St Pieter was built in the 18th century for early military purposes. This place is a fortress of the city of Maastricht so as not to be attacked by the French. The fort, which is more than 300 years old, still has the same building as it was originally built. Slight renovation in this building due to some war damage. This fort is a protected Dutch nature reserve. Because it is a protected nature reserve, of course, this place is a tourist attraction.

If you want to tour this place, you can book tickets online or come in person. This tour will take you into a secret tunnel that is underground. In addition, there are also ancient cannons and water wells that are ready to amaze you with the history of this fort.

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  1. Kasteelruine and Fluweelengrot

Kasteelruine and Fluweelengrot

The next historical places in Netherlands are Kasteelruine and Fluweelengrot. The castle ruins have a long history that is certainly interesting to study. This castle ruin destination by the Dutch is often called Kasteelruine and Fluweelengrot. Kasteelruine and Fluweelengrot is located in Valkenburg aan de Geul which was built in the 11th century. The ruins of this castle were once a very luxurious building with a towering tower. This towering tower was once used to watch over the cities below. This castle is the only castle in the Netherlands that is on a hill.

You can buy tickets for this tour at Kasteelruine online. The tour there will start by walking in the large arena and then towards the defense tower. After that, you will be taken to the dungeon and armory area. Then for the close of the tour, you will be taken to the Velvet Cave. This tour is a loss for you to leave.

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  1. Sint-Janskathedraal


The church with the grandest Gothic architecture in the Netherlands is probably owned by the Sint-Janskathedraal church. This church was originally dedicated to St. John the Evangelist in 1340. But after the Protestants attacked the Catholic diocese in 1492. This church passed to Protestant hands and many of the attributes of Catholicism were removed. In 1816 the church was returned to being a Roman Catholic church.

You can book tour tickets online or visit in person for sightseeing. The guide there will guide you to see the wonders of this church based on history as well as beauty. First, you will be invited to climb the Sint-Jan tower. On this trip, you will find an old working clock, a carillon, and a gallery about the history of this church. And for the end of this tour, you will see the beauty of the cities from the top of the 43-meter-high tower. So what are you waiting for, immediately visit Sint-Janskathedraal.

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  1. Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House

The next historical places in the Netherlands is the Anne Frank House. The following destinations are very well known in the Netherlands. You can visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, precisely at Prinsengracht 263-267. You can only book tickets online. A guided tour by an experienced guide there will show you the history of the house that was once a hideaway and now a museum.

Anne Frank was born in 1929 in Germany, because in Germany her life was not safe she moved to Amsterdam with her family. In Amsterdam, during 1940-1944, there was a pursuit of Anne Frank’s family, during which time they were also hiding in this house. In addition, Anne Frank also wrote her diary and poured out her heart. Until in 1944 Anne’s family was caught. In 1960 Anne Frank’s father returned to the house he found Anne’s diary. So from 1960 until now, the house has become a museum about witnesses of a dark history.

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  1. Rijksmuseum


The last historical places in Netherlands is the Rijksmuseum. This museum in Amsterdam is located in Museum Square. The museum which was founded on November 19, 1798, has a very large collection as the national museum of the Netherlands. At the beginning of its construction, this museum was in The Hague then in 1808, the museum was moved to Amsterdam. The collection at the Rijksmuseum itself now reaches 8000 historical objects. Among them are 2000 paintings by Jacob van Ruisdael, Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt. The years displayed in this museum range from 1200 to 2000.

If you want to visit this museum you can book tickets online or come in person. The tour that will be guided by the museum guide mentions that there are several tour programs. You can have fun touring along with family games, workshops as well as theater programs.

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Every history must have something left behind. Whether it’s a building or a place. These places have thousands of stories that can be learned as well as beautiful to visit. The Netherlands will never run out of telling its history, because every history is remembered and used as a tourist spot. This makes history will live on in the hearts of those who visit it. Thus our discussion of the 10 Best Historical Places in the Netherlands for Your Exploration Experience. Besides having fun, we hope you will also get a side of Dutch history that not many people know about. So, hurry to visit the Netherlands so that your vacation is memorable and fun. Happy exploration!

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