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11 Must-Visit Magnificent Stadiums in England for You Soccer Lovers

Foodntravelling.com – Football is a sport that is easily found all over the world. Especially with fans from around the world supporting their favorite team. And the continent with the most football fans in Europe, especially England. Meanwhile, England has many football teams that are favorites for all soccer lovers. English teams that have a lot of fans in the world include Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, and many more. In addition, every match between the big teams was attended by a super fantastic number of spectators. In that case, the team must provide a large stadium to accommodate the audience. The stadium in addition to having a large capacity also has beauty as a place to watch. Without further ado, these things have been summarized in our list of 11 Must-Visit Magnificent Stadiums in England for You Soccer Lovers. Let’s discuss!

  1. Emirates Stadium

Emirates Stadium

The first stadiums in England are the Emirates Stadium. The stadium, which is located in London, was originally called Ashburton Grove before having a sponsor as it is today. The stadium used for the Arsenal team as a home base has a capacity of 60,260 spectators. This large number of spectators makes the Emirates stadium occupy the fourth position as the largest stadium in England. Arsenal is a very big club in the world, various champions and history have been inscribed by this club.

If you want to visit this museum you will be taken into the history of the Arsenal club in their museum. After that, you can take pictures in the dressing room, feeling the atmosphere of the 60,260 spectators who are waiting for you to play. This kind of experience is what you can only get when you visit the Emirates Stadium.

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  1. Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge

The proud home base of the Chelsea club was built in 1887 in London, the same as Arsenal. The capacity of Stamford Bridge itself is 40,834 spectators. The capacity of 40,000 spectators makes it one of the largest stadiums in England. A long history with various achievements that have been inscribed by Chelsea makes the aura of this Stadium increase. You can witness this history by taking a tour at the Stamford Bridge Stadium.

You can do historical tours, and stadium beauty tours. On these tours, you can always take photos at the stadium venue or even in the players’ locker room. After doing the session you can buy merchandise inside the Stadium area. You can buy tickets to be able to do this stadium tour online or on Chelsea’s official website.

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  1. Old Trafford

Old Trafford

The next stadiums in England are old Trafford. If you visit the city of Manchester, don’t forget to stop by the stadium belonging to Manchester United or Old Trafford. The most famous stadium in all of England and even the world. The place where world legends were created, one of them Cristiano Ronaldo. The stadium used by Manchester United as a home base has a capacity of 76,000 spectators.

With the number of spectators capacity, Old Trafford, or Theater Of Dream has become one of the largest stadiums in the world. This stadium was used for Manchester United as the main headquarters starting in 1910. During 1910 until now there will be a lot of history that has been inscribed by this club nicknamed the red devil. Tour tickets to surrounding this stadium you can buy online. You can buy these tickets individually or in groups. Relax, if you are traveling alone or in a group Old Trafford is close to the various local attractions that are there. When you already have a tour ticket, be prepared you can feel how amazing the beauty of this stadium is.

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  1. Anfield

Anfield Stadium of Liverpool

The stadium, which is located in Liverpool City, has a capacity of 54,074 spectators. This capacity makes Anfield stadium one of the largest in England. Liverpool started using this stadium as a home base in 1892 when the club was also founded. In the previous era, this stadium was used by Everton until 1892 due to a dispute. Liverpool from 1892 until now won many of the biggest leagues in the world. The historical records are in the Liverpool museum.

If you visit or tour the Anfield stadium you will find yourself in the world of the club’s history. The first time you will be taken to the pitch scene and city view. After that, you will be taken to the club’s changing room. Then, you can take a picture of the Sign with the words This Is Anfield written on it. Then, you can pass through the players’ hallway to the green field and end with you being able to buy Liverpool merchandise.

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  1. Etihad Stadium

Etihad Stadium

The next stadiums in England are the Etihad Stadium. Manchester City’s main headquarters is in the city of Manchester, a city with Manchester United. At first, the name of this stadium was the City of Manchester Stadium but due to sponsors, the name was changed to Etihad Stadium. Manchester City used this stadium as their home base from 2003 until now

The stadium with a capacity of 55,097 seats was originally often used for Commonwealth Games Federation events. If you visit this stadium, you can buy tickets to the stadium tour online on the Manchester City website directly. The experiences you will get there include meeting Pep Guardiola (coach) virtually with 360-degree technology. Then you will be invited to tour the stadium, feel the sensation of the changing room, and listen to football strategies. In the end, you can buy merchandise in stadium shops.

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  1. White Hart Lane Stadium

White Hart Lane Stadium

You can enjoy the stadium that is used by Tottenham Hotspur as their main headquarters when you visit London. The location of this stadium is in the city of north London, a city with the Arsenal team, Chelsea. The audience capacity at White Hart Lane is 36,310 seats. This large stadium has been in use since 1899 until today. However, in 2017 White Hart Lane changed its name to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

To visit this stadium you can buy tickets online. You will be offered various offers to enjoy this stadium. You will be invited to tour the stadium through the changing rooms. Then after that, you will be invited to enter the tunnel for players to be ready for the match. After that, you will be invited to go around the stadium, but through the top. That’s right, through the top through the glass roof which has a height of 42-48 meters. You can get this as the latest experience visiting London.

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  1. Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium

The next stadiums in England are Wembley Stadium. The stadium is usually used by the England national team as their home base since 2007. This stadium has a capacity of 90,000 spectators and is considered the second largest stadium in Europe. The stadium, which is located in the London Borough of Brent, is the host of major events such as the FA Cup. Wembley Stadium also doesn’t want to miss some big events, such as the community shield cup, and the world cup title. Even the Olympics were held at Wembley in 2012.

If you want to enjoy a tour of this beautiful Stadium, you can buy tickets online. Feel the thrill when you set foot in the tunnel for players to get ready for the cheers of thousands of people. In addition, you will also be spoiled by the guide’s explanation of the history of this stadium as a symbol of sports and music. Then you will be invited to try the players’ locker room as well as to the press conference room. After that, the tour will end with you can buy merchandise at the official Wembley store.

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  1. Villa Park

Villa Park Stadium

Aston Villa is the host or owner of this Villa Park stadium. Villa Park was built in 1897 with a capacity of 42,788 people to date. Stadium located in the city of Birmingham you can enjoy through a tour. You can buy tickets for the tour online on the website Villa Park. You can feel the beautiful view of this stadium through the stadium pitch.

The neat arrangement, several activities you can join in this tour. These activities include being a coach in implementing strategies to win matches by sitting in the coach’s chair beside the field. After that, you will be invited to go around the dressing room, then you will be taken to the press conference room to feel the questions from journalists. Then you can enjoy the history of the stadium and the Aston Villa team inside the stadium museum. So, you can immediately book tickets for this tour as soon as possible.

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  1. Goodison Park

Goodison Park Stadium

The stadium used by the Everton team for their main headquarters was built in 1892. At first Everton and Liverpool had one home, namely Anfield, as a result, Liverpool was nicknamed Merseyside Red while Everton was Merseyside Blue. This stadium has a capacity of 40,157 seats. If you are interested in visiting it, you can book tickets online. If you’ve got the ticket then you will soon have a pleasant journey. In this tour, you will be able to visit the changing rooms, away or home. After that, you will be invited to go around the tunnel where the players are getting ready for the boisterous sound of the audience. Then you will be invited to the nearest hospital in the Goodison Park complex. For the last time, you can buy exciting merchandise from the official Everton store.

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  1. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

The next stadiums in England are the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Some people tour the football stadium as pride in life. If you are visiting this country, you will definitely go around and look for places you really want to visit. And one of them is Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. If you are a lover of the Welsh national team, you will definitely add your holiday list to this place. In addition, you will also see the capacity of the spectator seats with a total stadium of 62,850. Moreover, this stadium is also often used for music concerts to celebrate festivals.

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  1. London Stadium

London Stadium

The last stadiums in England are the London Stadium. This discussion will also end from the list above which we have designated for you. If you are interested in the capital of London, you must be familiar with this place. Especially soccer lovers will be familiar with this London Stadium, which will be presented with extraordinary splendor. Therefore, London Stadium is our recommendation that you must add to your list of holidays in the capital. In addition, you will see a total of 66,000 spectator seats. If you are a soccer lover, you must visit this magnificent place. So, what are you waiting for, pack your things and go on vacation to London.

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Thus the discussion of the 11 Must-Visit Magnificent Stadiums in England for You Soccer Lovers. The beauties of the stadium above are things you must meet if you visit England. You can enjoy some of the beauty of these stadiums by taking a tour. The tours carried out on this trip will not make your vacation wasted. You will get a number of pleasant benefits. The benefit is that you can know the long history of an English team. In addition, you can buy some original merchandise sold by the stadium, you can even enjoy the cuisine there. What are you waiting for, hurry up to fill your holiday by taking a tour of the famous stadiums in England. Happy holidays!

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