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12 Stunning Parks in London That Will Give You Vacation Satisfaction

Foodntravelling.com – If you go for a tour, don’t forget to visit the right place. The right place in question is a place that presents beauty and tranquility. You can find a beautiful and quiet place very easily. That convenience makes tourist attractions so meaningful for you to visit, such as parks or gardens in the middle of the city. If you are busy in your work, the garden can be a place to relax. If you are on a European vacation, especially in the city of London, England will find stunning parks.

In addition, London has a variety of beautiful garden tours for you to visit. Here are some park tours in London that are right for you to enjoy your vacation. While drinking tea or coffee with family, friends, partner or alone to enjoy the garden atmosphere. No need to linger, let’s go to the discussion of 16 Stunning Parks in London That Will Give You Vacation Satisfaction!

  1. St James Park

St James Park

The first stunning parks in London is St James Park. The park which has an area of 23 hectares is located in the City of Westminster, Central London. St James Park is continuous from east to west, from Green Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Garden. And the St James Park is the farthest east end of the park. This park is very close to Buckingham Palace. So, when you visit this park you can also enjoy the beauty of Buckingham Palace.

And most of all, this park has black swans. You can find this swan near the lake or around the lake in the middle of the park. There are many attractions that can make you comfortable, including the Blue Bridge, Swire Fountain and Duck Island. In addition, you will be able to take small children to this park, because this park has a garden to play.

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  1. Green Park

Green Park

The park, located in Westminster, close to St James Park, has an area of 19 hectares. The park is flanked by St James Park and Hyde Park. Visiting this park allows you to also enjoy the other three parks. This vast park holds various kinds of monuments that are very dear to miss. These monuments include Diana Fountain, RAF Bomber Command Funeral. You will be able to find that this park is a park that also belongs to the kingdom like St James Park. This park is a garden that was given to Charles II of Poulteney.

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  1. Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park

The next stunning parks in London is Greenwich Park. This park is different from other parks. The difference lies in the area of the park yard which reaches 74 hectares. The location of this park is also in London but on the south side. This park is claimed by UNESCO as a form of heritage for the world. besides that in the past, this park has animals that have lived in this park for a long time and breed very quickly. These animals are small deer. Back in the past, Andre Lotte was very proud to be able to make civilians work in the Agency. Various kinds of attractions such as, the Royal Observatory. Lake, children’s park and also a duck pond. If you invite family, friends, partner or yourself you can enjoy it in your own way.

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  1. Richmond Park

Richmond Park

The park which has an area of 995 hectares which is also located in London. Richmond Park is a 17th century park built by Charles I for a deer park. Richmond Park has appeared in many tv series because of its beauty. This park is a park protected by the British government as a nature reserve. Richmond Park is today home to 650 deer. Besides being famous for its deer houses, this park is also famous for its vast expanse of meadows.

If you want the coolness of the air you can take a trip to travel. But don’t worry, if you just want to take a leisurely stroll, you can also enjoy it in this park. There are several facilities that you can enjoy in this park, including historical buildings, lakes, and plantations. What are you waiting for, take the time to visit this Richmond Park.

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  1. Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park

The next stunning parks in London is Regent’s Park. This amusement park is located in London or often called the Royal Park of London. This park is oriented to families or children. Regent’s Park has many entertainment attractions. If you visit Regent’s Park, you and your family can do sports from basketball, tennis to other fun sports. You can also take a leisurely walk in this park which has been neatly arranged according to the path.

When you and your family want to experience water play, you can try the boating rides that have been provided there. When you travel in this park, you will be accompanied by many birds such as pigeons, storks and other birds. In addition, this park gives you more satisfaction, in this park there is a zoo that can make your and your family’s vacation very enjoyable.

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  1. Kensington Park

Kensington Park

The park, which was built in the 16th century, has an area of 111 hectares. The park, which was built in the capital city of England, London, was built next to Hyde Park. Hyde Park itself at the beginning of its construction did become one with Kensington Park. However, in the 16th century Kensington Park and Hyde Park were separated. If you visit this park you can enjoy some new things in the experience of visiting the park.

You can find a park in a typical Dutch style if you take a walk in this Kensington Park. besides that you can also find a round pond. You can also enjoy the Westbourne River that stretches in this park. The calm river is also used for dams in this park as a lake. If you are tired of walking, you can enjoy the beauty of the lake by sitting on the benches that have been provided by the lake.

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  1. Hyde Park

Hyde Park

The next stunning parks in London is Hyde Park. This 140 hectare park is located in London. Its location right in the middle of the city makes this park a top destination for people in London. Most visitors to this park are old people who want to feel the cool air. In addition to parents, young people, family groups or those who just want to walk the dog also often visit this park. This park is very famous for its breadth as well as its beauty close to Buckingham Palace.

The history of this park is that this park was used as a place for royal hunting for Henry VIII in 1536 according to the year it was founded. The park is split in two due to the flowing river. The two divided areas of Hyde Park have the names Serpentine and Long Water. If you are tired of walking you can also sit on the bench provided throughout this park.

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  1. Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath

This park has a difference from other parks. The difference in the park is in the garden view presented by this Hampstead Heath Park. This park does not present a forest, tall trees like other parks. Hampstead Heath is more of a stretch of green grass like a meadow in the middle of a city. If you want your vacation to be on a wide expanse of grass.

You can also roll out a mat for you and your family to enjoy the beauty of the city of London. Reading books, doing lunch you can do all in this park. Most visitors to this park are groups of college children, family groups, to many parents and small children. This park has a lake as an oasis in the park. This lake is used for tourists as well as tourists for swimming. This lake is called Hampstead Pond, for those of you who want to enjoy the morning sun you can really visit this park.

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  1. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

The next stunning parks in London is the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The park which was built in 2012 is a construction park from the former 2012 Olympics. If you are a sports fan, you can visit this park. This spacious park has sports facilities that are qualified and of international standard. Some sports attractions that you can try while in this park. Among others, the Aquatic Center and Velodrome which have international licenses. Another thing you can find inside this aquatic center is the 114-meter-high tunnel slide. Where this is the highest tunnel slide in London. In addition, you can also enjoy several other sports facilities such as a jogging track, trampholine or gym.

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  1. Pitshanger Park

Pitshanger Park

There are many reasons to find interesting tourist attractions, one of which is the park. Pitshanger Park is a tourist spot that you might visit, because this park has a beautiful space in Brent River Park. Moreover, this park is also a very interesting place if you invite kids to explore Pitshanger Park. However, you can also relax in this beautiful park. In addition, this park can also be found in the western capital. And around this western capital city has an amazing charm. And of course you can also explore other tourist places.

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  1. East Ham Central Park

East Ham Central Park

The next stunning parks in London is East Ham Central. East Ham is a place frequented by tourists looking for some peace of mind. Because East London is a very interesting place for tourists who are visiting England. Besides that, East Ham Central is an interesting place for the little ones. Because there is a playground that is very exciting. In addition, you will be offered to explore this park very freely. And also you can do sports activities such as yoga and jogging. However, when you choose to take a leisurely stroll through the park this is a great idea for you as a tourist. Therefore, prepare a vacation schedule to London to visit East Ham Central.

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  1. Ravenscourt Park

Ravenscourt Park

The last stunning parks in London is Ravenscourt Park. Ravenscourt Park is a park that was once a very well known place by local residents. Then it was turned into a beautiful park in such a way. In addition, the park is Ravenscrourt Park, where this park also used to have a very memorable history. Therefore, you will explore this beautiful park with an area of approximately 30 hectares. In fact, the name for this place is taken from Thomas Corbett. With that also this park was given an award by the citizens of London, as the best place to visit in London.

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Such is the rehearsal of 12 Stunning Parks in London That Will Give You Vacation Satisfaction. The parks above are very suitable for you to fill your holiday in England. The park is cool, the calm atmosphere makes you more relaxed. Many studies say that a calm atmosphere makes blood flow smoother and also blood pressure becomes stable. Many people are rarely able to enjoy this because they are busy at work.

Sometimes to go on a trip our brain is only focused on distant places. However, it turns out that the parks above provide the answer for you to be able to travel easily and calmly. And we hope you can visit some of the lists above that we have made for you. So, what are you waiting for, immediately go for a walk to the park so you don’t get stressed easily. Happy Holidays!

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