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9 Best Variety Drinks in New Zealand: Every Taste Make You Try it Again – Some people in the world think a drink makes a person calm. However, the diversity of drinks also characterizes a person. New Zealand has drinks such as juice, coffee, cola, beer, wine, and alcoholic beverages as well. That said, back to one’s individual taste. This country has a variety of drinks that you must try, and maybe you will try to drink them again. This country also chooses good, fresh, and hygienic ingredients from various drinks in every process. We’ve rounded up some drinks for you to try while visiting New Zealand. Our article is entitled 9 Best Variety Drinks in New Zealand: Every Taste Make You Try it Again. Let’s talk about these drinks!

  1. Charlies Juice


Charlies Juice

Charlies juice first list of the best variety drinks in New Zealand. The taste of this drink is very fresh and sweet. The short history of Charlies juice was founded by three close friends, namely Stefan Lepionka, Simon Neal, and Marc Ellis. This juice company was founded in 1999, which is said to be a fun way to sell juices without concentrates. When you enjoy this drink full of natural flavors and delicious in every sip.

On the other hand, this beverage company does not only make orange juice, but also fruit smoothies. Energy drinks assorted tropical fruit flavors. And also juices with a variety of tropical fruits. In addition, the factory owned by three people successfully cooperated with the Japanese beverage manufacturer Asahi.

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  1. Phoenix Organic Drink

Most of the wide variety of drinks in this country is made from natural ingredients. In particular, drinks with organic ingredients are the characteristics of Phoenix drinks. Without any preservatives, this drink is very popular in the market by the people of New Zealand. If you want to buy this drink, you don’t have to worry about the content in it, because this drink already has an organic certificate label.

Phoenix Organic Drink

This beverage company is one of the best drinks as well as the first to create natural drinks. Phoenix has various types of drinks including organic lemonade, organic cola, organic orange fizz, organic lemon-lime, and many other organic fruit flavors. However, this beverage company makes a unique taste that is worth trying, namely organic ginger beer. The uniqueness of the ginger beer taste is that it has a ginger taste with a refreshing beer sensation.

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  1. L&P (Lemon and Paeroa)

L&P (Lemon and Paeroa)

The oldest soda company in New Zealand is L&P. The age of this beverage company is more than half a century. However, now this beverage company has been produced by the world’s largest cola company, Coca-Cola. L&P drink has its own meaning, Lemon soda is made in the city of Paeroa, New Zealand.

L&P (Lemon and Paeroa) Monument

If you are interested in visiting this beverage factory in the city of Paeroa, you will find a 7 meters high L&P bottle monument. And also the monument was erected as a symbol of the best-selling beverage in the country. In addition, of course, L&P drinks are a favorite drink and also drinks for a celebration.

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  1. Flat White culture coffee of New Zealand

Flat White culture coffee of New Zealand

This drink had become a debate between New Zealand and Australia about the origin of the story. Some New Zealanders call this drink a flat white or a failed cappuccino coffee. In 1989 this drink was born. Technical achievements in creating new and delicious coffee flavors. Flat white is formulated by the barista with a double shot of espresso then combined with full cream milk, to create a thin foam on top. This drink is also often equated with a café latte. However, if you taste it will be different in terms of taste.

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  1. Lewis Road Creamery

Lewis Road Creamery

A bottle of chocolate milk with an authentic taste is the target of New Zealanders. At the time of its initial release, the Lewis Road Creamery was sold out without a single bottle remaining in the country. In fact, the people of New Zealand are trying to remix this drink. That way, there is nothing for the people who remix this drink to create the delicious taste of this chocolate milk. This chocolate milk beverage company began to innovate with the taste of chocolate milk. The new flavors created are caramel, strawberry, and coffee flavors added to chocolate milk. The recommended taste for the drink is strawberry flavor. Because the combination of chocolate milk with strawberries is a delicious combination.

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  1. Speight’s Beer

Speight’s Beer

Beer drinks have become a mandatory drink to accompany a celebration. Visiting Speight’s beer factory you will find unique writings on the back of the bottle caps. The taste of the beer in this factory is still preserved today. This beer company was founded in 1876 in the city of Dunedin. In addition, Spight beer is the oldest brewery in the country.

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  1. Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine

Mulled wine drinks combined with fresh tropical fruits create a very delicious wine taste. This drink is perfect for enjoying in winter. When you drink this mulled wine your body will feel warm. You don’t need to bother buying tools and materials to make this drink. Because the wine shops in New Zealand already provide it.

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  1. Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Wine

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Wine

Enjoy the taste of fresh grapes grown in high mountains, sunny weather, and dry land. The city of Marlborough is able to create a wine with a delicious taste. The city is also the largest provider of wine in New Zealand. When visiting the city of Marlborough you will find grapes that are fresh and ready to be processed into wine.

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  1. Stolen Smoked Rum

The best variety of drinks in New Zealand is Stolen Smoked Rum. Stolen Smoked Rum is widely known to lovers of heavy alcohol drinks. In particular, if you like alcohol, stolen rum is worth a try. Because the taste of this rum drink is quite strange and also makes you want to try it again. The taste of stolen rum has a buttery aroma and a very strong apple flavor.

Stolen Smoked Rum

This is what makes this drink known to many local and foreign tourists. You should also try this method which might surprise you a little. Drink stolen rum with coffee and then mix it with soda, that way you will create a new taste in tasting rum and feel spicy taste.

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Wisely consuming a drink is control in us. That way we can enjoy the taste of a drink. Especially the alcoholic drinks that we have provided in the list above. Remember too this, before you buy alcohol, you must comply with the regulations in this country. You must qualify by registering yourself with a valid ID. With this, shops in this country cannot sell alcohol freely. Hopefully, the article 9 Best Variety Drinks in New Zealand: Every Taste Make You Try it Again helps you taste a drink in this country. Enjoy your drink!


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