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10 Best Appetizers in Sweden to Start a Main Course

Foodntravelling.com – When you want to find a tourist destination full of unique culinary delights, then you need to go to the European continent. In Europe, you will be able to find various culinary forms that are unique to the European continent. Countries in Europe have their own uniqueness in terms of cuisine. One of the countries in Europe that provides unique culinary delights is Sweden. Not only does it have beautiful views and cities, but culinary matters don’t need to be asked again. Sweden has their own unique appetizer that you rarely find in other countries. Sweden provides this food before you eat the main course. When you visit Sweden, immediately look for these appetizer foods. Therefore, here are the 10 Best Appetizers in Sweden to Start a Main Course. Let’s discuss one by one!

  1. Knackebord

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The first best appetizers in Sweden are knackerord. If you are a fan of food that has the same texture as crackers, then this one will be very delicious. This appetizer has the name knackebord which is served in many restaurants in Sweden. This food is unique because it looks the same as crackers, but the same thing in Europe is not the same. If you find in Europe an identical food, you should try it first and then judge. All of that also applies to this one cracker named Knackebord.

Knackebord at first glance looks the same as other crackers, but the texture is different. The texture of Knackebord has a thicker thickness than other crackers. If you try to bite it in the first bite, you will feel that this Knackebord is softer. So if you imagine eating crackers then you will misjudge this food. This food is usually eaten by Swedish people as an appetizer or as a friend to drink tea in the afternoon. This food seller is very easy to find in Sweden.

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  1. Vasterbottenostpaj

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To say the name of this delicious food really needs practice for those of you who are not used to it. This delicacy is called vasterbottenostpaj or most people outside of Sweden call it cheesepie. This food is called a cheese pie because it looks like a cheese pie. But again, a European food must be tried first to find out the difference. For those of you who are visiting Sweden, you must go to the nearby market or bakery.

Then, you will be able to find vasterbottenostpaj there. Foods that have a creamy taste are not the same as other cheese pies. In Sweden, you can find different flavors of vasterbottenostpaj in every shop. So, the flavors that are made by the makers have their own taste because they can indeed be cooked with various flavors. Apart from that, if you may have a hobby of cooking you can also buy instant dough sold in markets in Sweden and enjoy your cooking.

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  1. Gravlax

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The next best appetizer in Sweden is gravlax. It wouldn’t be Sweden if there weren’t foodstuffs that weren’t made from fish. This nation has always liked to process fish with various forms of cooking. If you really go to Sweden to look for appetizers made from fish, then you are right. Sweden is a food heaven made from fish, this food called gravlax is also the main ingredient is fish. However, in this food ingredient, the fish used is not low-quality fish. The fish used for gravlax is salmon.

What’s more, salmon is cut into filets like sushi and is still fresh or cooked according to your taste. Then the pieces of fish are sprinkled with sugar, salt, or pepper. If you want additional red onions you can eat them together. On the other hand, you’ll eat it along with pumpernickel bread. To complete the taste of it all you will be offered a typical Swedish cream sauce and some fresh vegetables.

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  1. Potato Pancakes

Potato Pancakes
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Swedes never run out of ideas for their appetizers. In Sweden, you will find the following food called potato pancakes. The potatoes which are usually used for carbohydrates this time are used for the appetizer. These potatoes are made into pancakes which are of course very delicious. If you have ever eaten pancakes, you will also find this dish identical to pancakes in general. However, these pancakes are made of potatoes so once you eat them you will be hooked for the next bite.

What’s more, the potatoes used here are potatoes that have been crushed and then covered with flour with basic ingredients for pancakes such as sugar and others. Swedes usually eat this food when they are partying or as their main meal delivery. If you eat it you should also cover it with yogurt to make it more delicious. Apart from that, you can also increase the level of sweetness by mixing various kinds of jam to sprinkle sugar on top as a topping.

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  1. Artsoppa

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The next best appetizers in Sweden are artsoppa. If you visit Sweden in winter, then you must try this food. This food is called Artsoppa which is perfect for cold weather. So if you have a thick jacket that is not enough to warm the body. Even a warm fireplace sometimes can’t make your body warm completely. If you want full warmth you can eat this artoppa soup. This soup, which has such a delicious shape, is made from peas.

Moreover, this soup is usually served with meat which can increase the body’s metabolism. Swedish people serve this soup also not at any time. For those of you who visit Sweden on Monday, at least you have to wait until Thursday or Friday. You can find this soup wherever you go in Sweden in winter. The shops there will surely offer you this artsoppa menu. For those of you who are winter fans of eating warm soup in Europe, this is the answer.

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  1. Eel Canapes

Eel Canapes
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It has been written above that Sweden is a paradise for many fish-based culinary delights. This country is no less rich than fish culinary in Japan. If you are looking for where you get unique fish food in Sweden, then you can eat this one. This food is called eel canapes or many people call it smoked eel. If you just hear the name of this food, you will immediately be interested in the taste. This food is usually served at parties or just as a booster before eating the main meal.

What’s more, the smoked eel will give off a fishy aroma that is so delicious when covered in Swedish spices. To eat these eel canapes you only need the typical Swedish vinegar, which will bring out all the flavors. Apart from that, you can eat these eel canapes accompanied by dry bread to eat them together. The red-brown eel canapes sprinkled with sesame are delicious to eat.

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  1. Kroppkakor Dumplings

Kroppkakor Dumplings
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The next best appetizers in Sweden are kroppkakor dumplings. Head to Sweden and find a dish made mostly of potatoes. Here you will find food made from crushed potatoes. The mashed potato is then rolled in a circle along with the flour. The name of this food is kroppkakor dumplings. Kroppkakor dumplings have a crunchy taste but are very soft inside. Many restaurants in Sweden provide this food as an appetizer before entering the main meal.

However, for Swedish people, they usually eat this food as a snack that is not too light and heavy. If you take just 3 spheres you will feel full. But it depends on the maker who will make the size of this food big or small. For those of you who want more flavors in it, you can order various flavors of fillings. Various stalls provide various flavors ranging from cheese, and meat to the original. Plus this food is also very easy to make yourself at home.

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  1. Tapas

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The most popular appetizers are made from fish endemic to Sweden. If you know a lot of fish scattered in Swedish seas, the answer is herring. This fish is used for almost anything in Sweden. One of the foods made from herring is a food with the name of this tapas. There is something unique in Sweden, you can determine the maturity of this herring yourself. If you want a fresh and fresh taste, you can order tapas with a rare level of maturity.

However, Swedish people often eat it when it is cooked, fried, and then covered in dry bread. But also sometimes they enjoy it more directly. In addition, here you can enjoy tapas along with mustard, onion sauce to some typical Swedish cream sauce. These meals are usually served in small portions so you will try to spend more and more to be satisfied.

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  1. Toast Skagen

Toast Skagen
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The next best appetizers in Sweden are Toast Skagen. If processed seafood is cooked with selected spices and in a good cooking method, it will produce a delicious taste. Skagen toast is a very popular appetizer in this country. Not only popular in this country, but even outside the European continent this appetizer is very familiar. If you are on vacation in Sweden, it will not be complete if you don’t taste this unique appetizer first hand. In addition, the combination of fresh prawns with dry toasted white bread creates an extraordinary taste. And if you add salad cream on top it will also add a delicious sour taste. In addition, skagen toast is a dish that is very easy to find in various parts of the country. So, you don’t need to worry and be confused about finding this delicious appetizer.

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  1. Phyllo Appetizer Cups

Phyllo Appetizer Cups
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The last best appetizers in Sweden are Phyllo Appetizer Cups. Never thought we were at the end of discussing this country’s appetizers. Phyllo Appetizer Cups is an appetizer with the main ingredient being mushrooms placed in a cup. However, you can also find phyllo appetizer cups with a variety of fillings, from crab to fruit. The uniqueness of this appetizer can be seen in the cup with real mushrooms on it. With that in mind, this dish is often ogled by foreign tourists and food lovers. Besides that, the simple dish also adds a relaxed impression to eat. And usually, this appetizer is often served for parties or big celebrations in this country.

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Thus our discussion of 10 Best Appetizers in Sweden to Start a Main Course. Culinary is the main thing that tourists cannot miss. You can enjoy it all in Sweden without worrying about missing out. It’s quiet in Sweden, there are many restaurants that provide a place to enjoy this country’s typical appetizer. If you are a person who really likes to enjoy food out of time, you can visit Sweden at any time. Hopefully, if you are one of those people who always put atmosphere first, then you need to know the schedule for enjoying culinary delights in Sweden. So what are you waiting for, hurry to Sweden to enjoy their typical appetizer and the atmosphere. Enjoy your food!

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