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10 Typical Swedish Desserts That Makes You Try It Again! – Holidays by walking in a place or another country, is everyone’s dream. If you are tired with your daily activities, you can take a short break by going on vacation. Meanwhile, if you go on vacation you will look for the place or tourist destination that you want. Holidays definitely want a new place that is fun and quiet. You can find this new place when you visit Sweden and find its typical Swedish desserts.

Sweden is complete with all their tourist attractions that are fun to visit with family or alone. However, once you get there you will definitely look for culinary first. Relax in Sweden you can enjoy their special culinary delights, moreover, you can try their desserts. So, without further ado, here are 10 Typical Swedish Desserts That Makes You Try It Again. Let’s discuss one by one!

  1. Kladdkaka

Kladdkaka Swedish Cake
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The first typical Swedish dessert is kladdkaka. If you are a fan of foods that have a crunchy chocolate or chocolate taste, then this one dessert will be delicious for you. This dessert is called kladdkaka which has the appearance of a brown crispy cake. Of course, you don’t need to ask what flavor you will get. Of course, the taste of chocolate from Kladdkaka is very demanding to eat it on and on. Besides that, if you see a texture that seems crunchy, you will definitely be surprised when you chew it. The outside of this kladdkaka is indeed crunchy like dry.

However, if you start eating it or slicing it, you will find that inside this kladdkaka is really melted chocolate. This will be even more complete when you eat this kladdkaka with a cup of warm coffee. However, this kladdkaka is even more delicious as a dessert. In addition, the topping in the form of fresh fruit or a sprinkling of powdered sugar will make you addicted. So, hurry to Sweden to taste the delicious kladdkaka wherever it is sold here.

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  1. Apple Pie

Apple Pie
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Sweden has various mysteries in each of their dessert menus, one of which is the following menu. This Swedish apple pie has a very unique taste and is different from other apple pies. If you want to feel its uniqueness, you can go directly to Sweden or to the bakeries there. The uniqueness of this can’t be described, but the taste is slightly more cinnamon. Swedes often cook this apple pie at a certain event. If you are a special person who wants to get to know Swedish people better.

Then you will be entertained by this apple pie while having dinner. Usually, they serve it as a dessert. Besides that, this apple pie has a crunchy texture on the outside and is soft on the inside. When you eat this apple pie you will feel that the texture you thought was crunchy is actually very soft. Most apple pies are topped with a crunchy texture, but this Swede is the complete opposite.

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  1. Vaffeldagen

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The next typical Swedish dessert is vaffeldagen. When you visit Sweden you will find many desserts that are similar to other European desserts. Even so, you wouldn’t know how delicious it would be if the Swedes made it. Like one of these foods is called vaffeldalgen. In other European countries such as Belgium, you can find this food with a thicker and more chewy size. This food is indeed similar to Waffles from Belgium, but not before you try it yourself. This Vaffeldalgen has a typical Swedish taste that has a cinnamon aroma to it. This form of vaffeldalgen is not as thick as waffles and has a crunchier texture.

However, the taste given is very unique when all the dough has an even taste. However, if you visit a bakery in Sweden, surely this vaffeldalgen will be displayed there. Apart from that, you can also easily buy this delicious vaffeldalgen at roadside stalls in Sweden.

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  1. Ginger Cookies

Ginger Cookies
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For those of you who are visiting Sweden in winter, then this one food is perfect for you. This one food is called ginger cookies which is a lot like home food. Indeed ginger is one of the basic ingredients of food that can make the body warmer. Therefore, when you visit Sweden in winter, this cake is perfect for you. In addition, this cake is sold in a variety of different shapes. Usually, the Swedes sell it in a flat round shape.

But for children these shapes are boring, so many are creative in making shapes like stars and dolls. For the texture and shape of this cake itself, this cake is no different from other ginger cakes. This cake is made from mashed ginger or ginger juice and then covered with flour and then baked. The aroma of these ginger cookies is also very distinctive for those of you who like a taste that is so distinctive and warm on the body.

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  1. Saffron Buns

Saffron Buns
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The next typical Swedish desserts is saffron buns. Still, in the winter atmosphere, this one food is a dessert that is often served at certain events. This dessert food is called saffron buns which actually refers to puffed bread. Bread that has a characteristic round and shaped like the letter S is very famous as a typical Swedish bread. For those of you who like this bread, you can visit Sweden during Christmas celebrations. At Christmas and Thanksgiving, this bread is one of the desserts that must be on the table.

But you don’t need to worry if you’re visiting Sweden, not in the month of Christmas or winter. You can still taste this delicious bread by buying it at a small bakery or bakery in Sweden. Bread that is very soft and creamy when you bite it has a sweet taste. Usually, there are almonds for the topping. So after hearing that, hurry to Sweden to experience it.

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  1. Christmas Toffee

Christmas Toffee
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Winter or at Christmas celebrations in December is the best time to eat this cake. It is not necessary for you to eat this cake only during Christmas celebrations. But the custom of Swedish people is to eat this food at Christmas or Thanksgiving. So for those of you who are on vacation, it will be more fun to apply things that have become the culture of the Swedish people before. This cake is indeed served at banquets, or you can find it in a jar.

Besides that, this bread made of caramel and butter is a dessert. Aside from being a dessert, this food is also mostly used as a snack. If you want this cake you can buy it at your nearest supermarket or bakery in Sweden. In fact, you can make it yourself at home without the need for difficult ingredients. The ingredients used are only sugar and butter, when it is cooked this cake is very crunchy and melts in your mouth.

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  1. Kanelbulle

Kanelbulle Cinnamon Roll
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The next typical Swedish desserts is kanelbulle. If you are looking for a very famous dessert in Sweden, then you have to try this dessert. This dessert is called Kanelbulle or people often call it cinnamon buns. It’s a very rich cinnamon dessert made specifically by Sweden. Therefore, you will find so many different and delicious cinnamon recipes in Swedish cakes. Kanelbulle is a cake made from cinnamon. If you didn’t like the smell of cinnamon before, you will definitely like this kanelbulle scent.

The bread that is so soft is also a variation of a cinnamon-based ingredient which is a blend that makes your tongue want to eat it all the time. In addition, several bakeries in Sweden sell it with various toppings. You can find toppings ranging from almonds to sesame seeds. Of the various toppings, you can choose one according to your taste. However, this kanelbule is still a favorite of many people from the past until now.


  1. Prinsesstarta

Prinsesstarta Scandinavian Food
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You may have many memories of different kinds of bread, such as birthday bread. If you are looking for an ordinary birthday cake in Sweden, you will be offered a typical Swedish birthday cake. The typical bread is named prinsesstarta which is widely used by Swedish people as a birthday symbol. If you are in Sweden and one of your relatives or maybe it’s your own birthday. You can buy this princess birthday cake at any bakery that is available.

However, the culture from Sweden is that everyone cannot change the color of this bread. Because in ancient times the color of this bread was green, until now no one has ever changed that color. Besides that, this bread has a soft dough made from sponge cake. What’s more, you can feel that this bread has fruit and cream fillings, more or less like Swedish birthday bread.

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  1. Swedish Blueberry Yogurt Cake

Swedish Blueberry Yogurt Cake
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The next typical Swedish desserts is Swedish blueberry yogurt cake. This country has several types of cakes that are rarely imitated by other countries. Because Sweden has its own characteristics in terms of manufacture and raw materials which are quite complicated. Same is the case with Swedish blueberry yogurt cake, the manufacturing process is almost the same as the others. Because with this, the authenticity of taste and shape is very influential. In addition, Swedish blueberry yogurt cake is quite popular among the European continent. Even food lovers from all over the world are curious to taste this cake. Because it has a unique taste and is hard to find in some other types of cakes.

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  1. Semlor Buns

Semlor Buns
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The last typical Swedish desserts are semlor buns. The softness of the fluffy buns combined with the delicious almond paste topping creates a taste that is hard to pass up. If you are on vacation to Sweden, you won’t be complete if you don’t eat this one dessert. In fact, from children to adults in this country really love this dessert. And maybe if you are interested in semlor buns, we suggest immediately preparing a vacation schedule to Sweden. In addition, with the popularity of semlor buns, many people mistake this food for a burger. Even though this dish is buns topped with almond paste, put cream in the middle, then sprinkled with a little powdered sugar.

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Thus our discussion of 10 Typical Swedish Desserts That Makes You Try It Again. You won’t deny that culinary is the main thing when you arrive in Sweden. You will search from main dishes to desserts as above. This dessert is typical of Sweden, so you will feel an extraordinary sensation of eating. Because this dessert is typical of Sweden and you are in Sweden, your vacation this time will be very memorable. However, these desserts will be great fun for kids because they are sweet and unique. Hopefully, if you want to feel the impression of a pleasant holiday, with this, immediately go to Sweden to enjoy the sensation of a Swedish dessert. Happy exploration!

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