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10 Best Beaches in Poland That Offer Beautiful Views

Foodntravelling.com – The beach is a very fun vacation spot for you and your family. You can find beaches when visiting tropical climates. But you don’t need to worry if you visit a country with a sub-tropical climate. If you imagine that beaches in countries with sub-tropical climates are not as beautiful as beaches in tropical climates, then your assumption is wrong. If you visit a beach in a sub-tropical country on the European continent, or rather Poland. Then you will find beaches that are so beautiful like beaches in the tropics. White sand, waves that are not so big or big waves and even calm waves you can find all in Poland. Therefore, here are the 10 Best Beaches in Poland That Offer Beautiful Views. Let’s discuss it!

  1. Sopot Beach

Sopot Beach
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The first best beaches in Poland are Sopot Beach. If you are in a period of saturation with all the magnificent urban life. You can cool off for a moment to this one beach, this beach is called Sopot beach. Sopot beach can be easily accessed because of its strategic location, which is close to the city of Gdansk. Besides that, here you can carry out tourist activities very easily without having to bother looking for accommodation. Sopot beach is very friendly with public transportation, which you can reach by bus or shuttle bus.

However, for those of you who have a private vehicle, you can easily use maps to find out the location of this beach. Sopot beach is very famous for its white sand and clear sea water which is so beautiful. Most tourists visit this place in summer or during long holidays. You can also invite your family to enjoy the beauty of this beach. Therefore, immediately invite your family or friends to visit this beach.

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  1. Jurata Beach

Jurata Beach
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For those of you who like marine tourism, there’s nothing wrong with visiting this famous beach in Poland. This beach is named Jurata, a beach that has a variety of attractions for you travelers. Unlike the usual beaches in Europe, this beach has a variety of attractions that will keep you from getting bored with the beach atmosphere. Here you can see people doing adrenaline-pumping water sports activities, you can also try them. This water sport can also vary for each category, you can surf by being pulled by a speed boat.

Besides that, you can also do sports like banana boat too. And mostly here people do beach volleyball around the beach. The really beautiful thing to do here is camping on the beach. If you are someone who likes to spend the night in a tent with the soothing sound of the waves crashing then you can do it here. In general, people who travel to this beach spend time camping.

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  1. Debki Beach

Debki Beach
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The next best beaches in Poland are Debki Beach. A serenity that makes you calm and comfortable is when you are on the edge of a quiet beach like your own beach. If you are looking for that serenity you can visit Debki as the main destination beach. Debki is a beach with serenity that will not make visitors regret it. Apart from that, Debki does provide a fresh view of the blue sea with white sand. You will not forget the feel of a beach that is so quiet with the waves that are not too crowded.

In addition, on this beach there are also some green views that are plastered from the surrounding hills. For those of you who invite your family to go on vacation to the beach, you will feel safe as well as the comfort of this beach. Small children can play peacefully on this white sand beach. As a beach destination that is used to calm down, then you need to set up a tent. Guaranteed if you camp on this beach you will feel like doing meditation.

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  1. Brzezno Beach

Brzezno Beach
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If you have ever watched a Baywatch movie or TV series, you can visit this place. This place is called Brzezno, a beach that has wide sand that blends so beautifully with the blue water that will add joy to your vacation this time. On this beach there are several water sports attractions that are ready to make your adrenaline increase. Apart from that you will also witness some surfers giving their lessons to amateurs or children.

If you are interested in that, you can invite your family or small children to follow a surfing guide. Besides that, there is also wakeboarding here, namely surfing pulled by a speed boat. Of course, this is very loved by the young people who are there or the tourists. They mostly do these activities during the summer. In summer, the beach will be full of vacationers because this beach is very famous.

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  1. Gdynia Beach

Gdynia Beach
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The next best beaches in Poland are Gdynia Beach. You want a beach full of boats and boats of all kinds, or a beach that is also used as a harbor. If you have such a desire you can visit the beaches of Gdynia. This beach is indeed unique because, in addition to presenting its beauty, this beach is also used as a port. But the harbor doesn’t spoil the view that was already there. In fact, the view on this beach is very unique because of the port.

In addition, if you look there, you will be given various attractions or water sports. There you can play beach volleyball, you can learn to surf. Besides surfing here, you can also play wakeboarding pulled by a speed boat. Do not escape from that, you will also be accompanied by tour guides who are ready to explain the ins and outs of this beach. The thing most tourists do here is that you can rent or board a tour boat to go around the vast sea.

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  1. Jelitkowo Beach

Jelitkowo Beach
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The city of Gdansk never stops surprising you when it comes to beaches. One of the surprises of the city of Gdansk is this beautiful Jelitkowo beach. This beach, which is similar to tropical beaches, is the main destination for lovers of marine tourism. Apart from that, here you will be spoiled with waves that are not too violent but very valuable for later. For those of you who are new surfers or are learning, you can try to conquer the waves in this place.

In addition, here are some delicious shops that can pamper your stomach when you feel hungry. You can also try various water sports on this beach, such as swimming, surfing, and even playing flying saucers with your family, which will add to the fun of this vacation. Because it is located in the city of Gdansk, accommodation and public transportation are often found in this place. You don’t need to worry about these two things because here all access is easy for tourists.

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  1. Stogi Beach

Stogi Beach
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The next best beaches in Poland are Stogi Beach. You will feel like visiting a beach surrounded by cities if you visit this one place. This place is named Stogi a beach surrounded by the urban environment. However, you don’t need to worry or think that the Stogi has a dirty beach. Of course not what you imagine about the beach adjacent to the city will disappear when you see the amazing beauty of Stogi. The urban environment doesn’t make visitors feel uncomfortable with that situation at all. In fact, on the contrary, visitors forget that this place is close to the city.

The vast white sand has lots of children building sandcastles with their friends. Many tourists are also basking in the sun, and some are swimming to enjoy the fresh water. Sights like this are rare when the beach is close to an urban environment. So invite your family or friends to visit this place, because Stogi has its own uniqueness.

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  1. Swinoujscie Beach

Swinoujscie Beach
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For those of you who have the desire to visit a very wide beach without worrying about being crowded or fighting over space, you can visit this beach. This beach is called Swinoujscie which has a width of more than 4 km. In this place, you will not feel jostling with other visitors because the area is very wide for you and your family to have an excursion. In addition, Swinoujscie provides some equipment or equipment for those of you who want to relax on the beach. Equipment or equipment such as tents, beach chairs, mats, or even provide tools for barbecue.

For those of you who are lazy to bring the equipment or you forgot to bring it, you can rent it on the beaches. Apart from that, this beach offers quite a variety of water sports such as wakeboarding, surfing, and swimming so you can do fishing. For those of you who like culinary on the beach, there are many beautiful and delicious shops to fulfill your desire to eat. Therefore, immediately visit Swinoujscie.

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  1. Mielno Beach

Mielno Beach
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The next best beach in Poland is Mielno Beach. The beach is a tourist destination that is perfect for visiting in the summer. And in summer, lots of people flock to spend the holidays. Moreover, many teenagers in this country like the beach, because the beaches in this country are very beautiful. Meanwhile, Mielno Beach is their favorite place when school holidays arrive.

In addition, when you visit this beach, you will be offered the beauty of the natural surroundings. The natural beauty offered in this place includes clean beach sand and of course smooth. And the glass-like water of the beach adorns the natural beauty of Mielno Beach. That way you can relax happily on this amazing beach. Therefore, visit Poland and spend your summer vacation at Mielno Beach.

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  1. Pobierowo Beach

Pobierowo Beach
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The last best beaches in Poland are Pobierowo Beach. If you visit the Pomeranians in the western part of this country, you will find an amazing beach. Yes, Pobierowo Beach is one of the beaches that you must visit. The seawater that is blue and clear like glass will add to the impression of a pleasant vacation. What’s more, the activities you can do on this beach are surfing, kayaking, and much more. Meanwhile, if you invite a group of people closest to you, this place provides a field for playing beach volleyball. Beach volleyball in the Pobierowo Beach area is often done by local people. So with that, you can also play with them. And of course, you will also get the impression of a memorable vacation.

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Thus our discussion of the 10 Best Beaches in Poland That Offer Beautiful Views. The beaches in Poland are no less good than beaches in tropical countries. In fact, you can compare the beauty of the beaches in Poland with the beauty of the beaches in Hawaii. But these beaches have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, if you are in Poland and want to have a beach vacation, then you can stop by one of the beaches above. By visiting these beaches you have found the latest picnic to the beach on the European continent. Hopefully, when summer arrives, if you don’t visit Poland without visiting the beauty of the beaches, you will feel less. Happy traveling!

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