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11 Amazing Cultural and Historical Places in Philippines – Visiting a country for vacation will definitely be fun, but it’s more fun if you see the variety of culture and history of the country. The next country to be discussed is the Philippines. This country, which is located in Southeast Asia, has a wide variety of cultures and history. If you have a vacation in the Philippines, you must visit several destinations that depict Filipino culture. In addition, tourist destinations related to history are no less exciting for you to visit. By studying the variety of culture and history in the Philippines you can also broaden your knowledge about the people in the Philippines. Vacationing with family and also learning about Filipino society is fun. Therefore, here are 11 Amazing Cultural and Historical Places in Philippines. Let’s discuss one by one!

  1. The Quezon Heritage House

The Quezon Heritage House
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The first cultural and historical places in Philippines is The Quezon Heritage House. If you know the power map in the Philippines then you will be no stranger to the following destinations. This destination is called The Quezon Heritage House, a former home of President Manuel Quezon. At that time the president Manuel Quezon and his family occupied this house for a time. The President occupies this residence with his family who will only visit this place on weekends. The house, which has a luxurious shape, is a place for the president and his family to unwind.

Apart from that, you can also see that the architecture of this house was very modern at that time. The architecture with a neoclassical nuance with a house consisting of two floors adds to the impression that this house is a private house. If you walk into the backyard you will find a pleasant swimming pool. This house was built into a museum in memory of President Manuel Quezon. In addition, if you visit here, make sure you use the services of a tour guide here who is fluent in English.

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  1. San Agustinus

San Agustinus
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For those of you who want the history of the Philippines in the Spanish colonial period, you have to visit this place. This place is called San Augustine which is located in Manila. San Augustine is a church which is still actively used in all religious events and has a lot of history. This church was built in 1571 and suffered some destruction due to invasion of other countries or wars. Not only that, even this church was attacked by troops from England who invaded the Philippines in the 1700s.

If you go to this place then you will witness a large church which has the same characteristics as the churches in classical Europe. The walls are made of black and gray bricks to add to the classic atmosphere of this church. In addition, this church is also recognized by UNESCO as one of the world’s cultural heritage. Therefore, immediately go to the Philippines to see these churches.

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  1. Leyte Landing Memorial Park

Leyte Landing Memorial Park
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For those of you who want to take a walk in a park that also contains a high historical value, then you have to go to this place. This place is called Leyte Landing Memorial Park, a memorial park to commemorate Filipino heroes. In this place you will be given a view of the memorial park which is close to the sea and even on the shoreline. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the sea while looking at a beautiful memorial park. For that, you have to know the history of this memorial park.

In the past, when the Japanese ruled in the Philippines, a man named Macarthur had the enthusiasm to expel Japanese colonialism from the Philippines. Therefore he started from this place, this place was used for Macarthur’s first landing. Until now this landing is used as a Macarthur Memorial Park to honor his services. In this place you can see 7 human statues made of bronze. This statue depicts Macarthur’s first landing at this place.

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  1. Plaza Cuartel

Plaza Cuartel
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For those of you who have strong guts and dare to visit ancient war heritage buildings, then you have to come here. This place is called Plaza Cuartel which is so beautiful and scary at the same time. But you don’t need to worry because this place has been visited by millions of tourists every year. In this place you can see an ancient building that is shaped like an abandoned ancient prison.

However, this is what turns out to be the main attraction for tourists visiting Plaza Cuartel. A war prison during the second world war when the Japanese ruled in the Philippines. There is a story that is so sad, Filipino and American soldiers who were enemies of Japan were imprisoned in this place.

At that time the Filipino and American soldiers were in a dungeon burned alive by Japanese soldiers in 1944. Therefore, this prison has a sad, tragic history. However, this does not mean that this tour is empty of visitors, you can also visit.

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  1. Mactan Shrine

Mactan Shrine
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The next cultural and historical places in Philippines is Mactan Shrine. When you visit the Philippines you will be invited to travel to the past with a long historical story, one of which is this place. This place is called Mactan Shrine, a park or you could say a beautiful square. This place was built to commemorate the hero of this island of Mactan named Lapu-Lapu.

This Lapu-Lapu was a brave man and fought against the Spanish colonial rule at that time. Because he is a symbol of the true strength of the Philippines in the past. This war took place in the 1500s so that the soldiers from Spain fought against it.

Apart from that, this war also claimed many victims from Filipinos who fought together with Mactan. If you visit this place you will also see other statues, including the Lapu-Lapu Shrine and Magellan Shrine. Even in this place there is also a monument of war relics at that time. This place is so beautiful with green gardens that are clean and pleasant for a vacation.

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  1. Fort San Pedro

Fort San Pedro
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It wasn’t colonial Spain if it didn’t have a stronghold for self-protection in the 1500s in the Philippines. One of the places that have a historical heritage in the form of a fort is Fort San Pedro which is located in Cebu. This fort has a very distinctive appearance from Spain. In addition, this fort is also one of the oldest forts in the Philippines. The Spanish accent is very thick if you start entering this fort, the Spanish royal coat of arms is depicted above the entrance.

In addition, this fort was formerly used to protect the Spanish army as well as a house for them to protect themselves from attacks by Filipino troops and wars from other countries. If you visit this fort you will be greeted warmly by a large brick wall that is very thick. In addition, the fort made by Spain is on the beach. The fort is now used for art exhibitions that depict the historical value of the Philippines’ past. And also this fort became a museum of high appeal.

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  1. Camina Balay Nga Bato

Camina Balay Nga Bato
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The next cultural and historical places in Philippines is Camina Balay Nga Bato. This place is presented for those of you who like antiques. These antiques are an art made by artists in the past in the Philippines. The following place is called Camina Balay nga Bato, an art exhibition that has a house or building like a museum located on the bank of the river. In this house, you can see antique objects on display, ranging from tables, chairs with household items to paintings on display.

For that, you will be invited to enter a house that is mostly made of wood with a natural atmosphere like a simple house. However, the antiques and paintings on display in this house are very expensive and have high artistic value. Not only that, every corner of the house here will give you art tours in every inch. Like when you are in the kitchen, all of these kitchen utensils come from the antique art of the past. Therefore, immediately go to Iloilo in the Philippines.

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  1. National Museum of Fine Arts

National Museum of Fine Arts
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If you are traveling to Manila or the capital city of the Philippines, then you have to go to this place. This place is called the National Museum of Fine Arts, as the name implies here contains art exhibitions. Even if you want to see them one by one the collection here you can spend a day alone.

But if you do that what happens is you will definitely forget the time because the paintings here are very interesting. Besides you can see the paintings here, there is also sculptural art that is no less interesting. In addition, this sculptural art was sculpted by famous artists from the Philippines and even to the world.

In addition, this building was originally built in 1926 as a center for cultural growth in the Philippines. So that until now this building functions as one of the largest museums, libraries, and art exhibitions in the Philippines. So for that, if you want to read books about the Philippines you can stop by the ground floor of this building which is used for the National Library.

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  1. Sandugo Shrine

Sandugo Shrine
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Ancestral culture is a legacy that must be preserved. Moreover, there are historical places that have quite a long history and must also be passed down to our children and grandchildren. The Philippines is a country that still maintains the preservation of historic sites and cultural sites from their ancestors. And one of them is Sandugo Shrine which is still complete with relics from ancient times. Moreover, this place has now become a historical and cultural tourist spot for foreign tourists. Therefore, the Philippines is a country that must be visited in Southeast Asia. Because it saves places that are very fond of historians.

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  1. Corregidor Island

Corregidor Island
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The next cultural and historical places in Philippines is Corregidor Island. The battlefield or place of war is a very tense place when the event occurs. Corregidor Island was the most famous military warship in Southeast Asia during World War II. Then this place has become an interesting historical tourist destination to visit. In addition, if you visit this place you will feel the cool sea breeze. Because Corregidor Island is located in the part of Manila Bay that faces the ocean. Therefore, you don’t only get historical knowledge in this place, you will also enjoy the refreshing sea atmosphere.

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  1. Basilica del Santo Niño

Basilica del Santo Niño
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The last cultural and historical places in Philippines is Basilica del Santo Niño. This also ends our discussion regarding cultural and historical places in this country. Basilica del Santo Niño is a Roman Catholic church in the Philippines. The splendor of Italian-style buildings is very thick in this area. Especially if you enter this place you will see magnificent roofs. Meanwhile, if you are lucky and visit this country in January, a very interesting festival will be held. The festival is the Sinulog Festival, where events are often held every year. Therefore, you can’t miss it and you prepare a schedule in January.

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Thus our discussion of 11 Amazing Cultural and Historical Places in Philippines. Tourist destinations related to Filipino culture and history will make a different experience on your vacation this time. You will be brought into the past life as well as the customs of the Filipino people. Apart from that, you can also enjoy contemporary Filipino history and culture. Hopefully, you can visit exhibitions, art galleries or museums in the Philippines from some of these lists. Many art exhibitions are held in the Philippines, but you should look at the schedule. Those are some cultural and historical themed tourist destinations in the Philippines. Happy explorations!

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