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Enjoy a Dubai Tourism Object with the Magnificent and Tallest Skyscrapers in the World

1. Dubai at a glance

Dubai, United Arab Emirates is touted as the most beautiful tourist city objects in the world. The charm of Dubai is known all over the world. The charm of Dubai is known all over the world. Indeed, our dreams must be high. Therefore, we must try to be able to enjoy a vacation in this country. All this time, I just imagined what it would be like to be in the famous highest tower in the world. Therefore, it cannot be denied that Dubai is one of the most prominent tourist cities in the world. Dubai has been transformed into a gathering place for citizens from various countries to fill their holidays.

Magnificent and luxurious buildings are the selling points of Dubai’s charm that make everyone curious to vacation in this country. A beautiful city setting and a high level of security make Dubai a dream city for tourists. Therefore, with all its charm, Dubai occupies the first position as a tourist destination with the highest average tourist spending in the world. For that, let’s review the most exciting tourist destinations in Dubai.

2. Attractive tourist destination

Your tour to Arabia doesn’t have to be to Mecca or Medina. If you want to perform Umrah worship, you can do a tour of Dubai before or after Umrah. In this place, you can explore various attractive and magnificent cities which are often used as tourist destinations for Muslim and non-Muslim tourists from abroad. In this country, there are many popular tourist destinations that you can visit.

As you know, Dubai’s popularity is never timeless, considering that the grandest city in the United Arab Emirates has many buildings with very magnificent and modern architecture. Referring to the origin of the city of Dubai, it is stated that the city has existed since 150 years ago. Even though it is classified as a fairly old city, Dubai’s various tourist attractions are able to attract tourists to visit during the holiday season.

So for those of you who are planning to spend your vacation in Dubai, we provide some recommendations for interesting tourist destinations for you to include in your visit list. Guaranteed, you will be fascinated by the various beauties of this country. From modernity to popularity, everything is mixed together in a city in this Muslim-majority country. For that, we review some of the tourist attractions below. Hopefully, you are interested in our review. Welcome to our review!

Burj Al Arab

One of the amazing tourist attractions in Dubai is the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. This hotel building is the most iconic in the world. Since opening in late 1999, the hotel, with its distinctive sail-shaped silhouette, has propelled Dubai into the global luxury tourism landscape. Another uniqueness that you can see from a building that is a tourist spot in Dubai is its design which resembles a sailing ship with a total of 66 floors. In fact, this tourist spot has also been named an icon of the city of Dubai. Its location at 280 meters from the Persian coast, makes this place offers stunning views.

The hotel was built on a triangular-shaped artificial island reclaimed from the sea. The hotel and its sail-like structure rise 321 meters above sea level, offering panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf. This hotel is managed by Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts. Guests have access to service equal to royalty and fine dining. Golden interiors, spacious suites, and the best delicious food make the list that the Burj Al Arab excels at and cannot be matched. If you are on vacation in Dubai, you can enter the name of this hotel as your choice of place to stay. But still adjusted to the budget you have.

Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame tourist attraction is an iconic structure that shows the charm of Dubai. Landmark Dubai Frame in Zabeel Park adds to the beautiful view of Dubai. With a height of 150 meters and a width of 93 meters and then a bridge connecting the two towers, Dubai Frame has a unique structural concept and looks like a photo frame. You can see this amazing view from the modern city skyline in all its splendor.

Dubai Frame lets you experience the past, present, and future from the ground up. For example, the story of the city’s past is told using the latest technology, combining animation and holographic effects with traditional music and aromatic fragrances to transport visitors back in time.

In this place, you can traverse a 50 m-long frosted glass bridge on the Sky-deck made from sensor-activated liquid crystal film. Glass becomes clear only when visitors step on it. That way, you’re looking down on the ground like you’re walking on air. Apart from that, there is also a Future Zone where an immersive time tunnel reveals predictions of what Dubai will be like in 50 years’ time. This scene is complete with flying taxis, underwater life, and amazing space missions. Therefore, don’t forget to include this tourist object in your visit list.

Burj Khalifa

As you can see, this building is one of Dubai’s most famous icons. From the tallest building in the world, we can enjoy the beauty of Dubai. Burj Khalifa is 829 meters high. The building has been open since 2010. Therefore, this magnificent building is the conceptual heart and soul of Dubai.

This building hasinspired by the abstraction of the Hymenocallis flower. There are basically three sections arranged around the central core of the building. Viewed from above, it remains consistent with the onion-shaped dome designs often found in Islamic architecture, although on a much smaller scale. In addition, Burj Khalifa has not one but two observation decks, namely the two upper floors on floors 124 and 125. As well as the highest observation deck in the world (555 meters) on floor 148. If you want to get an experience, visitors can choose to eat at the At.mosphere restaurant and lounge on the 122nd floor. If you are in this place, the beauty of the building will be felt because there are entertainment centers and restaurants that create a number of tourist attractions. So the tourists feel at home in Dubai. Enjoy your holiday in Dubai!

Dubai Water Canal

The Dubai Water Canal is a 3.2 km long waterway that stretches from the Creek in Old Dubai across Business Bay before emptying into the Arabian Gulf. The canal, which opened in 2016, winds its way through the city center. This water canal changed the face of downtown Dubai and transformed hotels, such as the W Hotel and St Regis into majestic waterfront properties. In this place, visitors can run, walk, and cycle along the 6.4 km path on both sides of this canal.

In addition, you can take the ferry and abra rides that traverse the calm waters of the canals for a relaxing afternoon. Later, the Dubai Water Canal has developed and equipped with retail shops, marinas, pedestrian paths, and recreational areas. If you are on vacation in Dubai, you can enjoy the facilities in this place.

The Dubai Fountain

You can enjoy the show of the highest fountain tourist object in the world in Dubai. This tourist attraction is in the middle of the 30-hectare Burj Lake at the foot of The Dubai Mall. This fountain shoots 22,000 gallons of water 140 m high into the air at once and becomes an extraordinary charm.

Each jet of colored water swings to the music, resulting in what has become one of Dubai’s most popular events. When the fountain is lit, a beautiful array of classical and contemporary music plays in sync with the show, which takes place every 30 minutes from 6 pm daily. If you stand next to the fountain, you can enjoy the magic of the Dubai Fountain Lake Ride. Then, you can cruise on the lake during the show while enjoying the beauty of The Dubai Fountain. If you are on holiday in Dubai, you can enjoy this popular tourist attraction.

Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum tourist attraction is located in the Al Fahidi Fort and is one of the oldest buildings in the city. This place must be visited for you to enjoy the charm of Dubai in the past. This museum was built in 1787, this fort was once the center of the kingdom, defense, arsenal, and prison, before being renovated in the reign of Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

In 1971 the fort was re-opened as the Dubai Museum. In this place, you will see the history of Dubai and its original heritage. You can catch glimpses of daily life before the discovery of oil. The on-site galleries recreate historic local houses, mosques, souks, date groves, desert life, and the sea. Even objects from 3000 BC are displayed. Apart from these names, the charm of Dubai can also be seen in The Dubai Aquarium, Palm Jumeirah, ski Dubai, the gold market, to the Dubai Mall. Have a great holiday in Dubai. I wish you happiness.

If you visit a popular tourist attraction in a country, it won’t be complete if you don’t take the time to see the historical heritage of a country. To know more about the country, you can visit the historical fort and buy souvenirs from the place. That way, your tour will be more exciting and complete. Hopefully, your holiday will be more memorable and enjoyable.

Palm Jumeirah

Tourist attractions in Dubai that are visited by many tourists are known as Palm Jumeirah or better known as Palm Island. Here, there are lots of shopping centers, water entertainment, giant aquariums, and playgrounds for various adrenaline-challenging sports. Then, many people think that Palm Jumeirah is a dream tourist spot equipped with the most luxurious facilities.
For those of you who are interested in enjoying this Dubai tourist spot, make sure you prepare a very large budget. This is because many games in the form of luxury facilities are available in this place. Then, most who come to this place are those who have a lot of money.

Jumeirah beach

Dubai is not always associated with tall and luxurious buildings. In this country, there are times when Dubai’s tourist attractions also offer natural views in the form of a beach known as Juleirah Beach. This beach has an area of ​​up to 7 km and is already divided into several parts and each part has its own uniqueness.
The beauty lies in the very white sand beaches with seawater that is so blue. On this beach, you can enjoy beautiful scenery, bask under the hot sun and play in the water at the beach. Apart from that, you can play a boat complete with a guide. Of course, the atmosphere here is more pleasant.

Miracle Garden Dubai

If you are a fan of plants, this tourist object will amaze you. if you see this picture, make sure you are currently on a trip to Dubai and stop at Dubai’s popular tourist spot called Miracle Garden Dubai. This tourist spot offers various types of flower plants that have been successfully developed in desert soil. The uniqueness of this tourist object is that these colorful flower plants are planted in the plane area which has been designed as a garden. The arrangement, of this beautiful and unique garden is what attracts tourists to come to this place and capture their images.

if you are interested in enjoying this beauty, you can stop by this one tourist spot. When to visit this place from 6 am to 6 pm and you can invite your family, especially children. Then, Inviting your family to this place will definitely provide its own benefits for you and your family. Have a great vacation in Dubai!

Wild Wadi Dubai

As you can see, Dubai’s tourist attractions also offer water tourism games known as Dubai’s wild wadis. This place gets very crowded during school holidays. Therefore, many tourists enjoy various water games in this place. This tourist object is very strategic because it is close to Jumeirah Beach.
The facilities at this tourist spot are very complete because there are various spots to enjoy delicious culinary delights. So, make sure you stop here before deciding to end your vacation in Dubai.

Dubai Mall

If you go on a tourist trip to a country, it won’t be complete if you don’t take the time to do souvenir shopping. To indulge your shopping hobby, we recommend that you visit the Dubai Mall. This place is the most complete and quality shopping place. Besides shopping, you also have the opportunity to enjoy a fun ice skating tour.

Dubai Zoo

If you are visiting Dubai, you can stop at the Dubai Zoo. This zoo is located 1.5km from the city center. Dubai Zoo was built in 1967 by some residents. Meanwhile, the collection of animals in this zoo is not only limited to camels but also monkeys, deer, jaguars, and so on. Various family tourist attractions, therefore, this place is an alternative for everyone who spends time in Dubai with family. Lots of tourist attractions pamper you with splendor and excitement to be explored further. For those of you who are interested in this, immediately book a plane ticket right now to get the flight schedule as soon as possible because the fun in Dubai awaits you and your family.

Pacuan onta

Another attractive tourist object in Dubai is the Camel Race. This camel race is one of the UAE’s traditional sports and is an exciting activity that can be watched for free. This competition takes place in certain months throughout the year. Usually, the race starts in the morning or afternoon and takes the course in the desert. So if you are in Dubai you can, together with other tourists, witness hundreds of camels being trained intensely from various cities in the Middle East to win races. I hope you are interested in watching this camel race.

Dubai Heritage & Diving Village

If you are tired of the busy and noisy atmosphere in the capital, you can enjoy the peace of the village atmosphere at the Dubai Heritage & Diving Village. This village is located in Al Shindagha, a historical area that is located close to the house of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum. Dubai Heritage & Diving Village is a replica of a traditional Bedouin village which will give you a lot of information about Dubai’s maritime glory in the past.

Diving Village also tells about the tradition of diving in search of pearls and the maritime life of the local community. The village is also the headquarters of the Emirates Diving Association (EDA). For those of you who love handicrafts, don’t forget to shop for traditional crafts at the many souvenir shops in this village. There are Quaint Barasti houses featuring ethnic dresses, even an outdoor kitchen showing off antique appliances.

Kite Beach

The Kite Beach tourist attraction can be the right choice for those of you who like to go to the beach. This place is a favorite tourist attraction for kite surfers. It’s no wonder that local and international people often dub it “Dubai’s Sportiest Beach” or the sporty beach in Dubai.

Apart from surfers, this beach is also often used as a location to play beach volleyball for visitors. Interestingly, you can feel the amazing sensation along the beach using hang gliding. There are several other rides that don’t involve water such as an outdoor trampoline, skatepark, to a special area for children. Not surprisingly, Kite Beach occupies the top position in beach tourism destinations for families.

Sunset Beach

Capturing beautiful and dazzling pictures seems to be everyone’s hobby. If you want to take pictures with Dubai icon Burj Al Arab, you can visit one of the strategic locations, namely Sunset Beach. This best beach will give you the best angle of the most famous hotel in Dubai. Interestingly, Sunset Beach has the most beautiful stretch of beach sand that can provide warmth to you and your family.

This tourist spot is also known as Suqeim Public Beach by local and international tourists. As a bonus, you can rent a surfboard at Surf House Dubai near the beach and take them to the beautiful waves. If you are tired of these activities, you can rest under the umbrella provided by the beach manager while drinking coffee. Therefore, don’t forget to include this beach location on your visit list to Dubai. Immediately buy a plane ticket and fly to Dubai.

3. Conclusion

Those are some of the recommendations for amazing tourist attractions in Dubai that we recommend. But there are many more popular tourist attractions in Dubai that have not been visited by many tourists. Therefore, we would like to share ideas with you to explore some beautiful and popular tourist spots. For that, don’t forget to complete your holiday trip by following our review. Have a great holiday in the skyscraper city of Dubai



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