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Create Best Experience: Visiting 13 Natural Wonders in Philippines – For those of you who want a vacation with a natural atmosphere that is so enjoyable for you and your family, then you have to come to this one country. This country is the Philippines which has a lot of natural scenery that you are so sorry to leave. The natural scenery in the Philippines is still beautiful and there are rarely activities that harm nature there. This country is a country on the continent of Southeast Asia which includes a tropical climate. And of course, the Philippines also has an extraordinary variety of natural wonders.

This tropical climate is what many tourists aim at from within and outside the country. In addition, if you visit the Philippines you will be presented with Filipino cultural attractions that you can see first hand. Holidays this time will be very fun if done here. Therefore, the following Create Best Experience: Visiting 13 Natural Wonders in Philippines. Let’s discuss one by one!

  1. Biri Island

Biri Island
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The first natural wonders in the Philippines is Biri Island. If you visit the Philippines then don’t forget to visit this one island. This island is called Biri Island which has a natural charm that is so beautiful for your own vacation or with your family. Apart from that, you can also see rock formations which are the main tourist destination there. You can see the arrangement of stones with this unique formation in Northern Samar. Not only that, in this place also presents a beautiful beach with blue water.

For those of you who like waves, you can really sit on a rock to enjoy the waves. Few facts about these rocks, are that these rocks have been around for millions of years. Besides that, you can find some stones that have been eroded by the water, adding to the beauty of this beach. Also, for children, this place is very friendly but keep an eye on them playing in this place. Therefore, hurry to the Philippines to see this beautiful sight.

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  1. Tubbataha Natural Park

Tubbataha Natural Park
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It’s not the Philippines if it doesn’t have beaches that captivate tourists. One of the beaches that can captivate tourists is Tubbataha. Even in this case Tubbataha holds the title of world heritage from UNESCO. It can be said that this beach is a very convincing tourist spot for those of you who want to go to the Philippines. The uniqueness of this beach actually lies in the beautiful underwater scenery.

It is this underwater view that gets the award. Here you can see beautiful coral reefs and various kinds of fish typical of Southeast Asia. No need to worry, you can see the underwater scenery by diving.

Plus, around this place, they provide services for those of you who want to borrow diving equipment or take you to the diving site. Here you can also see the blue sea with a variety of sea flora and fauna and white sand beaches. So for that, what are you waiting for, immediately plan your vacation to Tubbataha Natural Park.

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  1. Apo Island

Apo Island
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The next natural wonders in the Philippines is Apo Island. Again, again and again, the Philippines has millions of beaches for you to visit as one of your favorite destinations. The following destination is called Apo Island which is no less beautiful than Tubbataha. An island that has thousands of beautiful attractions from nature ready to give you an amazing experience on this holiday. However, you don’t need to worry about how to get to this island. You only need to board the ship that has been provided at the port in Zamboanguita.

By boarding this boat you will be invited to cross this beautiful ocean with a distinctive sea scent. The trip to Apo Island certainly won’t be boring because on this trip you can see the clear sea water below. Even occasionally you can see the beauty of the coral under the water.

However, keep in mind that this crossing to Apo Island has a limited time until 4 pm only. Here you can do diving to other interesting attractions.

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  1. Rice Terraces

Rice Terraces
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For those of you who want to try new things in the Philippines besides visiting the beach, you can visit this one place. This place is called Rice Terraces, where when you visit this place, the scenery is like the name. Here you can see the vast rice fields stretching under the slopes of the mountain. In addition, you can walk through these rice fields with a note that you are not allowed to step on the rice there.

In this place, a path has been provided for tourists to enjoy the green rice fields. Even here, there are provided such as small bamboo huts which are intended for those of you who want to soak up the surrounding atmosphere. If you are lucky in this place then you can find farmers who are planting rice there.

In addition, you can visit this place during the summer, from January to May. This Rice Terraces has a rice field structure which if you look at it is shaped like a ladder which makes you feel at home looking at this beautiful green formation.

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  1. Mount Hamiguitan

Mount Hamiguitan
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The next natural wonders in Philippines is Mount Hamiguitan. If you want to visit a place that has an ecosystem that describes the Philippines then you have to come to this place. This place is called Mount Hamiguitan which has been recorded as a world heritage by UNESCO. The record was based on a secret beauty residing in this area. Although you are not allowed to climb this mountain for your own safety, you can witness the wonders of the vegetation around it. You can find that around this mountain forest, there are butterflies as well as birds endemic to the Philippines.

In addition, this place also provides various attractions that you can enjoy. One of them is that you can enjoy the natural beauty here for 24 hours or even more at the camping ground. In fact, you can explore the forest accompanied by a tour guide who is there, a path has also been provided.

Unfinished, you can also visit the museum in this forest. Of course, there are lots of fun activities that you can do when you visit this place.

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  1. Tinuy-an Falls

Tinuy-an Falls
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The following destinations will amaze you with the splashing of clear water in the Philippines. This destination is called Tinuy-an Falls, a waterfall that not many people know about. Even to reach this place you need a special vehicle that is provided there. The journey to this place on the vehicle will change your life. You will find that breaking through the forests on a motorbike will be a lot of fun to do.

If you have arrived at this waterfall, you will be treated to a waterfall as high as nearly 100 meters flowing profusely. Apart from that, the unspoiled vegetation around it adds to the element of your amazing vacation in this tropical country. You can swim in this place, because the current is calm and comfortable for you to do swimming.

You can use a bamboo neatly arranged to bring you closer to the waterfall. However, it is better to visit this place during the Philippine dry season.

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  1. Puerto Princesa Underground River

Puerto Princesa Underground River
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The next natural wonders in Philippines is the Puerto Princesa Underground River. For those of you who like adventure visiting caves as your vacation, you can come to this place. This place is called Puerto Princesa Underground River which has a magical underwater river. This underwater river will certainly take you to the ocean. No need to worry, you can take a trip to this underground river accompanied by the professionals there.

You will wear complete equipment as well as a head torch to look around. Pay attention to the tour guide as they explain the wonders of this underground river. The river which is so beautiful decorated with underground rock walls adds to the impression of the magic of this place.

You can see that the rocks in this place are karst rocks that are neatly arranged together with a flowing river. Prepare yourself because the journey here is almost more than 8 kilometers. Therefore, immediately visit the Puerto Princesa Underground River as the main destination for this vacation in the beautiful Philippines.

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  1. Taal Lake

Taal Lake
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If you have a high adventurous spirit then you must visit this place. This place is called Taal Lake which gives you the opportunity to enjoy a crater in the shape of a lake. This lake is indeed highly sought after by tourists when visiting Batangas, Luzon as their main destination. However, you need to be careful because Taal is still very active as a volcano.

But you don’t need to worry because in the Philippines you will be guided by a tour guide that has a license from their government. So when you want to see Taal Lake you can ask for their permission first, if it is approved then you will be guided.

In this place has a variety of flora and fauna that are typical of Taal Lake. One thing you have to watch out for is the Taal Lake snake which is so poisonous, but calm down here you will be kept away from the snake. Even if you can meet the snake you are very lucky.

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  1. Donsol Sorsogon

Donsol Sorsogon
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The next natural wonders in Philippines is Donsol Sorsogon. For those of you who have a love for sea fish, you must visit this beautiful place. This place is in Sorsogon, Donsol, it is true that this tourist spot has the same name as the place. The attractions offered by this place are views of the huge whale sharks that many tourists have been waiting for. But to visit this place and enjoy these big whales you only have time in March and May. Because at that time these whales will come in crowds to migrate.

If you have vacation plans in that month you must visit this place. Besides seeing the big whales you can also see other attractions that are so much fun. You can dive in this ocean without worrying about the equipment provided there. Even if you just want to relax you can sunbathe on the beach here. You can also see some beautiful captive sharks and stingrays.

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  1. Great Santa Cruz Island

Great Santa Cruz Island
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The next natural wonders in the Philippines is Great Santa Cruz Island. History will always be your main part when visiting tourist attractions, so you have to go to this place. This place is called Great Santa Cruz Island where you will be spoiled by the beauty of its beaches. This place is no less beautiful than Hawaii, this beach has various historical intricacies as mentioned. That on this beach there is a historical grave used by Badjao in the past which is now protected by the government. Many visitors walk around the beach to see the beauty of this cemetery.

Not only that, you can also enjoy the natural mangrove forest on this beach. On this beach you can do several things such as water sports. You can have fun with your relatives or your family in the restaurants provided on the beach. You can even do diving on this beach to see the underwater beauty. So what are you waiting for, visit Great Santa Cruz Island as soon as possible.

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  1. Pagudpud

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If on vacation this time you just want to relax on a quiet beach which is also equipped with views of coconut trees on the beach. Then you have to visit Pagudpud Beach, a beach full of serenity. You can bring your family for a vacation in this place, because the sea waves are safe for small children and there are many attractions.

You can see various restaurants selling Filipino specialties made from sea fish taken fresh from the sea. Here there are also several beach umbrella rentals, chairs, and mats for those of you who want to relax and sunbathe. The waves will bring your mind to serenity.

The blue sea and white sand beaches add to your complete healing atmosphere. On this beach you can also see views of the island which is shaped like a mountain. But you need to record the date of your departure to come to this place. The right month to visit this place is the dry season.

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  1. Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills
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The next natural wonders in Philippines is Chocolate Hills. A stretch of green forest that has the shape of so many small hills is the place where your dreams roll. So in the Philippines, you can find this place with the name Chocolate Hills which is located in Carmen, Bohol. The uniqueness of this nature has hundreds of green hills that are arranged neatly. Apart from that, you can also walk around this place with the assistance of a tour guide.

You have many options to explore this place. You can use a special car or you can walk. In addition, the area of this place is more than 45 kilometers. Exploring green places with unique beauty is the main goal for tourists who like nature tourism. Not only that, many of the visitors encounter the unique vegetation that exists in this place and climb this high hill one by one.

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  1. Siquijor Island

Siquijor Island
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The last natural wonders in the Philippines is Siquijor Island. This list also ends our discussion of natural wonders in this country. Enjoying the cool natural atmosphere and seeing panoramic sunsets, Siquijor Island is the place. Many foreign tourists are amazed at this place for the friendliness of the local people. That way the convenience of tourists also makes this place one of the best natural tourist destinations in the Philippines. Besides that, before you visit this place, you will be presented with various forests, waterfalls, caves, and much more. From here we see a lot of areas that you need to explore from this place. Therefore, visiting the Philippines is something that must be done.

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Thus our discussion Create Best Experience: Visiting 13 Natural Wonders in Philippines. You don’t need to doubt the natural beauty in the Philippines. The Philippines is one of the main destinations for tourists who want to enjoy nature in this world. In addition, the Philippines is also not inferior when compared to other tropical islands. Nature that blends with the atmosphere of your vacation will make you and your family feel at home in the Philippines. In fact, the beach in the Philippines is also one of the best nominations for natural attractions. Hopefully, for this holiday you can schedule and visit anywhere while visiting the natural wonders of the Philippines. Happy traveling!

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