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The Enchantment of Beautiful Chinese Tourist Objects and Amazes Foreign Tourists

1. Overview of China

Who is not familiar with the country of China, which is full of charm? This amazing tourist attraction in China does not doubt its beauty, even though many tourist attractions in China are worldwide. It is not surprising that China is used as a tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Many films produced around the world are shot in China. Apart from tourist attractions in Singapore, Australia, and the United States, tourist attractions in China are also very interesting to visit.

Attractive tourist attractions in China are in major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guilin, and others. In this country, visitors will be treated to various shows, and you can compare them with other countries. Tourists who come there will be presented with a strong Chinese culture.

2. Chinese charm

China’s vast and varied territory provides the country with some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. The charm of China can spoil your eyes with the natural beauty that stretches and the exotic culture there. Not a few magnificent palaces that can be visited by tourists.

If you want to vacation in China, there are many beautiful tourist spots in China that you can visit, such as the beautiful karst landscapes in Guilin and Yangshuo to the craggy pillars in Zhangjiajie, from the Rainbow Mountains in Zhangye to the sacred plateau of Tibet. China’s diverse beauty is just as impressive as its ancient, beautiful, and preserved culture. As you know, China is famous for its deep history and natural landscapes. Therefore, many tourists are interested in traveling to explore Chinese history, while others prefer to enjoy the natural scenery.

In this review, you will find some of China’s most popular scenic spots with stunning natural views. We hope you can plan your vacation to China with your family. For that, we provide several popular and amazing tourist objects for you to visit. Welcome to our review!

Great Wall of China

Almost everyone is familiar with this one tourist attraction. The Great Wall of China is the most popular tourist attraction in China. The Great Wall of China is famous not only among Chinese citizens but also in various parts of the world. Therefore, in this place, you will meet a lot of foreign tourists vacationing.

The Great Wall of China is a building made up of small walls arranged together. The construction of the great wall involved various Chinese dynasties and build for many years. The purpose of erecting the China great wall was to protect against invasions of people from the north.

Apart from its uniqueness, the Great Wall of China contains history and that history has been going on for more than 2,000 years. The length of the Great Wall of China is 8,800 km. Unfortunately, there are several parts of the Great Wall of China that have been damaged or have collapsed. This building is crowned as the building erected by human hands and the longest in the world. Visitors who are here will be presented with a view of the amazing and beautiful giant wall. This great wall in China can be used as a tourist spot for you and your family. The Great Wall of China m Therefore, this Chinese wall is one of the wonders of the world as well as the Borobudur Temple which is one of the tourist attractions in Central Java.


China is indeed a beautiful country and has many exotic natural landscapes. This country has many tourist attractions. Then, offer various kinds of beautiful natural scenery. One of the tourist attractions with beautiful natural scenery is the Jiuzhaigou tourist object. In this place, visitors will see beautiful scenery.

This tourist spot is in the form of a valley and is described as a valley in a fairy tale because there are so many waterfalls in that valley. In this place, you can see snow-capped mountains, turquoise, and lakes with green watercolors. The water in the lake is very clear so that visitors who are there can see the bottom of the lake. The lake is an attraction for visitors who are there.

Jiuzhaigou tourist attraction is unique because this tourist spot is the habitat for giant pandas in China but visitors who come there have little chance of being able to see these animals because Jiuzhaigou is very wide, and the large number of tourists there will affect the giant panda to hide from crowd.


As you know, China is a tourist paradise. One of the fun and much-visited tourist attractions in China is Yangshuo. Here tourists will be presented with beautiful scenery, exotic and feel cool. Yangshuo is a tourist spot that is used as a stopover before visitors take the trip to Guilin. This tourist spot is a favorite for tourists because it has various accommodations at a low cost. In this place, tourists can relax and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of the karst mountains.

Visitors who come here can feel calm because the atmosphere is supportive. In addition, the lack of hustle and bustle of people who are here, adds to the serenity of this place. For those of you who want to be alone, this place is suitable for you to calm down and is suitable to release all the fatigue resulting from the routine of daily activities or daily work.


As the capital of China, of course, Beijing has attractive tourism potential. The city of Beijing is a popular city attraction and a tourist icon in China and is the most visited by tourists. Visitors are not only local tourists but this place is visited by tourists from abroad. Then, in this city, you can find several attractive tourist attractions such as Tiananmen Square, the National Museum of China, and the Forbidden City. The Forbidden City is a tourist spot most visited by tourists.

In addition, Beijing also has a lot of history with an old of more than 3,000 years. Then, you can see this history until today. Therefore, Beijing is an important role that has been established in the history of China. So for those of you who want to see Chinese history, don’t forget to include this place in your list of tourist visits. Happy holidays!

Forbidden City

One of China’s famous tours is the Forbidden City. The Forbidden City was the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties. The scale of the Forbidden City is 720,000 square meters. While the area of ​​the Forbidden City is 150,000 square meters with around 980 housing, it has been crowned as the forbidden and most comprehensive ancient palace in the world.

The Forbidden City was built from 1406 to 1420. This City has dominated by red and gold colors, complemented by typical carvings from the Chinese dynasty. These colors will dominate the architects of the buildings in the Palace of the Forbidden City. Even though it was established a long time ago, the buildings in the Forbidden City still look sturdy and majestic accompanied by detailed room layouts. The palaces in the Forbidden City are now only limited to ancient palaces because there are no activities related to Chinese traditions or culture. Therefore, you must include this place in your mandatory visit list. In this place, you can capture images for memories from China.

Potala Palace

Another popular tourist object that you can visit is the Potala Palace. This palace is located at an altitude of about 130 meters above the Lhasa Valley. Here visitors will see the palace architecture which is very interesting and charming. This palace began to be built in 1645. The palace was nicknamed the pearl of the roof of the world. Then, the architecture in this palace shows the brilliant Tibetan style architecture. In ancient times in China, the building was the most popular.

The Potala Palace is a place for political activities, religious activities, and also a residence for the Dalai Lama of Tibet from time to time. If you visit this place, you will see that this palace is very large and is covered with three layers of wall fences. In the palace, visitors will see a thousand halls. Then, the most interesting thing is that inside the Potala Palace, there is the Red Palace and which is the main part of the Potala Palace. Inside the Red Palace, there are pagoda halls of the spirits of Dalai Lamas from various eras and various halls for Buddhist worship.

The most beautiful pagoda hall is Dalai Lama V Losan Jiacuo Spirit Pagoda Hall. The height of the pagoda is about 15 meters. The base of the pagoda is square and the roof of the pagoda is round. The body of Dalai Lama V is stored in the pagoda and preserved using perfumes and other preservatives. Then, what is unique about this pagoda is that it is covered with 3,724 kilograms of gold and there is a throne made of more than 15,000 diamonds. In addition to diamonds, the pagoda is encrusted with emeralds, pearls, jade, and agate which are very expensive. Meanwhile, the base of the pagoda is equipped with various tools for prayer ceremonies. So for those of you who are going on vacation to China, don’t forget to include this place in your visit list.

Victoria harbour

If you visit to China, you will find a suitable port as a tourist destination. The port is Victoria Harbor. When you are here, visitors will see the beauty of the skyscrapers in the city of Hong Kong. There are lots of ferries at this port. The number of ferries in this tourist spot can reach hundreds of them.

Victoria Harbor is the largest pier or port in Hong Kong. This place can be said to be Victoria Harbor because of access to enter China or the country of the bamboo curtain. Victoria Harbor is a wonder that is owned by Hong Kong. Victoria Harbor is so special because here tourists can see the city of Hong Kong up close. Hong Kong will look very attractive and charming when you see it from Victoria Pier. In this place, you will find many cruise ships passing by serving tourists.

Therefore, if you want to have a vacation in Hong Kong, Bring your family vacation to Victoria Harbour. In this place, you can get a lot like you can see the charm of the city of Hong Kong up close. Then, this city will look beautiful and enchanting at night because exotic lights will decorate the entire city of Hong Kong. Well, for those of you who are interested in the city of Hong Kong, you can immediately fly by plane and then enjoy the atmosphere of Hong Kong at night.

Terracotta army

If you visit this one tourist spot, of course, you will feel foreign. This tourist object in the name is unique and makes you wonder what the tourist attractions are like there. This tourist attraction is a tourist spot which contains a collection of terracotta sculpture collections. Then, visitors who come here are able to imagine and must know stories about Qin Shi Huang’s army, the First Emperor of China. This attraction makes tourists want to visit this place and see the existing terracotta.

For you to know, Hollywood movies are also inspired by the terracotta that is here. The film is titled The Myth and the main character has played by the famous actor Jackie Chan. The film takes the background of the terracotta warriors. Inside the terracotta, you can see 8,099 statues in military dress with horses in their original size.

Terracotta has located near the tomb of the First Emperor Qin Shi Huang. Even though there are only visitor statues here, you can also see objects that have a history in a form similar to the original. According to the stories of many people, in the past statues that were there were real soldiers and then turned into stone. But some say that the statues are only statues whose purpose is to scare the enemy during war. So whatever the background for the formation of the Terracotta Army, this place is still an attractive place to visit. Enjoy your tour in China.

Pudong Skyline

If previously we talked about historical and natural tourism, then you can find other interesting tourist spots in China at the Pudong Skyline. This city is a district in Shanghai, precisely on the east side of the Huangpu River. This tourist spot is known as a commercial financial and business center in China. Visitors who come here will be shown a variety of charming buildings. Here visitors can see various kinds of charming buildings such as the Oriental Pearl Tower, Mo Building Jin, Shanghai World Financial Center and there is the Shanghai Tower here. So for those of you who want to enjoy modern cities in China, you can visit this place and enjoy the existing facilities.

Mount Huang

The Mount Huang tourist attraction is a popular tourist spot in China. This mountain is in eastern China. People around call it the Yellow Mountain. This tour is famous because the scenery on Mount Huang is very charming. Visitors can see rows of pine trees. In addition, you can see the granite on Mount Huang and the beautiful clouds on the mountain.

This mountain is suitable for those of you who have a hobby of climbing mountains. When visiting this mountain you will be charged an entrance ticket of 230 yuan and if the rupiah is Rp. 460,000. It tends to be expensive, but the mountain is well maintained because when climbing you will not find trash scattered on the mountain. Climbing Mount Huang is different from climbing mountains in Indonesia, the hiking trail has been made by the tour manager by making steps out of rocks. So there is no land without rocks on the hiking trail so when it rains there are no hiking trails that get muddy and slippery.

If you visit Mount Huang, you will see many mountain peaks. But among the many peaks, there are 3 of the highest and most famous peaks, namely Lotus Peak with a height of 1,864 meters, Bright Summit Peak with a height of 1,840 meters, and Heavenly Capital Peak with a height of 1,829 meters. So that the sustainability of the mountain is maintained every 5 years the mountain peak will be closed alternately. Lotus Peak was closed starting in 2013 and closed for 5 years. The advantage that can be enjoyed by visitors is that those who are tired after climbing the mountain, don’t need to worry because on the mountain there is already a comfortable hotel to unwind, that hotel is the Baiyun Hotel. At night, the hotel is equipped with lights that are installed every 10 meters to illuminate the climbing path. So that climbers do not need to worry when climbing at night. Enjoy your vacation to China!

Leshan Giant Buddha

This tourist object is a giant Buddha statue. Making this statue by carving it from the face of a cliff in Sichuan. When making of the Buddha statue began in 713 and did not end until 803. The completion of this statue took more than 90 years. During the year of manufacture, thousands of workers put their skills, abilities, and hopes into creating this statue. At the Leshan Giant Buddha in China, visitors can see a seated Maitreya statue. In 1996, the Buddha statue was included in the UNESCO World Heritage site by the United Nations.

If you see this statue is about 71 meters high. Therefore, you must include this place in your list of tourist visits. If we see a statue with a large size, our memory goes to the statue of GWK or Garuda Wisnu Kencana which is one of the tourist attractions in Bali. The difference is that GWK is a Hindu statue and is made of ordinary stone whereas in China, Buddha statues are made on cliffs.

Mogao Caves

A unique tourist attraction in China is the Mogao Cave. This cave has known as the Cave of a Thousand Buddhas and Dunhuang Cave. This cave has formed a system of 492 temples and is 25 km southeast of Dunhuang City. These caves contain some of the finest examples of Buddhist Art and span some 1,000 years. The construction of this cave began in 366 AD and was originally used as a repository for sacred texts and Buddhist art.

Mogao Cave is the most famous cave filled with carvings in China, and this cave is located next to Longmen Cave and Yungang Cave. These three caves are the sites of the most famous Buddha statues in China. The three caves are famous thanks to the beauty of the paintings on the cave walls. Therefore, the Mogao Caves were made a world heritage site by UN UNESCO in 1987.

In this place, visitors will find a mural with a typical Chinese style. In this cave complex, there are at least 600 cave temples and they still survive, and 30 of these caves are open to the public. Then, used as a tourist spot. The rest of the caves are closed due to preservation because in the preserved caves there are Tantric murals which are considered too explicit for tourists. Every cave that is there will be labeled above the cave entrance. Unfortunately, each cave is not equipped with sufficient lighting, so tourists who want to enter and visit the cave must use a flashlight. The intention of the tour manager is not to equip the cave with lighting so that the murals attached to the cave walls are maintained.

Qinshihuang Emperor Mausoleum Site Museum

Maybe, You are already familiar with The Mummy and Dragon Emperor film. One of the epic tales tells of Emperor Qin Shi Huang and his army turned to stone. The film was apparently inspired by the Qinshihuang Emperor Mausoleum Site Museum. In the story, it is told that Qin Shi Huang united the country’s kingdoms into one large empire and became the “Dragon Emperor” or the Dragon Emperor.

Therefore, to complete your trip to China, you can visit the most beautiful tourist attractions in this place. Here you can see rows of statues of Terra-cotta warriors and Qin Shi Huang Horses. Historically the Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang is known as the Lishan Gardens and is the largest imperial tomb in China with the most expensive buried objects. To find out more detailed stories, you must enter this place into your visit list. Have a nice trip to China.

Jingshan Park

One of the most popular and beautiful tourist attractions in China, then there is Jingshan Park, located in downtown Beijing. Jingshan Park is a beautiful royal landscape park. Covers an area of ​​57 acres, and faces the north gate of the Forbidden City. Therefore if you go to the top, visitors can get a complete and clear view of the Forbidden City. If you visit here, you will know that the Jingshan garden functioned as an imperial garden during the Yuan (1271-1368), Ming (1368-1644), and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties.

Jingshan Park has been open to the public since 1928. Not a few call Jingshan Park the most beautiful tourist spot in China that must be visited. After 1949, the park was completely rebuilt and already equipped with walkways in it and neatly paved. To maintain the sustainability of the building, the Chinese government renovated some of the buildings. To complete your tour, you can include this place in your visit list.

Jiuzhai Valley

As we previously explained, the country of China is a paradise on Earth. In this country, there are various kinds of scenery. If you travel to China, you enjoy your vacation. This time we review the most beautiful tourist attraction that must be visited with fresh and beautiful natural nuances. Jiuzhaigou, or Jiuzhai Valley is a fairyland that is so beautiful. This place features captivating natural landscapes of colorful lakes, spectacular waterfalls, and mountains.

If you are in this place, your eyes will be spoiled with a very enchanting landscape. The Jiuzhai Valley is located in a mountainous region in southwest China. This place is perfect for those of you who are looking for the most beautiful tourist attractions in China that are relaxing and not as crowded as the tourist cities of Beijing and Shanghai. In addition, the Jiuzhai Valley is an extravaganza of natural wonders. Here you will be presented with beautiful panoramas of waterfalls, alpine lakes, serene meadows, snowy mountain views, and Tibetan villages. Nah! Immediately prepare your vacation to visit this tourist object.

Baiyun Mountain

This one tourist object looks beautiful and enchanting. If you are in this place, you will feel calm and comfortable. The beautiful Baiyun Mountain covers a large area in northeastern Guangzhou, China. The mountain has been considered a top natural view of the city since ancient times because of its grandeur and majesty. This famous and most beautiful tourist object in China presents fresh and soothing natural beauty.

The Baiyun Mountain name means White Cloud Mountain because the peak is shrouded in clouds whenever the sky is clear after rain. Covering more than 28 square kilometers of forest, Mount Baiyun is also revered as the lungs of Guangzhou. Therefore, your tour will not be complete if you don’t visit this place. Happy holidays!

The Coiling Dragon Cliff Skywalk

For you adrenaline lovers, you can enjoy the most beautiful tourist attractions in China on this one. We guarantee this location can make you more satisfied. The Coiling Dragon Cliff skywalk is a 100-meter-long trail that clings to the side of Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Hunan province in China.

This most beautiful tourist spot in China offers a dizzying view of the high-altitude area around it, especially with the vertical road below it. The trail has a total of 99 loops that snake through the layers one after the other. The Coiling Dragon Cliff Walk is the third glass skywalk on Tianmen Mountain. The area also boasts the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge which is the longest glass-bottom bridge in the world. Coiling Dragon Cliff Skywalk is the most extreme tourist spot in China which was only inaugurated in 2016. In this place, there is a path alias skywalk with a height of 4,900 feet or around 1,403 meters on the edge of a steep cliff.

For your information, this 100-meter-long glass bridge is located on Mount Tianmen, Zhangjiajie National Park, Hunan Province. Even more terrifying, the width of the bridge is only 1.6 meters so movement is limited. Even so, you will be greeted by an incredibly beautiful view below which is surrounded by trees and piles of exotic cliffs. Then, transparent glass allows you to see directly into the abyss. Hopefully, this tourist object can give you a deep impression.

Fangweng Restaurant, Hubei Province

This terrible tourist object is located in China. This tourist object seems to be related to cliffs. This unique place is a restaurant “nested” at altitude. The name of the restaurant is Fangweg Restaurant, which is in Happy Valley Xiling Gorge, Hubei Province. The restaurant is connected by a concrete bridge that hangs over a 30-meter-high cliff.

Apart from cliffs and trees, this restaurant overlooks the Yangtze River which can make your dining sensation even more interesting. The restaurant serves a variety of traditional Chinese food with decorations that add to the authentic feel inside. So for those of you who want to enjoy food at this unique restaurant, you can include this place in your visit list.

Guoliang Tunnel, Henan Province

Tourist objects such as this 1,200-meter-long and extremely narrow tunnel are in the Taihang Mountains, China. After five years of construction, the tunnel was finally opened to traffic in 1977. However, now the Guoliang Tunnel is focused on extreme tourism. With a width of 4 meters and a height of 5 meters, this tunnel can only be passed by small cars such as sedans. Because it is at an altitude of 1,700 meters, the sensation of horror can clearly be felt by anyone who crosses this path. However, drivers crossing this route, are experienced and make you safe and comfortable. So you don’t need to worry about this extreme path. In fact, because of its location and narrow paths, Guoliang is known as the most dangerous village in China.

Xiangsan Park

This one tourist object is Xiangsan Park or Fragrant Hill Park. This tourist object includes a park that is quite popular with foreign tourists in China. This park is located approximately 20 km from downtown Bangkok, making this park always crowded with visitors. In this park, there is a pavilion which is at an altitude of 500 meters which we can use to enjoy the view of Beijing City. We can see the City of Beijing which is decorated with hills and magnificent skyscrapers. This park has a fairly large size, which is around 400 hectares, and is even one of the 10 largest parks in China. So prepare drinking water to explore this park.

If you want to come to this park, try to come in the fall, because we will be presented with beautiful red tree leaves falling along the way. But you also don’t need to worry if you come in a different season, because the scenery here is no less interesting in every season.

Summer palace

This popular tourist attraction is a palace of residence of the royal family in 1750. This historic tourist object was founded during the reign of the Qing Dynasty, to be precise. This palace is located in the middle of a lake, just like Beihai Park. So it looks unique and beautiful. The advantages of this park are surrounded by green hills that you can explore its beauty.

In addition, the Summer Palace has been designated by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. If you are in China, you can visit this place. Then, you can take pictures with a beautiful palace background. You are also allowed to enter the palace to see the historical heritage of China. Inside the palace, you will be amazed by the fascinating relics of the past. Therefore, to complete your tour, immediately include this tourist object in your visit list to China.

Tiantan Garden (The Temple of Heaven)

This tourist object is a temple that has a unique building because this design has shaped like a cone that is so proportional. This temple was built with various aspects in mind. So it’s natural that this temple looks so beautiful.

Tiantan Temple is still used as a place of worship by the local community. But if you visit this temple, you will see beautiful wall hangings. In this place, there is a very long wall that separates into two parts, where one side represents heaven and the other side represents earth. Sometimes this temple is also used as a place of celebration to display typical Chinese culture.

Shanghai pearl tower

As you know, Shanghai is a famous city in the world. This city is the largest business city in China. In this city, we will present skyscrapers with extraordinary architecture. Besides that, this city is also a city that is highly recommended for those of you who like shopping. Shanghai Pearl Tower is an icon of the city of Shanghai. This building is in the form of a tower with spheres at the top and bottom. If you came here, you can see the beauty of the charming skyscrapers.

Then, to enjoy tours in this place, you must pay for a ticket in advance. In addition, when you enter this building, you must pass a metal detector inspection. After you pass the inspection, you can take the elevator up to the top circle to be precise on the 117th floor. In this place, you can enjoy the beauty of the city of Shanghai from a height.

The bund

Another tourist object is the Bund, which means an embankment or dam. If you are here, you will get a very romantic nice spot called “The Lovers Wall”. The Lovers wall is a flood retaining wall with a length of about 1700 m. In this place, you can see the beautiful city of Shanghai with your partner while enjoying food sold at various restaurants here.

In addition, The Bund is a gathering place for Shanghai residents, and this city has many buildings that are quite elegant and unique, Then, Starting from magnificent skyscrapers, classical Chinese buildings, typical European buildings, and also buildings with Renaissance style. Then, you will enjoy a bustling atmosphere with beautiful views and delicious Chinese food.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

A tourist object that is no less attractive is the marine aquarium. This place is a very large aquarium. Here there are various kinds of marine life that you can see from the tunnel inside the aquarium. After you pay for the entrance ticket, then you take the elevator to go down to the 4 floors.

Inside the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, the main building is divided into several sections, namely: China Zone, South America Zone, Australia Zone, Africa Zone, South East Asia Zone, Cold Water Zone, Polar Zone, Sea and Shore, Deep Ocean Zone, and Special Exhibitions. If you want to buy souvenirs, outside the aquarium there are stalls selling typical Shanghai Ocean souvenirs that you can find here.

3. Conclusion

Those are some of the amazing tourist attractions in China that we recommend. Hopefully, our review can be a preparation for those of you who want to take a vacation and visit China. Hopefully, our review can be your travel guide. Then, you can choose the location of the tourist object that suits your taste. Immediately prepare your vacation with the airlines you trust. Happy holidays to Panda Land!



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