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Travel To Muslim-Friendly Tourist Attraction City Of Granada In Spain – Do you have a trip plan to go to Europe this fall? Make sure to decide the country you want to visit the most. If you feel confused enough, we suggest you come to Spain. In this country, we will find attractive cultures, urban living lifestyles, tons of mesmerizing arts, flavorful cuisine, amazing entertainment, and many more! If you are a solo Muslim traveler or someone who wants to visit Islam culture in Spain, then Granada is the perfect place to visit! Granada is a city that offers Muslim-friendly attractions in Spain. If you want to dig into the Islamic culture and heritage in Europe, visiting Granada is the best place for you all! This city is the heart of Andalusia and the soul of a classic Moorish home.

There are lots of Granda has to offer for travelers around the globe. Mesmerizing Islamic sites, the taste of delicious Arabian cuisine, beautiful landscapes, and the spice market. In this writing, we will reveal the famous tourist attractions in Granada and we will deep back into the great history that has happened in this region! So, don’t miss any of them!

Alhambra Palace

Alhambra, Granada tourist attraction in Spain

Alhambra in Arabic means red, this palace is called Alhambra because the construction itself looks red. It is made from stone and bricks makes the appearance looks red. In this palace, the royal Moorish people live here. So, it is an important place if you want to visit the heritage and history of Islam in Spain. This palace is made for the Spanish Muslim rulers. Reportedly, there are lots and lots of people visiting this palace every year. So, then the Spanish government makes limited the number of visitors every day. If you want to visit Alhambra, make sure to book the destination place online a week before visiting the destination place.

The highlight of visiting this palace is that we can see the unique Spanish architecture style combined with Islamic arts. We can see clearly the medieval architecture style combine with distinctive Islamic Spanish architecture. There is a beautiful garden, the pond in the middle reflects the beautiful architecture of this palace!

The great mosque of Alhambra

the great mosque of Alhambra

The Alhambra covers some important things in the same complex or area. There is a school, administrative building, shops, and of course the mosque. Inside the Alhambra complex, there is the famous mosque called the Great Mosque of Alhambra. The Islamic architecture design is clearly seen in this mosque. There is some calligraphy decorated on the wall, there are dorms and ornate ceilings, and the amazing colored mosaics successfully create a beautiful Islamic art architecture style! We can visit this mosque to memorize the history of Granada when Islam ruled the city. If you are a Muslim traveler in Granada, you will not find it hard looking for a mosque to pray to. In this city,

The vibrant Spice market in Granada

the vibrant Granada spice market

Granada has an amazing attractive market that infuses by middle east culture. There are lots of spices and food vendors we can find in the AlcaicerĂ­a market. Various spices from African and Mediterranean areas are displayed neatly in this market. From these spices, we are not surprised that there are many middle eastern cuisines in Granada. For the Muslim traveler, you will not find it hard to find halal food in this market and all of the Granada region. There are lots of restaurants that are halal certified! It is easy to cook middle-eastern cuisine style because the abundance of spices is available in this region. More than that we can taste a delicious Spanish rice dish that is full of spice, paella!

Strolling in the beautiful garden of the Generalize palace!

Generalife garden, Granada SpainAnother great palace we can visit in Granada is the Generalife Palace. It was built in the 8 century by the King of  Moorish. Islam has been integrated in Spain since the early century to the middle ages. Through the Mediterranean region, Moorish are invaded Spain, especially in Granada, the heart of Islamic city in the country. But, then the Christians and Europeans stop the spread of Muslim dominance in this city. Then, we all know that after middle age Spain back to Catholic reign. But, Granada shows the character and strong Muslim vibe until now that does not erode over time. Islam giving a huge history and some of the architecture styles is still well-kept and be the landmark of Granada.

Just like the red palace of Alhambra, the Generalife palace has a wonderful Islamic architecture style. For the interior, we can find lots of caligraphy sticks on the wall, lots of mosaic, and decorative arts. But, there is something more spectacular by visiting this palace. The Generalife garden that is full of sumptuous ground has a collection of various plants. We can smell the spice in the air made from the herbs plants that have been grown in this palace since the King of Islam ruled the region. This is one of the most beautiful spots in the garden, there are stairs that decorated a beautiful violet color tone! Learning the history of Muslim civilization in Granada and then visiting the historical sites is a great journey to Spain!

Granada Cathedral

Granada cathedral tourist attraction

After visiting the landmark of Islamic architecture style in Granada, now we are moving into the historic cathedral in this city. This building was actually built on the top of Granda’s mosque. It was built in the 16th century where the Spanish Catholic ruler asked to build the Cathedral over the mosque. It is aimed to dominate Granada from Muslim influence and spread the Christianity belief. The architecture style is mostly gothic and some part of it is still influenced by renaissance architecture style. There are some high columns inside this Cathedral. And we have to notice that this one is the second-largest cathedral in Spain. So, if you visit the mosque, it is valuable your trip to head to the Cathedral too which is near the Granada mosque area!

Royal Chapel

Royal Chapel, Granada tourist attraction

Still, in the same complex area of the Cathedral, we can direct our tour visiting the Royal Chapel. It is important and be the resting place of most Spanish rulers, queen Isabella l and King Ferdinand ll. Royal Chapel is the sumptuous cemetery for the king and king of Spain. The tomb was designed by Italian sculptor Domenico Fancelli. The gothic and medieval architecture share the style of creating a royal funeral. When the sun goes down, there are some lighting brightens up this building. Walking in the alley where the Spanish rulers cemetery makes you feel like experiencing the era of Theirs reign a long time ago!

Eating Delicious Spanish food and the moors food influences

paella Spanish food delicacy

Even though the Spanish are well-known for eating bread for their everyday meal, but they have a rice dish delicacy that is called paella. One of the most famous paellas is served with seafood. We can find this dish in Barcelona, where this city is surrounded by the coastline area. The rice might be brought by moors from Asia and then cultivated in Spain. The taste of Mediterranean mix with Spanish cuisine combines together in the flavorful paella! However, this dish at least we have to eat when we travel to Spain!

pome the moors food influence

The moors come to Spain and brought many things and aspects of life to the locals. Including the food, the fresh food like olives, pomegranate, almond, sugarcane, and lots of spices brought by them and create a flavorful Spanish food!


We have come to the conclusion now, for the Muslim travelers around the globe who wants to take a trip to Europe, Granada in Spain could be on your list! The main gate of Muslim moors enters the European side. They reigned the region from the 8 century until their supremacy is done in the medieval era around the 14th century. However, they brought lots of history and historical sites to Granada. The outstanding building that is still well-kept until now will not erase the history behind it. Anyway, we can visit many places in Granada and explore the history of Islam that were reign the Kingdom 8 century. Moreover, we can learn the food’s influence and taste it, this will give the new experience and enlighten our knowledge about the history and culture and Islamic civilization in Spain!

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