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Explore The Best Attractions In Valencia – Cutting-Edge World Arts And Sciences City – When you are planning to have a trip to the beautiful city of Valencia. You have come to the right one! Here we will show you some of the best attractions this city has to offer. Valencia is well-known for its world arts and sciences technology and also for Spanish food delicacy, paella. The incredible Mediterranean sea and long history give you lots of incredible journeys. More than that, along the journey you will find mesmerizing architectural sites and a blend of beautiful culture!

The beautiful province of Valencia covers a total area of around 23,255 km2 and covers 5 million inhabitants. The beautiful seaside is something the most attraction we are looking for in this city. We can feel the laidback feel when we are staying in the seashore and eating delicious paella (Spanish seafood rice dish). Alright, without any further ado, let’s explore all of the best tourist attractions in Valencia!

 Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències

 Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències

Visiting Valencia we could not miss visiting an integral part of the city, Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències that translated into English to be The City Of Arts and Sciences. If you don’t have an idea what the picture above means to be. Well, it is the iconic architecture style that represents a science and technology landmark in Valencia. It is actually the museum of arts and latest technology improving. So, we can visit the museum and see the art collections and modern technologies here. It is one of the most popular landmarks in Valencia we must visit when we were in!

The La Lonja de la Seda de Valencia – Silk Exchange

La Lonja de la Seda de Valencia

Valencia has many things to offer from the arts, science, and heritage architecture sites. In this city, we can visit the famous landmark called La Lonja de la Seda de Valencia in the local language and translated in English into the Exchange silk. Dating back to history, around 14-15 century right in the middle age. Valencia is an important part of the Mediterranean mercantile city that is why it is called the Exchange silk. It connects the trade from Mediterranean countries to Europe. And this building is a genuine history that tells us about something important that happens during the Medieval age. The architecture itself is in gothic style. There are lots of windows, the pointed roof is the detail of gothic architecture style. So, it is worth visiting to see the most important part of Valencia during the Medieval age. Imagining this landmark a long time ago that has to to be a center of the Mediterranean trade in Spain!

Bioparc Zoo

Bioparc zoo in Valencia

One of the most interesting destinations in Valencia is the Bioparc zoo. The most interesting part of visiting this park is that we can see the animals from North Africa. The landscape in this zoo is quite natural and the water source is made from the Turia river course. As we can see in the picture, the giraffe is quite beautiful living in the natural habitat in Africa. While we can see the savannah landscape clearly in this zoo. There are elephants, crocodiles living in the river, and such an amazing conservative zoo. We can feel just like travel in the North African region because this place absolutely looks natural!

Catedral de València

Catedral de València

Another must-visit attraction site when traveling to Valencia is visiting the popular cathedral of Valencia. Differ from any other cathedral architecture style. This one deserves to embrace the mishmash architecture style it has. Owning various architecture styles from gothic, medieval, renaissance, Baroque style, to the Roman architecture style. It is a landmark that needs to pay attention to and should be on your list while traveling to Valencia. From the inside, we can see the luxury baroque interior style, massive paintings, and sculptures. This site has been recorded in the world of art and architecture design of UNESCO. When you have a chance to visit Valencia, make sure you do not wanna miss this awesome landmark!

Torres de Serranos

Torres de Serranos the gate of Valencia

When you travel to Spain, at least you save the time to go to Valencia. This city offers lots of architectural sites, science, and world museum art collections. One of the most popular sites in Valencia is Torres de Serranos or sometimes we called it the gate of Valencia. The massive building with the tower in the middle is the prove of defense building of Valencia. It was built in the Medieval age where the Romans build their building and create strong defense wall buildings to protect the city. We can go inside this gate and reach the tower to see the beautiful landscape of valencia.

Visit the beach in Valencia

visit the beach in Valencia

Knowing its beautiful coastal landscape, we cannot leave Valencia without visiting each beach in this city. Seeing, admiring, and enjoying the Mediterranean sea landscape while having a good sun in the seashore is something we could not pass. Have the laidback time enjoying the good weather and probably having beach sport that will give your soul so much energy to go next on your trip! So, don’t miss any beach vacation while you have a chance in Valencia!

Eating Valencia’s delicacy food

paella seafood in Valencia

Have you ever eaten paella the Spanish rice dish? Yeah, if you already had you already know the taste of the gooey rice blend in spices that will make your taste bud shake in a good way. The most common paella have seafood toppings and a generous amount of lemon. If you are a fan of Spanish paella you have to know that this dish comes from Valencia. A beautiful city that offers Mediterranean spectacular sea and the taste of the ocean blend with spice create a popular national Spanish food, paella. So, when you come to Valencia make sure to eat paella in the original place or its home in Valencia. Enjoy the beautiful landscape and outstanding architectural sites while having delicious seafood paella, it’s such a wonderful journey in Valencia!


When we decide to travel to Spain, at least we have to experience the trips to three different cities in Spain. The capital city, Madrid, the beautiful art city Barcelona, and the city of arts and sciences, Valencia. Visiting these three major cities at least will open our eyes to this country. These cities offer a great magnitude of traveling to the attractive country. In this writing, we have shared with you some of the best tourist attractions in Valencia, seeing the heritage site when the moors or Islam reign this city, seeing the great architecture of the silk exchange building. We hope you enjoy our guide visiting the best places in Valencia!

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