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11 Amazing Tropical Beaches in Japan: Create a Private Beach Ambiance – Most parts of the world in every country are part of the archipelago. The islands certainly save the amazing natural beauty. One of the natural beauties is the refreshing beaches. Japan itself is a country that has a density of people’s mobility. However, most of the country’s islands have attractive beaches for you to visit. The beaches in Japan have clear and clean water. Even the white sand beach is still awake until now. So there is no need to linger on what we have said earlier. We will provide 11 Amazing Tropical Beaches in Japan: Create a Private Beach Ambiance for you to read. And maybe it will add to your vacation list in Japan. Let’s discuss!

  1. Okuma Beach

Okuma Beach

The first amazing tropical beaches is Okuma beach. On the beach, with a length of one kilometer, you will find several pleasant facilities, including resort accommodations, restaurants, and bars. However, you will also find some exciting water excursions to try. The water tours include jet-skiing, boat hire, and kayaking along the coast. That way, this beach will create a pleasant private beach. This place was also once a US military base. If you want to stay with a natural feel, this place provides a camping spot. Keep in mind, Okuma Beach has an entrance fee!

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  1. Zushi Beach

Zushi Beach

The beauty of a beach that has not been touched by humans is a rare thing. Zushi Beach is a beach that is empty of visitors because this place was once rumored to be a place of horror by local residents. However, the management of Zushi Beach overhauled it all and removed the issue of horror places. Until this moment this beach has a beautiful view and is clean of garbage. If you are interested in Zushi Beach, visit it in July and August, because you will enjoy the refreshing big waves. When the waves are big, maybe you will be challenged to try to conquer them by surfing.

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  1. Nishihara Beach

Nishihara Beach

The beach that is often visited at the end of the year is Nishihara Beach. On this beach, you can find some fun events at the end of each year. Annual events on the beach include volleyball and beach soccer tournaments. However, you can also find some water attractions such as jet ski water, paragliding, and many more. The beach with an area of 550 meters you can make your own event with your closest people, but you also have to make a reservation with the beach manager. On the other hand, this beach also has a delicious street food stand. The street food stand at Nishihara Beach offers a wide variety of famous Japanese dishes that you must try.

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  1. Kujukuri Beach

Kujukuri Beach

Beaches in general have beautiful rocks, Kujukuri Beach is one of them. The coastline stretches widely at 60 kilometers, this beach is also one of the longest beaches in the country. Stunning big waves, Kujukuri Beach is perfect for surfing at every spot. The interesting thing about this beach is that in October the beach water on this beach will be warm. Maybe you are interested in it or just want to try to come during the month just to soak on the beach.

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  1. Jodogahama Beach

Jodogahama Beach

Pure natural beauty is always sought after by many people. Jodogahama Beach itself has a very deep meaning, which means “Pure Land Beach”. This hidden little beach is located on the Rikuchu Coast. This hidden beach holds a lot of beauty that will amaze you. On the other hand, this beach is a sandy beach that has elements of coal and it is not good for digging. Moreover, this beach also has clear water and calm waves. To reach this beach you have to pass a fairly stressful hiking trail.

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  1. Sunayama Beach

Sunayama Beach

Beach water is generally blue and clear, Sunayama Beach has beautiful emerald green water. The emerald green water on this beach is a marvel of natural coral moss. Sunayama Beach has calm waves, and the atmosphere on this beach is very soothing. Before reaching Sunamaya Beach, you have to pass through a beautiful tropical forest path. The tropical forest that you will pass is overgrown with large pine trees. Not only through the forest path, you will also climb small hills. Which, when passing through these small hills means that you have entered the Sunayama Beach area.

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  1. Mirabu Beach

Mirabu Beach

Mirabu Beach is a beach that has full sun. Therefore, this beach is perfect for sunbathing. The characteristics of this beach are soft white sand and very clear beach water. At least with clear water on this beach, you can try to snorkel to see coral reefs. The coral reefs on this beach are very large and very beautiful. This beauty makes this beach known by local and foreign tourists. On the other hand, Mirabu Beach has great water attractions, the most popular for tourists is to go along the beach by riding a glass boat.

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  1. Manza Beach

Manza Beach

Free access to enter the beach is the desire of tourists. For example, when visiting Manza Beach, you don’t have to worry about the entrance fee. Because this beach has a free entry ticket. If you walk along this beach, you will find a beautiful peninsula. The cape is called Manzamo, which has a direct view of the East China Sea. Manza Beach also has an interesting cove to explore. The bays on this beach are overgrown with shady trees. Before you enter the entrance of this beach, you will find souvenir shops that are worth buying.

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  1. Zanpa Beach

Zanpa Beach

Zanpa Beach is one of the most popular beaches for swimmers. The scenery in this place is the hallmark of this beach. Beautiful cliffs surround Zanpa Beach. The cliff is called Cape Zanpa, which is nice to explore. This beach is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sea breeze. Zanpa Beach has shallow coastal water. Which, if you invite relatives, this place is very friendly for children. When you go deeper into this beach, you will also find a lighthouse to see the scenery around the beach.

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  1. Odaiba Beach

Odaiba Beach

In the center of the capital, Tokyo has a pleasant beach. One of the popular beaches is Odaiba Beach. Golden white sand, and clear seawater. However, the beach water here is not very recommended for swimming. Odaiba Beach itself is a beach to relax and just to see the sunrise or sunset. This beach has interesting festivals to participate in, one of which is the Matsuri festival. Don’t miss this festival, because this event is often held in July.

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  1. Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

The beach is widely known by foreign tourists for its name. Sunset Beach is a beautiful 250 meters long beach. When visiting this beach you can watch the sunset in the afternoon. Exploring the beach with golden white sand is an amazing thing. The beach water here is quite shallow. Moreover, visiting this beach in April, at that time the beach water here was receding. Interesting facilities that exist on this beach are a place reservation. Therefore, this beach is also very suitable for barbecue parties. You don’t need to worry about procuring a party on this beach because it has been provided by the beach manager.

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The interesting thing when you visit Japan is where a secluded beach corner, you can find amazing tropical beaches. Starting from sunbathing, walking along the beach, and maybe also trying a fun water tour. You can enjoy tropical beaches in Japan. On the beaches in this country, you can create a private beach atmosphere. On the other hand, you should also try sushi dishes with fresh ingredients from the sea. Hopefully, the article 11 Amazing Tropical Beaches in Japan: Create a Private Beach Ambiance helps you create privacy with those closest to you. Happy traveling!

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