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5 Most Famous Turkish Kebabs To Satisfy Your Meat Culinary Craving

Foodntravelling.com – Are you a fan of grilled meat and kebabs? Then, Turkish kebabs might be so familiar meat dish for you! Turkey is not only well-known for its beautiful destination places, but also for delicious food. Some of the best meat culinary kebabs coming from Turkey. Let says shish kebab, doner, cag kebab, and many more. How many Turkish kebabs have you tried? Well, if you are looking for delicious Turkish food and to satisfy your meat culinary craving. If you are looking for some sort of information about the best Turkish kebabs, then you have come to the right place! Because here we will be sharing with you the 5 most famous Turkish kebabs! They are so famous worldwide for Turkish meat culinary because they taste so delicious!

Actually, there are many types of Turkish kebabs available, commonly the various kebabs coming from a different region of Turkey. For such Adana kebab from Adana province, the cag kebab coming from the Erzurum region, and so on. When you come to Istanbul, the beautiful capital city of Turkey will offer you dozens of delicious Turkish kebab styles. There you will find a lot of stalls, restaurants selling kebabs from any region side of Turkey. Alright, we cannot wait to share with you the 5 most famous Turkish kebabs that will successfully satisfy your food craving! Let’s din in!

Shish kebab

Best Turkish kebabs shish kebab

The first Turkish kebab we would like to share with all of you food lovers is shish kebab! This type of kebab is not only well-known in Turkey, but it is also famous all around the Mediterranean countries. Shish kebab is the marinated meat overnight and then grilled those cube meats over the charcoal. One of the highlight tastes of shish kebab is that the flavor comes from the spices absorb into the meat. The overnight marinated style makes all the spices absorb into every micro hollow of that meat!

There are chicken, beef, and lamb Turkish shish kebab, you can choose any type of meat. As we alluded to earlier, the meat is marinated with some spices overnight, just imagine how tasty and tender the meat is! The shish kebab is commonly served with flatbread, salads, and tahini or yoghurt garlicky sauce.

shish kebab meat and vegetable in skewer

The shish kebab is made from the cubes of marinated meat and sticks on the giant skewer. In another version, we also commonly see the meat is grilled with some vegetables and onion. They are grilled all together at the same time. So, we can taste the smoky aroma from meat and the vegetable at the same time. What a remarkable flavor! Kebab is the fast serving meat culinary but the taste is possibly to be remarkably good!

Doner kebab

delicious Turkish doner kebab

Have you ever seen it? The meat is stacked onto the vertical spit. It creates a gigantic meat tower! This type of kebab is called doner kebab. They are stacked the meat typically, beef, lamb, and chicken on the vertical spit. Then, the meat is cooked with the charcoal behind it, the staff will rotate the spit until they have the beautiful charred meat. They will slice the perfect charred meat onto the bread and topped it with vegetables and herbs. In addition, they also serve the fries onto your doner platter or above your doner kebab. The way they slice the meat and we can see the fat and meat juices fall down from the meat. The meat juice will soak into the bread and combine with fresh herbs, vegetables, this will satisfy your hunger for Turkish food!

Iskender kebab

deliscious Turkish food Iskender kebab

Iskender kebab is the invention of Turkish kebab. The person who was supposed to make this type of kebab for the first time was named Iskender. It is found for the first time in Bursa, the northeast region of Turkey. If you are looking for a slightly different kebab in presentation and taste, then Iskender kebab is a must-eat Turkish kebab that is worth trying! There is some flatbread on the base of the platter. And then topped with grilled meat not to forget to rejoice the platter with tomato sauce. then, there is yoghurt on the side of the plate, make this kebab taste so rich. In addition, they also commonly served the grilled tomato and green chilies beside your platter. If you are looking for the rich, saucy kebab then Iskender kebab will satisfy your craving!

Adana kebab

the beautiful Adana kebab platter

The next most famous Turkish kebabs we love to share with you in this writing is Adana kebab. As called Adana this type of Turkish kebab came from the region called Adana, Turkey. We can say that this kebab is definitely the softest Turkish kebab style. Because they ground the lamb meat before they stack it onto the skewer. The simple spices and salt combine all together with the ground lamb meat. After that, they are attached to the skewer and grilled over the charcoal heat.

You wouldn’t smell the strong lamb aroma on this meat. They smell smoky and when you bite to eat, it is remarkably smooth, you don’t even need to chew! Just like another type of Turkish kebabs, this Adana kebab is also served with bread and vegetables, yoghurt sauce, and rice as complementary! There is a double carbo on this kebab platter, that will fill your hunger tummy!

Cag kebab

Turkish cag kebab style

We have come to the last most famous Turkish kebabs in this writing. Unlike doner kebab, the cag kebab grilled over the fire on the horizontal spit! But both still remain the same, they will slice the perfect charred meat that remains crispy outside and juicy tender meat on the inside. The presentation of the original Turkish kebab, cag kebab is that they will put a few skewers of meat onto your plate. Then, a few thin Turkish pieces of bread on the side. With the chili rough sauce texture. You have the honor to roll your own kebab! Just spread the thin bread or lavash on your plate, and then pull off the meat from the skewer, topped with onion, grilled green chili, and the aromatic chili sauce. Then, carefully roll up your kebab, then bite it. You will have the perfect smoky lamb meat with spices blend inside the thin bread!


Kebab is one of the most famous Turkish food. There are many types of kebabs coming from some regions of Turkey. In this writing, we are focus on the most famous Turkish kebabs that will satisfy your meat culinary craving! From the simple shish kebab style to the original Turkish kebab, Cag kebab. They are absolutely worth winning Turkish kebabs and truly a gift to the world culinary! You can easily find many stalls and restaurants selling thus kebabs in Istanbul, or you can eat the kebab in the original place, where it comes from! We hope you enjoy this sort of Turkish kebabs information. We hope you can taste all of them and be ready to observe more delicious food around the world!

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