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Visiting Best Cafes and Bars in Italy to Complete Your Best Vacation

Foodntravelling.com – The best place to take a break is to visit a café or bar. If you are on vacation in Italy, especially after visiting some interesting tourist attractions, this is the answer. Moreover, you can enjoy a dish or drink typical of this country. In addition, usually, the dishes served will awaken your taste buds. And also drinks served to quench your thirst. Meanwhile, it’s all found in the cafe or bars that you must visit in this country. Therefore, we will provide a list of recommended cafes and bars in Italy. This has been summarized in the article Visiting Best Cafes and Bars in Italy to Complete Your Best Vacation. Let’s discuss!

  1. Caffè Quadri, Venice

Caffè Quadri, Venice

The first best cafes and bars in Italy is Caff Quadri. Before you leave Venice, it’s a good idea to try the best places here. Which is where you will be served the best drink in the style of this place. This cafe is also known by many foreign tourists for the enjoyment of their coffee drinks. This place has a different atmosphere at night. Because when the night comes, Caff Quadri shows the beauty of the place. In addition, the strains of classical music and the sounds of nocturnal animals can be heard in this café. With this, you will get a great atmosphere. Besides that, what makes you feel at home in this cafe is a dove that perches on the trees of this place.

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  1. Caffè Sicilia, Noto

Caffè Sicilia, Noto

Caffè Sicilia is a café that is managed directly by the Assenza family. And of course, every dish on the menu has a delicious taste. Not only are the dishes delicious, but the brewing coffee at this café is also very famous for its enjoyment. Besides, this café is about a century old, which is why it is very popular in this country. Meanwhile, Caffè Sicilia is also held directly from this family generation. Moreover, the main drink or drink that customers often order at this cafe is a cappuccino. So, if you are visiting this café, don’t forget to order a drink.

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  1. Bar Cafe Rossi, Lake Como

Bar Cafe Rossi, Lake Como

Bar Cafe Rossi is located in the Lake Como area. This makes this place popular for lunch. However, in the afternoon this place is also often used for people to hang out. Not only a place to hang out, but you can also enjoy the refreshing atmosphere of Lake Como. Meanwhile, the drinks at this place consist of coffee, beer, and much more. And for snacks, you can order a special cake from Bar Cafe Rossi. In addition, we highly recommend visiting this café on weekdays. Because when the weekend arrives, Bar Cafe Rossi will be filled with foreign tourists.

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  1. Caffè Conti, Rome

Caffè Conti, Rome

The next best cafes and bars in Italy is Caff Conti. Your trip while visiting the city of Rome is very tiring. Moreover, you visit an amazing tourist destination, which makes you thirsty. You don’t have to worry about your thirst, Caffè Conti provides the best drink for you. Moreover, the comfortable place makes customers feel at home to visiting this cafe. In addition, various interior designs make this café have a very beautiful impression. If you come to Caffè Conti for the first time, you will be amazed by its beauty.

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  1. Caffè Canova-Tadolini, Rome

Caffè Canova-Tadolini, Rome

Service in a cafe is the most important thing in attracting customers. However, not only the service, but the interior design also affects this. Caffè Canova-Tadolini is a café that carries a neoclassical style. In neoclassical style, in this cafe, there are some very detailed carved statues. Moreover, the paintings become very interesting decorations at Caffè Canova-Tadolini. In fact, this place has become a museum tourist spot as well as a cafe. Art fans are very interested in this place. In addition, the dishes and drinks are no less delicious than in other cafes. Because in this cafe almost all of the menus are made by hand. In addition, Caff Canova-Tadolini has price variants on each menu. And of course, in terms of menu prices in this place is quite cheap.

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  1. Antico Caffè Greco, Rome

Antico Caffè Greco, Rome

Rome is widely known for its popular historical tourist spots. In addition, this city also has several cafes and bars that carry the theme of historical places. One such place is Antico Caffè Greco. Antico Caffè Greco is a legendary coffee shop in the city. How not legendary, this place has been around for about a century and a half. Almost every day local and international tourists visit Antico Caffe Greco. Moreover, this place is also decorated with attractive marble stones. Marble rocks adorn every corner of this café as well as benches, tables, and statue decorations. What we really admire about this place is that world artists often visit Antico Caffè Greco. Are you getting interested in this one cafe?

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  1. Murena Suite, Genova

Murena Suite, Genova

The next best cafes and bars in Italy is the Murena Suite. Enjoying a cup of coffee and accompanied by delicious snacks is the right combination. When you visit Murena Suite, you will get just that. However, if you don’t really like coffee, you can choose another drink menu that is no less delicious. Other drink menus such as chocolate, tea, and many more. Moreover, the most frequently ordered coffee menu at Murena Suite is brewed espresso coffee. The espresso coffee brew menu has a variety of variants. Espresso brews such as V60, long black, and many more. And the main thing in this place is a very luxurious interior design. Even when you visit this place, you will be amazed by its beauty of it.

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  1. Giolitti, Rome

Giolitti, Rome

The last best cafes and bars in Italy is Giolitti. And of course, that ends the discussion of cafes and bars in Italy. Maybe this place is not as interesting as the list above. However, Giolitti is a place for a recommendation from us. Which is where you can find a coffee brew that is different from the others. Because this place is specifically for coffee lovers. Moreover, there are other menus besides brewing coffee, namely ice cream gelato. Ice cream gelato is a specialty of this country. Meanwhile, Giolitti is often visited by visitors in the morning. This is wherein the morning the people of Rome are in need of a coffee booster.

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Thus the discussion of Visiting Best Cafes and Bars in Italy to Complete Your Best Vacation. Foreign tourists often visit European countries, especially Italy. This is where this country always offers fun things to do. These things include historical places, shopping spots, to exotic beaches. Where these places have their respective charms to just enjoy a vacation. Moreover, we hope that from the list of recommendations above you are able to find the best place to rest for a while. Happy traveling!

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