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10 Best Annual Festivals and Events That You Must See in Italy

Foodntravelling.com – Festivals and events related to culture are very interesting to see. Italy is a country that always holds events and festivals every year. In almost every case, this country is never empty of visitors. And in every case, many residents are very enthusiastic to follow it. Moreover, events and festivals in this country are closely related to each other. In addition, Italy is also known by many foreign tourists for its culture. And of course, the culture is in the city of Florence. Therefore, a list of festivals and events that you must do in this country. Which has been summarized in the article 10 Best Annual Festivals and Events That You Must See in Italy. Let’s discuss these festivals and events!

  1. La Quintana 

La Quintana 

The first annual festival and event in Italy were La Quintana. Right in August, this event began with lively Italians. This event was attended by traders of handicraft goods and sellers of this country’s specialties. The main thing is that a procession is enlivened by an interesting parade. In the parade, there is a marching band, people wearing Roman armor, as well as the traditional clothes of this country. Which is where the La Quintana event was held. Moreover, residents wearing parade clothes surrounded a large field. In addition, if you are a spectator you are required to provide snacks. Because at the parade La Quintana needs that.

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  1. Marriage of the Sea

Marriage of the Sea

When your visit to Venice is not complete, you don’t see this one festival. Marriage of the Sea is a big festival in this floating city. Moreover, the musical accompaniment in this area makes the atmosphere of this festival lively. Moreover, it is the large rowing boats that are the main attraction of all this. In addition, there is also a small boat race which is very interesting for you to watch in this city. The agenda for the Marriage of the Sea festival is held every May. In addition, after you have finished enjoying this great festival, we recommend that you enjoy the amazing floating city of Venice. However, the bustle of the floating city after this event was held as normal. So, you don’t have to worry if you want to explore more the city of Venice.

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  1. Battle of the Oranges

Battle of the Oranges

In general, oranges are eaten or made into juice. The Battle of the Oranges is a tradition that dates back to the 12th century. Which at that time citrus fruit had a philosophy about this one fruit. In addition, to start this event and of course, in the area where this event begins, people start throwing oranges. And in fact, it is the biggest food event in the country. Moreover, this event is held annually in February. Meanwhile, the location for this event was held in the city of Ivrea. A city filled with abundant citrus plantations.

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  1. Carnevale Venice 

Carnevale Venice 

The next annual festival and event in Italy are Carnevale. A cultural event that carries the theme of luxury to start the big day of Easter begins. This festival begins with people dressed in luxurious 12th-century clothes. Not only luxurious clothes, the people who are in the parade also wear a mask to cover their identity. In addition, the holding of the Carnevale festival has several spots in this country. The festival spots consist of the cities of Cento, Venice, Ivrea, and Viareggio. After the festival parade is over you can enjoy a music concert, then eat mouthwatering street food. In addition, the Carnevale festival is held annually in February or March.

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  1. Game of the Bridge

Game of the Bridge

Game of the Bridge is an event that celebrates Italians’ enthusiasm for history. Not only Italians were enthusiastic about this event, but foreign tourists also took part. Game of the Bridge is an armor fashion parade event in the 18th century. From this event, you can see it in the city of Pisa. In this city, you can find a very popular tourist destination, namely the Tower of Pisa. Meanwhile, the Game of the Bridge event is held in June. In addition, in that month too many foreign tourists are visiting this country. So, prepare your travel tickets before the month.

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  1. Infiorata Festival

Infiorata Festival

The next annual festival and event in Italy are the Infiorata Festival. This festival is a historic festival from the Vatican in the 16th century. You have to get ready for this very popular festival. Because every house and church is decorated with beautiful flowers. Even in the decoration of the flowers, there is a dove in the form of a dove. Not only in the form of a dove, but you will also find beautiful animals such as butterflies and beetles. Moreover, the Infiorata Festival is held every year at the end of May. However, for the big celebration of this festival in early June. So, you must have preparations for a vacation in this country.

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  1. Opera Festival

Opera Festival

In June in this country, a lot of events and festivals are held. Opera Festival is a festival that you must see in this month. Meanwhile, the holding of this festival lasts until September. Besides that, you can also enjoy an amazing pieces of music and live performances. At the time of the show, you will be presented with several drama stories, comedy, to historical stories about this country. However, there is another interesting thing about this annual festival, namely that there is a classic performance that is interesting for you to see.

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  1. Feast of San Gennaro

Feast of San Gennaro

Feast of San Gennaro is a very sacred religious event. Precisely in the city of Naples, this religious event was held. People who see this event for the first time will be astonished. If you are one of these, you have to be mentally prepared to see the blood that is pouring. However, from this very sacred event, you can only see from a distance the area where this event is. The blood is a sign of holiness to bless the city of Naples. Moreover, if you are interested in this event, come to this city in mid-September.

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  1. Palio di Siena

Palio di Siena

The next annual festivals and events in Italy are Palio di Siena. Palio di Siena is a festival of horse skills. The horses in this festival are 10 stallions and riders on them. When you see the show make yourself amazed by the shrewdness of these animals. In fact, Palio di Siena is an annual festival that has been carried over since the 16th century. The best time to see the stallion show is in August. Which is where on that month you can see the stars that are emitting their rays. Moreover, this festival is not only a horse show, but a big meal festival for the citizens of this country. Which makes it more fun when you are on vacation in this country.

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  1. Oh Bej! Oh Bej!

Oh Bej! Oh Bej!

The Last annual festivals and events in Italy is Oh Bej! Oh Bej! Milan is a city that is very popular for its tourist attractions. Not only are the tourist attractions popular, but events or festivals in this city are very interesting to see. Especially with the Oh Bej! Oh Bej! It is held in December. From the name of the festival which means (Oh Beautiful! Oh Beautiful!) In addition, this event is usually held with great care. Because this event is held on the day before Christmas. And for the venue, for this event is to be held at Castello Sforzesco. Castello Sforzesco itself is a very famous religious tourist spot in this city. Meanwhile, in this area there are usually vendors selling Christmas trinkets, flowers, and dishes typical of this country.

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Those discussions of the 10 Best Annual Festivals and Events That You Must See in Italy. Some people who are on vacation in this country certainly want to attend or see festivals and events. And also, not only that, people who are on vacation also want to enjoy the exotic beach atmosphere. Although the list of events and festivals above does not cover all of these things. We hope you find out which festivals you deserve to see. And happy holidays!

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