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10 Amazing Natural Places for Great Vacation in Scotland – If you have plans to visit Europe, make sure you visit the right country. Europe has a variety of countries that have fame in terms of their respective tours. There are countries that highlight their park tours, there are countries that highlight their night tours. However, you should not miss tours that are different from the others offered by Scotland, namely nature tourism. The nature tourism offered by Scotland will make you more comfortable when you travel there. The forest that presents thousands of dense plant vegetation makes you feel at home with the cool air. A natural lake that soothes your complicated mind. And you will be spoiled with all the natural potential that is presented in Scotland. The following is a discussion of the 10 Amazing Natural Places for Great Vacation in Scotland. Let’s discuss one by one!

  1. Loch Ness

Loch Ness

The first natural places in Scotland is Loch Ness. This place is a lake that is quite popular in Scotland. You will wonder if this lake is famous for its water monsters, and the answer is yes. If you visit this lake, the first trademark that comes to mind is a water monster that has become a world legend. However, this monster will not reduce the beauty of this beautiful and stunning Loch Ness lake. The beauty of this lake is sometimes difficult to understand. Some people who come to this lake are usually looking for a monster, namely Nessie.

But they also come to witness some of the unique activities of the Loch people. The uniqueness of the activities of the people of Loch is the main key for those who are interested in coming to this lake. If you want to know its uniqueness, you can witness its uniqueness by coming there. In addition, this Loch Ness lake has a visual beauty in the form of beautiful castle ruins. This castle is called Urquhart castle which is so aesthetic and surrounded by cool mountains.

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  1. Stirlingshire


If you are a fan of the television series Outlander, you will definitely know this place. This place is called Stirlingshire, in the television series Outlander, this place is the backdrop for the place from Liar’s Spring. It is stated that this place has been very famous around the world. Even if you visit Scotland with the aim of nature tourism, you will definitely be offered a visit to Stirlingshire. In addition to offering beauty which of course is no longer asked. Stirlingshire also offers tours that smell magical or mystical.

For those of you who like these things, a tour of this place is perfect. The rocks overgrown with green natural vegetation make the surrounding area cooler. There are also a number of things that make the water near Stirlingshire turn maroon. For your information, the red color here is caused by red sandstone. However, if you look deeper into Stirlingshire you will find a place like Satan worship.

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  1. Fairy Pools

Fairy Pools

The next natural places in Scotland are Fairy Pools. Tourists who vacation here usually have prepared their swimming equipment. Yes, this place is called Fairy Pools which is a pool full of water. If you want to visit this place, then you are advised to bring your own swimming equipment. These Fairy Pools have a unique water temperature. This subject has been widely discussed elsewhere in Scotland. This water is unique because in every season whether it’s winter or summer. And the water in Fairy Pools always has a temperature below 7-8 degrees Celsius.

This makes the tourists amazed and some even think that the water in the Fairy Pools is mystical. You won’t believe it if you don’t visit this place in person. Apart from that, there is a myth that tourists are always looking for, namely the myth about seals. The seals here are not ordinary seals but seals that can talk like people. Tours in Scotland besides having beauty also present mysticism.

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  1. Grey Mare’s Tail

Grey Mare’s Tail

An old rock that towers high on the beach is a beautiful landscape for tourists who visit there. The rocks that are engraved due to water crystallizing and becoming stones add to the aesthetic value of this place. This place is called Gray Mare’s Tail which is in Moffat, Scotland. This rocky mountain has a height of nearly 60 meters or about 200 feet. This mountain presents the beauty of a waterfall that flows endlessly from Lake Skeen.

In addition, the waterfall on the mountain is the 5th highest waterfall in Great Britain. Apart from its beauty, this place is also famous because it was used for the television series Game of Thrones. The series that is so famous takes place in this area, of course, there is no doubt about the beauty and uniqueness of this place. Here, you will see its uniqueness in its ancient form. This ancient form that creates a gap like a cave under a waterfall is a destination spot in itself.

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  1. Fingal’s Cave

Fingal’s Cave

The next natural places in Scotland is Fingal’s Cave. A cave that has a pre-historic feel is an attraction for tourists. This cave is called Fingal which is in Staffa, Scotland. You can see interesting things in this place. Staffa is an uninhabited place that has not been occupied this place for a long time. Many of the tourists who come to Staffa are just to look at this quiet place. The interest of tourists is certainly worth in various things, including this empty place.

In addition, the empty Staffa is not a place that does not have beautiful natural attractions. Even nature tourism in Staffa has its own characteristics because there is no human intervention, one of which is the Fingal cave. This cave, which was formed from ancient mountain lava, forms a beautiful gap on the seafront. This beautiful gap later became a long cave. If you are interested in visiting, you can use a boat or take a tour at Fingal’s Cave.

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  1. Cairngorms National Park

Cairngorms National Park

The extent of this national park is almost 1700 miles stretched in Scotland. The main view of this national park is a series of beautiful mountains. In addition to a row of mountains, beautiful scenery is also presented in an ancient forest that is so beautiful. This national park is called Cairngorms which is the largest in the UK. If you visit this place during winter you will find your own happiness. That is, you can enjoy skating in this national park area. Sliding on a mountain that has a height of almost 3000 feet, is an experience that will not be forgotten.

Meanwhile, sledding on the snow in the winter of August, you can spot the six highest mountains here which are covered in snow, choose one. In addition, you can visit this national park in summer or spring to better enjoy the wind and sun in the thick forest leaves. In addition, there are also various parks and beautiful historical remains here.

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  1. Glencoe

Glencoe Highlands

The next natural places in Scotland is Glencoe. This time it might be more suitable if this nature tour is also included in your calendar to visit historical places. This place is named Glencoe which is colorful due to Scotland’s history. A long history of the story of a massacre in 1692. This massacre killed up to 38 people from members of the Macdonald Clan. This clan was massacred by the Campbell clan during the Jacobite uprising. If you like the history of Scotland, you will know about this war.

However, if you have never heard of it, then this is the perfect time for you to take a tour and learn about history. Apart from that history, this place offers several attractions that you can of course meet. You can climb towards the hills overgrown with shady green plants. This place is the most appropriate place for you to relax in the morning, afternoon, and evening. In addition, you will be surprised by Scotland’s endemic animals that are rarely known by people in the wildlife conservancy around Glencoe.

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  1. Kilda

Kilda Island

If you are the type of traveler who is looking for beauty in solitude, you are right to visit here. This place is St Kilda the most desolate place because it has been abandoned by its inhabitants since 1930. Abandoned by its residents because this island is only occupied by 100 people, while from time to time these people leave their homes. However, in 1957 there was the construction of a military base there. This makes this island even more crowded.

However, this did not turn St Kilda into as crowded as imagined. The houses that were abandoned in 1930 are still there. If you like that then you can take a walk along the village without the residents. But if you like the beach you will never forget the beauty of this beach. It’s almost like a beach of your own if you visit at a certain time. Blue water and white sand will welcome you to the serenity of this island.

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  1. Luskentyre Sands

Luskentyre Sands

The next natural places in Scotland are Luskentyre Sands. The views of the hills and beaches are the most interesting things for tourists who are visiting here. Therefore, this place is often used as a natural tourist destination for foreign tourists. Beside that, Luskentyre Sands is a wide stretch of beach sand that has a variety of colors. When you enter the initial area in this place you will see white beach sand, then when you are close to the beach you will see a mixture of the colors of the sand. Which is where the sand will spoil your eyes for the charm of this place.

Meanwhile, the seawater around this place is crystal clear. That way you can do fun holiday activities. Vacation activities that you can do are enjoy the waves, then enjoy the charm of the natural surroundings, and spend time with the people closest to you if you are with them.

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  1. Galloway Forest Park

Galloway Forest Park

The last natural places in Scotland is Galloway Forest Park. And this discussion also ends the list that we have provided for you. In this way, you will also experience a very memorable vacation. Galloway Forest Park is a protected forest in this country. Interesting things that you will get in this place might add insight about hiking. When you are hiking happily, make sure you prepare equipment, camping equipment, and snacks. Because with these things you also carry out these activities safely and comfortably.

Beside that, Galloway Forest Park has an interesting spot for you to enjoy while hiking, at that spot you will get a pleasant camping experience. It is a spot for viewing the stars. And also to see the stars we recommend coming in the summer. Because in summer, billions of stars scatter over Galloway Forest Park.

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Thus the discussion of the 10 Amazing Natural Places for Great Vacation in Scotland. You already feel that your mind is calm and your worries are reduced. If you feel like that then your tour in Scotland this time is really amazing. The cool air and bird songs greet you when you are in beautiful forests and tall trees. In addition, your mind has been cleared when you visited the lakes earlier. This beautiful natural potential is not for you to forget after visiting Scotland. Hopefully, your holiday this time also saves memories in photos as well as your memories as long as you live in this world. Happy exploration!

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