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10 Best Shops and Markets in Scotland and Find Your Best Stuff

Foodntravelling.com – Shopping for necessities or souvenirs, you can see several destinations in the countries you visit. If you are traveling to a country, make sure you know where you can buy necessities or souvenirs. The need for food and souvenirs is the most important thing sought by tourists in a country. Scotland has several places that you can use as a destination for your needs or souvenirs. They provide a variety of typical bread, Scottish fish, as well as some Scottish specialties. Here are some places to spend your money to buy necessities and souvenirs when you are in Scotland. Which has been summarized in the 10 Best Shops and Markets in Scotland and Find Your Best Stuff. Let’s discuss one by one!

  1. Glasgow Farmers Markets

Glasgow Farmers Markets

The first shops and markets in Scotland are the Glasgow Farmers Markets. Glasgow does have a variety of tourist destinations that are very suitable for you and your family to go to. Apart from that, Glasgow has a place where you can look for necessities or souvenirs, namely the Glasgow Farmers Markets. This place promises you a market full of traders from around the place. These traders sell their wares which are the produce from their fields when they are farming. Therefore, this market is called Glasgow Farmers Markets.

Usually, the traders sell a variety of vegetables from their farms. The vegetables sold here are also very fresh, so the quality of their products never disappoints. Meanwhile, in this market, there are various kinds of products that they sell, ranging from fish, bread, fruit, and meat to cheese. In addition, here beside you can buy necessities, and you can also enjoy culinary delights. On the sides of the road, you will find many street stalls ready to give you delicious culinary treats for your hunger.

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  1. Inverness Farmers Markets

Inverness Farmers Markets

Inverness, which is located close to the beach or sea, must have something closely related to fish. Visit the Inverness Farmers Markets where you will find a complete range of marine resources being sold in this market. The fresh fish that are always available there are fresh fish typical of the Inverness area. Meanwhile, many traders sell spices such as garlic, onions, and so on. So apart from selling fish as a basic need, they also sell seasonings.

If you have a hobby of cooking this market is perfect for you to spend time. Besides that, the beautiful view of the city of Inverness will make you even more comfortable spending time at the market. In addition, the traders who sell in the Inverness area come from various local places and bring their own culture. Inverness Farmers Markets Will never disappoint for you and your family to visit. Starting from the beauty of the city, the beauty of the friendly people to the complete selling items.

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  1. Aberdeen Country Fair

Aberdeen Country Fair

The next shops and markets in Scotland are the Aberdeen Country Fair. If you are looking for a market that is held only on certain days you can visit the following markets. This market is called Aberdeen Country Fair which is in the city of Aberdeen. This market sells various kinds of complete goods, all of which are sold here. Starting from raw materials to selling finished goods. This market is filled with the culture of the city of Aberdeen which is perfect when you visit it on Christmas Day.

The city of Aberdeen is represented by the Aberdeen Country Fair by selling various kinds of Christmas paraphernalia. In addition, Christmas Day is synonymous with small festive gifts in this place. If you are looking for a gift to give to someone special on Christmas you can visit this market. In addition, the Aberdeen Country Fair venue is located right in the middle of the city bustle or in the city center. So, the Aberdeen Country Fair can be easily accessed by public transportation without having to think about parking your vehicle.

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  1. Edinburgh Farmers Market

Edinburgh Farmers Market

This place is called Edinburgh Farmers Market, a place that is very easy to reach. This marketplace is in the middle of the very beautiful city of Edinburgh. When you visit this place you will be amazed by the layout of the market which is very close to a castle. This beautiful castle will never make your walk through the Edinburgh Farmers Markets dull. In addition, you can find various kinds of goods sold in this very complete place.

But if you visit this place you can only do it on Saturdays. This day was chosen because Saturday is the weekend so many people will visit the Edinburgh Farmers Market. In addition, the location is so close to the city center that this market is very easy to reach. So, if you are bored with tiring work, you can do healing to visit and shop at this place. Then visit this beautiful market to spend your weekend.

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  1. Dundee Farmers Markets

Dundee Farmers Markets

The next shops and markets in Scotland are Dundee Farmers Markets. If you have a dream to shop for fresh fruit, you can visit this place. The place that sells its signature fruit is the Dundee Farmers Markets. Here you can find various forms of fruit which are perfect for you to take home as a souvenir or for your own consumption. Dundee’s signature fruits are a variety of ready-to-eat berries.

Also, in this market, you will find that when you visit at the right moment you can pick berries in person. So when you travel to find fresh fruit this place has it covered. However, please note that this place is only open on the third Sunday of every month. So, if you want to pick berries you need to know when the season is. After you know when the berries grow, you can visit this place.

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  1. Fencebay Farmers Markets

Fencebay Farmers Markets

You can visit this market when you want something fishy. Because this place sells various kinds of fish harvests, you can shop for all your needs for cooking. This place is called Fencebay Farmers Markets which has a unique concept for you to visit. On this place is very comfortable to visit with loved ones or your family. This place for traders to sell is what is said to be unique, because they sell on the farm.

This farm is called Ayshire Barn, in which you can shop to your heart’s content without fear when the weather doesn’t support it. There are many kinds of goods sold, the majority of which are fish. The fish here are very fresh because they sell directly after catching them from the sea. The interesting thing is that here they also sell a variety of local specialties. So if you have shopped you can enjoy all the delicious culinary delights in this place, don’t forget to try the wine that makes your body warm.

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  1. Stirling Farmers Markets

Stirling Farmers Markets

The next shops and markets in Scotland are Stirling Farmers Markets. The place you want when traveling is a place that sells your various needs. Then you really need to pay a visit to the Stirling Farmers Markets. Here you can find various forms of food from raw to cooked food. In addition, you can visit various outlets that are open in this place. One of the most visited outlets is an outlet that sells local specialty cheese. Cheese is a typical Scottish food that you can mix into your cooking.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for foods made from meat or that can meet your calorie needs, this place also provides them. Some of the meat sold at this place is lamb, pork, beef, and lots of meat with various names. Apart from that, you can also visit the culinary delights sold in this market, however, keep in mind that this market is only available on Saturdays once a month.

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  1. Perth Farmers Markets

Perth Farmers Markets

If you want to visit this place you can schedule your vacation in advance. Because this market is not always open all the time, you need to know when you can visit. This market is called Perth Farmers Markets which is open only on one day a month. To be more precise, you can visit this place on Saturday at 8 o’clock and closes at 2 pm. You have only 5 hours to shop at this market.

In addition, you can only visit this place on the first Saturday of every month. Because the opening time of this place is so short, you need to use it very wisely or you can be satisfied in this place. The interesting thing you can see when you visit this market is that you find lots of outlets selling all the typical Scottish goods. So from that, you will definitely be confused because of the complete range of merchandise.

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  1. Grassmarket

Grassmarket Edinburgh

The next shops and markets in Scotland are Grassmarket. Visit a shopping center or incomplete market to buy coveted items. Grassmarket which is located in the city of Edinburgh, almost provides that for you. Starting from fashion, and household goods, to strange items you can find in this place. Because this place also used to be a shopping center during the Middle Ages. And this is still going on today.

The authenticity of this place is still very well maintained, moreover the friendliness of the buyers in the shops is very reassuring for visitors. You also definitely want that on vacation right? Therefore, Grassmarket is a must for you to visit and explore. In addition, this place also offers a variety of fun activities, namely walking or exploring fun.

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  1. Bruntsfield and Morningside

Bruntsfield and Morningside

The last shops and markets in Scotland are Bruntsfield and Morningside. This is the best version in our opinion and of course, we present it to you. Bruntsfield and Morningside are very interesting places to add to your vacation list. Because this place has become an attraction or spotlight for foreign tourists. Moreover, this place has an atmosphere of sellers and buyers which is very rarely found anywhere else. Moreover, the cafe or bar in this place has its own characteristics.

Like the bars in the Bruntsfield and Morningside area, they provide a wide variety of typical Scottish drinks. We also highly recommend it and you deserve to try it yourself. Meanwhile, at nightfall, the atmosphere that was originally calm will immediately turn into fun. Therefore, you must visit Bruntsfield and Morningside and find coveted items while on vacation in Scotland.

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Thus our discussion of the 10 Best Shops and Markets in Scotland and Find Your Best Stuff. Some of the beauty of the city or tourist attractions are also found in these cities. After you visit some of these places you already know a lot of information about where to buy necessities in Scotland. When you find fish, bread and so on that are sold in the places above, it is a specialty of Scotland. In addition, if you visit these places you can also travel around Scotland. Since these places are located in various cities not too far away you can buy your necessities and walk around. Meanwhile, Scottish trinkets are also sold in several places above. And we hope you can visit some of the lists we have provided for you. Happy traveling!

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