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11 Most Popular British Dishes for You Exploring Culinary in England

Foodntravelling.com – The main dish is the most awaited dish by tourists. If you are visiting England, you will definitely find out. In addition, this country is famous for its historical places which are very interesting to explore. Actually, not only historical places, but also the culinary world you must explore. One dish that you must taste is fish and chips. Because the dish is so iconic and easy to find. Therefore, we will prepare some dishes that will be explored. It doesn’t take long for this to be summarized in the 11 Most Popular British Dishes for You Exploring Culinary in England. Let’s discuss!

  1. Kidney Pie

Kidney Pie

The first popular British dishes was kidney pie. As a tourist, you definitely need a food stall or restaurant to eat a special dish. Kidney pie is a traditional dish that you can find in Manchester. Because in the city this dish is made in the traditional way. Not only that this dish has a very authentic taste. In addition, the filling for kidney pie itself includes potatoes, beef, and many other secret spices. Meanwhile, because of the authenticity of this dish, many foreign tourists are hunting for it. Therefore, when you visit this country make sure to visit Manchester to eat this traditional dish.

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  1. Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

If you have ever been to Australia or New Zealand, you will surely find a dish similar to this. Yes, fish and chips are the same dish in these three countries. However, each country has a different taste and seasoning. However, the form of presentation in almost all three countries is the same. Meanwhile, fried fish and chips are the main ingredients of this dish. And to add a delicious taste, fish and chips are usually added with a very distinctive sauce, namely tartar sauce. The tartar sauce is very delicious when added to the lemon. Because the lemon juice will be able to wiggle your tongue.

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  1. Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast

The next popular British dishes is the sunday roast. Local residents almost every day often eat this very delicious dish. The main ingredients of this dish you can choose include lamb, beef, and pork. When you have chosen the meat, the dish will be added with peas, potato wedges, and carrots. In addition, the sunday roast has a sauce with a distinctive seasoning. You will never forget the sauce for its delicious taste. In addition, there is an interesting fact about this popular dish, namely that the Sunday roast is very delicious and eaten at night. At night you can feel the sensation of a pleasant holiday while eating this delicious dish.

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  1. Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd's Pie

Popular dishes in England contain a lot of processed elements of pie. Processed pies also have many variants. The most common pie variants are sweet pie and savory pie. Shepherd’s pie is a pie with a savory variant. Because this one pie has the main ingredient, namely lamb. The lamb is minced for the filling for the Shepherd’s Pie. Meanwhile, stuffing to increase satiety is potatoes and other vegetables. This dish is very popular with local residents. If you have relatives or friends in the country, be sure to make this delicious dish. And of course, you will feel extraordinary in eating this traditional pie.

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  1. Full English Breakfast

Full English Breakfast

The next popular British dishes is the full English breakfast. At breakfast, we certainly don’t want our stomachs to be full, because it makes our bodies feel heavy. However, when you are on vacation to England, your stomach and tongue will be spoiled by this one dish. With a light breakfast will also make your body easily weak.

Therefore, when you are exploring culinary make sure to eat the Full English Breakfast. This is where you will be served with some condiments including sausage, eggs, bacon, toast, mushrooms, tomatoes, french fries, and pudding. So, the completeness of your breakfast in this country will be fulfilled when you eat this dish. With that, you can continue your exploration of fun tourist destinations.

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  1. Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash

Bangers and mash are one of the simplest dishes in the country. If you want to eat a simple dish bangers and mash is the most appropriate. Because you will be served sausage with creamy mashed potatoes. Not only that, but the peas in this dish also add a delicious taste. Meanwhile, finding this popular dish is very easy. Because in every food stall or restaurant in the country must provide this dish. So, you don’t have to worry about how to find this popular dish.

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  1. Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington

The next popular British dishes is beef wellington. Steak rolled with pastry is very interesting to try. Beef wellington is a popular dish that you must try and explore at the same time. The short history of this dish is that the name Wellington itself is what brought this dish up. However, this dish has nothing to do with the British royal family.

With that also this dish is the most popular dish and at the same time that is often ordered by food lovers. Therefore, it can make you interested in tasting this popular dish in England. In addition, to find this dish you can simply look at the fine restaurants in the cities of this country. And of course, we believe this dish is definitely available with a delicious taste.

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  1. Eton Mess

Eton Mess

A sweet dish can be a dessert for those of you who are eating the main course. Eton mess is a sweet dish and is also popular in this country. In terms of appearance, this dish has its own charm. One example that can attract tourists is the berries topping. Topping berries used for this dish include strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry. In addition, this sweet dish is often used as a picnic or relaxing on holidays by the people of England. Therefore, you are obliged to try this dessert, which will pamper your tongue and taste luxurious when it arrives in your mouth.

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  1. Bubble and Squeak

Bubble and Squeak

The next popular British dishes are bubble and squeak. This dish is a dish that is very rarely found anywhere. With you on vacation to this country, you will definitely find this popular dish. In addition, the main ingredients for making this dish include minced meat, mashed potatoes, and many vegetables. The vegetables are sauteed until golden brown and then paired with bubble and squeak. If you want to go to breakfast, this breakfast menu is a must for you to try. Because bubble and squeak is to have a simple appearance and a mild taste when it arrives in your mouth. In addition, to find this dish you just have to come to a few food stalls in the corner of the city of this country.

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  1. Cornish Pasty

Cornish Pasty

The next popular British dishes are cornish pasty. You can’t miss the softness of the pastry for you to eat in this country. One of the mainstay pastries from this country is cornish pastry. Cornish pasty itself has a filling of vegetables and minced meat. In ancient times this dish or pastry is often eaten by the miners of this country. As time goes by, this pastry has become a staple for local people. With that also this dish is very popular in this country. So, if you want to give gifts to those closest to you, cornish pastry is a very appropriate gift.

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  1. Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala

The last popular british dishes is chicken tikka masala. Curry menu dishes are very rare in this country. However, chicken tikka masala is a special dish that collaborates among South Asian countries, namely Bangladesh. With this dish, it can also become a popular dish for a long time. One of them is a famous chef from the country of Bangladesh who is traveling to this country. And then make this dish very popular in this country. So, if you’re looking for a curry dish, chicken tikka masala is the one for you. In addition, the collaboration between the two countries is very interesting for other countries. So, you set your holiday schedule to eat this chicken tikka masala dish.

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Thus our discussion of the 11 Most Popular British Dishes for You Exploring Culinary in England. The delicacy presented in British cuisine is not to be missed. If you miss this, you are on vacation without enjoying the culinary world which is very interesting to explore. Moreover, if you are very interested in this, you will also get a pleasant experience while on vacation. Hopefully, with the list above you can taste some of these popular dishes. So, what are you waiting for, pack your suitcases and explore the culinary arts in England. Happy exploration!

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