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Top 10 Polish Specialty Foods with Authentic Taste – Typical dishes are dishes that are often rushed by tourists. Just as Poland has characteristics in each of its traditional dishes. The characteristic found in this country is its authentic taste. The taste is so authentic that tourists want to try it again and again. Meanwhile, Poland is a country that has tourist destinations, historical places, and many more that you must visit. And if you are interested in this country, we will prepare some dishes that are typical of this country. Which has been summarized in the Top 10 Polish Specialty Foods with Authentic Taste. Let’s discuss one by one!

  1. Bigos


The first Polish specialty foods are bigos. Bigos is a very interesting traditional dish for you to eat in this country. This dish has the characteristics of a delicious meat soup. And for how to make this dish still use the traditional way. In this way, you can say that this dish has its own characteristics. The ingredients used to make bigos include meat, tomatoes, mushrooms, and spices.

Dedicated to the spices used to make this dish of the highest quality. Therefore, bigos is worth trying for yourself while on vacation in this country. In addition, bigos is a delicious dish eaten while still warm. So, if you order this dish, don’t wait until it’s cold. Because it can reduce the delicious taste.

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  1. Kotlet Mielony

Kotlet Mielony

Meatballs are processed dishes that are very easy to make. Moreover, home people who often cook especially making meatballs are very easy. This typical dish from Poland is perfect for the tongues of local residents and foreign tourists. However, kotlet mielony has its own characteristics. That is served with boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes which are very delicious. You can also add sauerkraut salad which is very typical for Polish people. And you can also add pickled vegetables to this typical Polish dish. In addition, kotlet mielony is very easy to find in various restaurants or food stalls in every corner of this country’s cities. Therefore, this delicious meatball is a must for you to try when you are on vacation in Poland.

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  1. Krokiety


The next Polish specialty foods is krokiety. Dry food or dry bread lovers will definitely love this one special dish. If you look at this dish, it looks like fried bread with breadcrumbs. Which in turn gets people interested in this delectable dish. The golden color also attracts small children who want to try it. Besides, basically, krokiety is fried crepes filled with minced meat, mushrooms, and fresh cabbage. And to add a delicious taste, it is are usually given fried onions in it. If you are lucky it has fried onions in it, it will shake your tongue the first time you try it. In addition, krokiety is usually served with borscht, which is a soup that will make you feel right at home in Poland. Also, you won’t be able to taste the soup at all.

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  1. Kotlet Schabowy

Kotlet Schabowy

Processed pork or beef you will often find in typical Polish dishes. As often as you currently visit in various food outlets in this country. The kotlet schabowy is a thinly sliced pork cutlet then breaded. When this dish arrives in front of you it will look very delicious. Because the pieces of pork that are fried together with breadcrumbs produce an enchanting refraction. In very bite of this dish will create a full taste of the delicacy.

If you like cooking this dish you can make it yourself in your own home. Because the ingredients for making kotlet schabowy are very easy to find anywhere. However, when you are on vacation in Poland, this one dish really cannot be missed at all. Because the typical presentation is very different from the one made by yourself. Koltet schabowy is served with boiled potatoes topped with fresh dill and a dollop of butter. Then other accompaniments are pickled salad or fresh or grated beets, so adjust to your taste.

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  1. Paczki


The next Polish specialty foods is paczki. Donuts that are scattered all over the world have their own characteristics. One of them is paczki from Poland which is famous for its sweet, savory, and sour taste. The sour taste of this dish comes from the fruits. One fruit that is often used to fill paczki stuffing is lemon. However, there are also other fillings such as chocolate, and custard, and the most original is powdered sugar. Besides, tourists who have visited this country will definitely feel that these donuts are the best donuts they have ever tasted. So, next is you, if you are on vacation in Poland, paczki is a special dish that you must include on your list.

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  1. Pyzy and Knedle

Pyzy and Knedle

The perfect combination for this typical Polish dish, namely pyzy and knedle. At first glance, this dish resembles Chinese food, namely dumplings. Yes, it’s true that this dish is very similar to Chinese food, but there are things that make it different. The thing that really sets this dish apart is the filling. The pyzy are large dumplings filled with twarog cheese, minced meat and mushrooms. And the knedle has a sweet filling of plums and apricots. Rarely is it not dumplings with fruit filling, which is why many Asian people are curious about the taste of this knedle. Maybe you are one of them who wants to try dumplings with this sweet and legit filling. In addition, an interesting fact about these two typical dishes is that they have been popular since the Middle Ages. Therefore, pyzy and knedle are waiting for you with pleasure in Poland.

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  1. Kopytka


The next Polish specialty foods is kopytka. If you are a vegetarian kopytka is a dish you should try in Poland. Because the ingredients used to make this dish contain a lot of vegetables. Maybe kopytka has something in common with pyzy and knedle. However, the difference that you will find in this dish is that the cooking process still uses the traditional method. Therefore, the taste that is obtained from this dish is very delicious. Besides, this one dish has ingredients that are easy to find in the market. With this, you can also make it anywhere and anytime. The ingredients used include onions, tomato sauce, mushrooms, and garlic. The ingredients are then sautéed until the smell appears.

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  1. Goulash

Goulash Simple Dish

Which person doesn’t like heavy dishes that are simple in serving? Goulash is a very simple dish compared to other Polish dishes. Basically, this dish is a meat stew that is very popular throughout Poland. And the fact is that there are many versions of this dish from other Central European countries. Poland has its own characteristics in preparing this delicious meat stew. The ingredients used are mainly beef or pork according to your taste. Then fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, and onions are other ingredients that make this dish so popular among Polish people. In addition, this dish has a variety of ways to enjoy it. You can have it with boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, noodles, or bread. So adjust your taste in enjoying this delicious goulash.

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  1. Makowiec

Makowiec Traditional Cakes Poland

The next Polish specialty foods is makowiec. This traditional cake is often used as a souvenir for some tourists who are visiting Poland. Which is where makowiec is made from soft pasta skin dough and then shaped like a beautiful roll. Before being rolled up, this cake is filled with sweet peanut butter to add a unique taste when eaten. Then topped with a sprinkling of grated cheese to add a savory taste.

Besides, this traditional cake is also often served during celebrations or holidays in Poland. The most frequent celebration of this cake is Easter or Christmas. Moreover, this cake is perfect to eat during the day and night. Because the impression of kinship or close relationships with people will be warmer when eating this one cake.

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  1. Pierogi

Pierogi Pasta

The last Polish specialty foods is pierogi. At the same time, this list will end the discussion that we have given to you. Pierogi is a typical dish made from a pasta shell that resembles a pouch. The uniqueness is like typical dishes from Italy. However, it is very different from Italian dishes, why is that? Pierogi have fillings such as potatoes, cheese, cabbage, and most importantly pork or beef. Which when it arrives in your mouth will create a taste that you have never found in any dish.

Besides, to add to the delicious taste, Poles usually add mushroom sauce or cheese sauce. With so complete a dish with the delicacy that cannot be expressed in words. In addition, pierogi are easy to find in many restaurants or food stalls in Poland. So, prepare your vacation schedule to Poland and taste this delicious food.

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Thus our discussion of the Top 10 Polish Specialty Foods with Authentic Taste. The diversity of unique flavors makes people interested in visiting this one country. However, this interest can also provide experience in the culinary world on the European continent. And the interesting fact is that this country was once one of the largest empires on the continent. Therefore, it is very unfortunate if you live in this world and have not visited Poland. And we hope that after we provide the list above you can taste whichever dish you find interesting. And after that, you can experience the interesting culinary world in this country. Enjoy your foods!

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