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Must-Visit Stunning Tropical Beaches for Your Vacation in New Zealand

foodntravelling.com – The coastline in New Zealand stretches wide with stunning beauty. Not only the coastline, but the beach atmosphere is also refreshing. The friendliness of the people is also something that is often found around the beach area. Unique festivals also add to the attraction of foreign tourists. In addition, the coastal area provides favorite dishes and refreshing drinks that you should try. With some of these things, a vacation to New Zealand is complete. Therefore, we will provide a list of amazing beaches that provide the best for you. In the article Must-Visit Stunning Tropical Beaches for Your Vacation in New Zealand. Let’s start with the discussion!

  • Hot Water Beach, Coromandel

Hot Water Beach, Coromandel

The first tropical beaches in New Zealand are hot water beaches. The uniqueness of this beach is an attraction for foreign tourists. This unique beach is located on the west side of the country in the city of Coromandel. Visit this beach on weekdays, because when the holidays arrive, the hot water beach will be crowded with local and international visitors. The unique thing on this beach is the hot water and bubbling beach sand.

Hot water on the beach can happen because of the natural thing from the beach sand. To get warm water in this place, just dig the beach sand as deep as possible. If the water has appeared it’s time for you to soak in the dug. In addition, at that time you soak in the hot water of the beach and feel relaxed in the body. And also feel like in an outdoor spa.

  • Lyall Bay, Wellington

Lyall Bay, Wellington

Lyall Bay has an amazing beach. The amazing thing is that it offers some interesting activities. Among them, you can bring pets, enjoy a refreshing atmosphere, and enjoy the big waves. The big waves on this beach are often used by surfers. Lyall Bay also often hosts cute pet festivals. And another interesting thing is that you can see the planes that are about to land. Because near this beach there is an airport plane for tourists to go on vacation. On the other hand, this place also offers a coffee shop, local drinks, and various types of beer. The facilities on this beach are very complete and lots of fun things.

  • Oriental Bay, Wellington

Oriental Bay, Wellington

Oriental Bay has close proximity to Lyall bay. And also in the same area, namely in the city of Wellington. Wellington itself is one of the best cities in New Zealand. In addition, Oriental Bay is a cool beach. Because on this beach surrounded by large pine trees. And the attraction of this beach is the golden sand and the calm seawater. Oriental Bay is also a cool place to swim, and the atmosphere is so comfortable. In general, this beach is often used by tourists to enjoy the beautiful nature.

  • Corsair Bay, Lyttelton Harbour

Corsair Bay, Lyttelton Harbour

The place directly looks out over the stunning Banks Peninsula. This is where Corsair Bay becomes the glance of tourists to go on vacation. This beach is very clean, because the manager of this place is often cleaned almost every day. And also when you visited Corsair Bay you never saw the slightest dirt. Almost every day and when the afternoon arrives this place is crowded with visitors. Because Corsair Bay is a favorite place for swimming for local residents. No wonder how this place is a favorite for foreign tourists. In addition, the water on this beach is very calm and the sea breeze is swaying some of the trees in this place.

  • Gemstone Beach, Southland

Gemstone Beach, Southland

This amazing beach is often a hidden gem place in New Zealand. When you visit this country it is quite difficult to find this beautiful place. Because you have to explore more deeply about New Zealand. White sand and colorful stones are a natural touch of Gemstone Beach. If you are lucky, you can also find beautiful gemstones. However, a gemstone beauty is only semi. In addition, these gemstones are very similar to real precious stones. There are semi-precious gemstones found at Gemstone Beach such as sapphire, quartz, and even jasper. In addition, beaches that have amazing things are often hit by storms and big waves. Therefore, Gemstone Beach itself is often lined with tools to break the fierce waves.

  • Makorori Beach, Gisborne

Makorori Beach, Gisborne

The beach in New Zealand that is crowded with surfers is Makorori Beach. The location of this beach is not far from downtown Gisborne. And also full sun always surrounds this beach. On the other hand, this beach also has quite big waves and white sand stretches wide covering this beach area. For those of you who like sunbathing on the beach, Makorori is the right beach for your vacation. In addition, surfing events are often held at Makorori beach. The amazing thing on this beach is to see the beauty of the sunrise. The best time to come to this beach is at dawn.

  • Slipper Island, Coromandel

Slipper Island, Coromandel

The next tropical beach is at Slipper Island. The coastlines that make this island have a stunning beach. When you come to this island, it feels like a private island. Therefore, this place is often a special place for foreign tourists. There is nothing wrong with visiting this place, because you will enjoy an amazing atmosphere. In addition, the beaches in the Slipper Island area are open to the public and of course free. This will save your vacation costs. In addition, this place provides resorts that offer complete facilities. And of course, it is convenient for you to go on vacation to New Zealand.

  • Medlands Beach, Great Barrier

Medlands Beach, Great Barrier

The last tropical beaches in New Zealand is Medlands Beach. And also ends the discussion of this article. Of the several beaches above, it is certainly very difficult to find which beaches to visit. We highly recommend Mendlands Beach for you. Because when visiting this beach not only enjoy the atmosphere of the beach. But you can do hiking around the hills of this beach area. If you try hiking in this place you will be presented with interesting tropical forests. And don’t forget to prepare snacks for camping. By preparing snacks while camping, it adds to the mood to explore around Medlands Beach.

This is the discussion from Must-Visit Stunning Tropical Beaches for Your Vacation in New Zealand. Some of these beaches are our recommended tropical beaches. When you visit New Zealand, you will certainly enjoy a romantic atmosphere, if you invite your partner. If not, the closest people or family will certainly create memorable things. Hopefully, from the list of stunning tropical beaches above you can enjoy a pleasant vacation. Enjoy your vacation!

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