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Best Refreshing Water Attraction for Things to Do in New Zealand – Water tourism is a must-visit in New Zealand. This country has a lot of things related to water. Especially water tourism is very diverse including seawater and freshwater tourism. Water tourism and water sports in New Zealand are an attraction for foreign tourists. Because New Zealand itself has the nickname “Adventure Capital of the World” for lovers of water tourism. If you are interested in this, come to this country. And if New Zealand is a country that you might next visit, we highly recommend it. Therefore, we will provide some of the best water tourism lists for you. In the article Best Refreshing Water Attractions for Things to Do in New Zealand. Let’s talk about those things!

  • Enjoying the view by Kayaking

Enjoying the view by Kayaking

The first things you should do in water tourism in New Zealand is kayaking. Foreign tourists certainly choose water sports that are easy and relaxing to do. One of them is this sport, where kayaking itself is a very cool thing to do. At that time, kayaking is very cool when done with your partner or closest person. In addition, this water sport when combined with sunny weather and clear water is very enjoyable. Moreover, the best place for kayaking is in Akinawa village. This village is located in the city of Marlborough, where this village has a beautiful view. The view you get when kayaking is to see beautiful valleys and hills.

  • Canyoning is a water sport for adventurers

Canyoning is a water sport for adventurers

Of the many local and foreign visitors, New Zealand has challenging water tourism. Water tourism here is also a water sport which is very interesting to try. Canyoning is an extreme sport for ordinary people. However, when you try this sport it is very different from what you think. To do this sport take a trip bypassing waterfalls and canyons.

When you reach your destination, you will swim through a rock pool that has clear water. Therefore, try canyoning for a pleasant experience. In addition, the best places to do this activity, such as in the cities of Canterbury, Nelson, and Auckland. Of the three places, we highly recommend for you to do canyoning. Especially Auckland, because in that place there are small villages that have amazing views.

  • Exciting waves with Sailing

Exciting waves with Sailing

Wading the waves like a pirate is a beautiful childhood story. With you try sailing, you can feel it. With New Zealand is surrounded by oceans that have clear seawater. Sailing is a water tour that you should try, because you will circle the ocean using a sailboat. The waves and sea breezes feel like an exciting adventure. In addition, sailing is one of the most popular water attractions in New Zealand. Moreover, the place to do this water tour is in the Bay of Islands.

  • Whale Watching is a rare activity in New Zealand

Whale Watching is a rare activity in New Zealand

Not far from the water sailing tour that enjoys the beauty of the sea with a sailboat. However, whale watching does not use sailboats but uses boats. When you try this water tour, you will have the awe-inspiring feeling of seeing huge whales. Not only seeing or observe whales, but you will also see coral reefs around the coast. Coral reefs in New Zealand are still preserved naturally, which is what attracts foreign tourists. In addition, the places where can see the whales are almost all of New Zealand’s marine area.

  • Stroll along the pleasant seaside with Horseback Riding

Stroll along the pleasant seaside with Horseback Riding

The next things you can do in New Zealand to enjoy water sports with horseback riding. Horse riding along the country’s refreshing beaches is a must that you should try. The riding routes around the beach are very interesting from the coast, tropical forests, and much more. Because you will see the amazing natural charm. What’s more, come in the summer so you will feel the refreshing beach breeze. You can do horseback riding activities around Punakaiki beach.

  • The thrilling water sport Bungy Jumping

The thrilling water sport Bungy Jumping

Bungy jumping is a thrilling water activity. Jumping on the edge of a high bridge or riverbank has become the hallmark of this sport. When you try to jump, you will feel an unforgettable thing in life. What’s more, a very extreme place is on the outskirts of the Auckland harbor bridge. Of course, when you come to the place you will not feel disappointed when you try it. In addition, the activity of bungy jumping itself was introduced for the first time in New Zealand. This is where bungy jumping is known to many and many people do it.

  • Jet Boating is interesting water tourism to try

Jet Boating is interesting water tourism to try

River gorges and shallow waters are suitable places for jet boating. Patience and a test of guts down the river are the keys to confidently trying this water sport. Especially, foreign tourists for this water sport are the first water sports to try. Moreover, invite the people closest to you to do this refreshing thing. Places to do jet boating are Makaroa, Waikato river, Queenstown and Canterbury. And also the best place for jet boating that you should try is Queenstown. Because Queenstown is the best city in New Zealand.

  • Refreshing water sports Rafting

Refreshing water sports Rafting

The last thing you do in New Zealand for water sports is rafting. Rafting is a water sport that is not much different from jet boating. This water sport is different because you will be pedaling a boat. Water splashes, splashed into the river, and being hit by rocks are natural things in doing rafting. If you are challenged with extreme things. The rafting place that we will recommend is the Rotorua waterfall. Besides that, the Rotorua waterfall is a cool tourist destination for you to try. Back with what things you get when rafting is to feel an extreme sensation well as refreshing. Therefore, rafting becomes an interesting thing for you to do when visiting New Zealand.

Of the many water attractions in New Zealand, including lakes, beaches, and rivers. You can do the above activities that will create pleasure in life. And also the end of the Best Refreshing Water Attractions for Things Do in New Zealand article. Moreover, don’t forget to invite the people closest to you to do the above activities when visiting this country. Hopefully, you don’t just do the things above. But by creating comfort by visiting some of the best cities in New Zealand. Have a good time!

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