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10 Wonderful Destinations for Best to Visit in Katowice, Poland

Foodntravelling.com – Visiting a place for vacation will definitely look for a place that is comfortable with various attractions. If most people on vacation are always synonymous with holidays in the mountains or the beach, you can try to find new comforts. You can feel comfortable visiting a certain city by discovering the beauty and comfort of that place. You can get a new experience when you visit the city of Katowice in Poland. Poland certainly doesn’t need to be asked again about the beauty and unique atmosphere of the country. Now you only need to visit the city of Katowice which is full of comfort. Besides that, in Katowice, you will be brought back to the industrial era which feels so modern with a contemporary accent. Therefore, here are 10 Wonderful Destinations for Best to Visit in Katowice, Poland. Let’s discuss one by one!

  1. Kosciuszko National Park

Kosciuszko National Park
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The first wonderful destinations in Katowice is Kosciuszko National Park. If you visit Katowice you might be looking for a cool place to relax outdoors. Of course, you don’t need to be confused anymore, because a place called Kosciuszko National Park will welcome you kindly. This park is located in the middle of a beautiful city. A park that is, of course, full of green trees is ready to make your heart and mind fresher than before. If you like walking you can go to this place on foot because the location of this park is very strategic.

Besides that, there is a long history that follows the formation of this park. This park is named after a Polish hero who was so close to the world war at that time. In the pre-World War II era, this park was used as a national defense area. In addition, this park is also used for military training. So, from that history, this park will be very pleasant if visited with family or with loved ones.

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  1. Silesian Museum

Silesian Museum
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As a tourist who is of course always looking for unique things in the city of Katowice, you can visit this place. This place is called the Silesian Museum which is very famous for the history of its impressive building. In addition, an architectural view that is thick with buildings that are so sturdy is reflected in this museum. In ancient times this museum was in the path of the Nazi war which was so terrible. But at that time the museum stood firmly and never collapsed until now.

But its sturdiness doesn’t mean it’s anything you can imagine a timeless structure. This building has the fact that in 1984 there was a renovation. This museum presents various histories about Katowice and Silesia that emerged from the first world war to the rise of the Nazis. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the main performances of this museum, namely art shows which are held every day. With a collection of paintings that reach more than 30,000 paintings.

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  1. St Mary’s Street

St Mary’s Street
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The next wonderful destinations in Katowice is St Mary’s Street. You plan to travel on foot. Even if you have plans to visit this place with the background of the streets of Katowice. You can visit such a pleasant place according to your plan. This place is called St Mary’s Street or Ulica Mariacka. A place that is so pleasant with a street background or it can be said a destination with a street view background. So, if you visit this place you will be presented with the complete attractions of the hospitality of the Katowice people.

Even there you can find lots of street vendors selling their wares by opening open restaurants. Therefore, if you are interested in having a culinary tour of this place, you can visit one of their booths. You can enjoy typical Polish drinks, typical Polish food to typical Polish street food. In addition, if you visit in spring you will be surprised by the various kinds of colorful flowers on the sides of this road.

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  1. Guitar History Museum

Guitar History Museum
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You must be wondering what unique things Katowice has to offer other than its street food. Of course, there are many more destinations in Katowice that you must visit. So, in Katowice, there is a museum that presents us with a wealth of insights into the journey of the guitar. For those of you who like music or for those of you who are musicians. This destination really can make your heart beat fast. This museum gives its visitors an experience of guitars made in Poland or outside Poland.

In fact, if you are keen on guitar in Poland, it turns out that their traditional music was more adapted in ancient times. The massive development of guitars in the world has made this museum one of the tourist destinations that you must try when visiting Katowice. Besides that, you can visit this place from Tuesday to Sunday afternoon. No need to worry, in this museum you can rely on the services of a friendly tour guide.

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  1. Valley of Three Ponds

Valley of Three Ponds
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The next wonderful destinations in Katowice is the Valley of Three Ponds. When you visit Katowice and look for where you can find suitable family destinations for holidays in this city. You are very right to visit Katowice. This place is called the Valley of Three Ponds. This place presents to you a natural beauty that is made naturally or accidentally submerged by water. Previously this place was an urban park or urban forestry which was used as the lung of the city.

However, after many years of construction, rainwater or rivers near this park overflowed so that the park was affected. However, this is not a big problem for the residents of Katowice. They conjure up the flooded place by making it a water tour. Apart from that, in the Valley of Three Ponds, you can do activities such as fishing or relaxing. Most of the other visitors do the same thing at this place. If you are with your family you can do fishing while laying mats and bringing food.

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  1. Silesian Insurgent’s Monument

Silesian Insurgent’s Monument
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If you travel to Katowice then you will be familiar with things related to Silesia. The following places are suitable places for those of you who like history. This place is called the Silesian Insurgent’s Monument which is so magnificent. This place has a height of more than 40 meters which depicts the war that was experienced by the people of Katowice in ancient times. This monument illustrates that in the past the people in this place fought hard to maintain their own independence.

Of course, the independence they demanded was free from the grip of Germany in the period between 1919 and 1921. Therefore, this monument in the form of three large wings reflects the persistence of the people here to fight against German injustice at that time. If you visit this place you will find the names of people listed below who used to take part in the war against Germany to establish the Polish state. So, for historical tours, this place is the best for you.

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  1. Spodek Arena

Spodek Arena
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The next wonderful destinations in Katowice is Spodek Arena. A place that you are looking for to do sports-themed indoor activities or want to admire a giant building. You can visit this place called Spondek. Spondek is a place for visitors who are interested in the many new events that are presented in this place. In addition, this place is a home for tourists who want to find fitness or find a restaurant. In this place, there are lots of gym facilities, restaurants and typical Polish food stalls.

If you follow the information about what activities will be held in this place. You will find various kinds of events that will make your vacation like endless entertainment. In fact, if you are looking for cross-cultural shows this place is king. So, if you are looking for a huge cultural place with endless activities or events, you can visit Spondek, even if you are a football fan, they also organize it here.

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  1. Museum of the History of Computer

Museum of the History of Computer
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It’s really how fast the development of human technology is that now in Poland or Katowice there is a computer or technology museum. This place is called Nikiszowiec, a place that is so great when you visit this place. You can make visits with family or loved ones in this place. Because in this place you will find a modern civilization that you will realize how advanced civilization is today. You will be surprised by a number of things about the fact that computers or laptops, even today’s technology has not yet reached their peak.

If you look at this museum you will be given several views that make you think that everything here is a breakthrough from human civilization. Even if you think that in the past the computer had a very large weight just to store a few files. Of course, it is inversely proportional to the current situation which has changed very drastically when a small computer can store millions of files.

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  1. Nikiszowiec

Nikiszowiec District
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The next wonderful destinations in Katowice is Nikiszowiec. The building that has a very distinctive architecture from Poland is this one place. Among these places, Nikiszowiec is a very iconic place in this country. Some of the things you will find in this place include people walking, people shopping, and people relaxing. You can also do this in this place.

Nikiszowiec is a settlement that has a tourist attraction that must be visited. And maybe you are one of those who will be attracted by the charm of the settlement in a typical Polish style. Therefore, make sure you prepare a number of things that you will visit in this place. That way you will no longer be confused about what to look for while on vacation in Nikiszowiec.

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  1. Goldstein Palace

Goldstein Palace
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The last wonderful destinations in Katowice is Goldstein Palace. This also ends our discussion about wonderful destinations in Katowice, Poland. Who is not amazed by the beauty of the palace in this country? Poland always keeps authentic and memorable beauty at the same time. Besides that, Goldstein Palace was built in the 19th century in the Renaissance style, and it is also attracting many tourists’ attention. Tourists, in this case, are historians who want to learn about the history of this country.

Moreover, this place also used to be a space for commerce, institutions, and at the same time a theatre. Polish people really like theatrical drama performances that were directly performed by leading artists in the past. However, it is also still very active among the local citizens of this country. In addition, the main thing that you will get from this place is the atmosphere of the grand hall and the beautiful ceiling.

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Thus our discussion of 10 Wonderful Destinations for Best to Visit in Katowice, Poland. This new experience is when you know the uniqueness and even history of this city when you travel to this place. The city of Katowice will never disappoint you and the tourists who visit this place. Here you get joy with your family, you get historical insights and also new experiences. The unusual thing you can do in this place is take a walk along the city of Katowice. Apart from visiting tourist attractions, we hope you can also enjoy their delicious and unique specialties. Then visit Katowice and enjoy new things here. Happy traveling!

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